World's top 10 Adult Affiliate Marketing Programs

World’s Top 10 Adult Affiliate Marketing Programs

Adult affiliate marketing programs: The adult industry is still taboo for many of us but what if we tell you that the adult industry is operating its $100 billion business?

The next thing that comes to your mind is how can you generate revenue from Adult affiliate marketing programs. We’ll keep it brief because when trying to figure out how adult advertising works, the Internet provides all kinds of spam websites.

Accurate information comes only from blogs or forums, so you can trust them. The interesting thing about adult commercials is their simplicity.

There’s nothing fancy about those ads. Why is it like this? When it comes to lewd, humans by their very nature tend to focus more on fundamental needs, and cognitive functions are not so active.

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So there is no need for fancy editing or explicit photos to succeed in adult affiliate marketing programs.

It depends on vertical geolocation, especially when it comes to dating sites. Many marketers divide the countries where you can find dating with one of the most popular countries into 3 levels.

However, when it comes to earning, you need to be very familiar with your chosen field, its culture, and its language.

If you are ready to invest a large amount (at least $3000), you should always choose Tier 1 countries.

Yes, the competition is big, but the potential profit is high. To help you choose the best adult affiliate marketing platform, we gathered a team of experts and after thorough research on payouts, commissions, revenue, earnings, types of ads, and many more criteria, we have narrowed it down.

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World’s Top 10 best adult affiliate marketing programs running websites

  1. Crack revenue
  2. Click Dealers
  3. AdxXx
  4. Cpamatica
  5. AdCombo
  6. Mobidia
  7. Maxbounty
  8. leadbit
  9. Peerfly
  10. Golden goose

Let us know about them in detail –

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1. Crack Revenue

With over ten years of experience in affiliate marketing, CrakRevenue is one of the leaders when it comes to adult affiliate networks.

When it comes to generating revenue using adult industries, Crack Revenue is the leader and has one of the most trusted CPA networks across the globe.

Plus, with their Crack Revenue 2.0 platform, you get to experience a range of features and over 2000 products for designers, marketers, and affiliate managers.

If you face any issues after registration, Crack Revenue customer support is always available to assist you. After joining its Adult affiliate marketing programs you can earn a 5% referral commission on each sale.

Crack Revenue1. Crack Revenue - World's top 10 Adult Affiliate Marketing Programs (1)
NCERT Infrexa
Minimum Payout$100
Commission TypeCPS, CPA, CPL, and Adult
Payment MethodPayoneer, Paxum, Cheque, Wire
Payment FrequencyNet 15, Net 30

2. Click Dealers – Top 10 Adult Affiliate Marketing Programs

ClickDealer is a top CPA affiliate network specially built for adult affiliate programs. The network has grown into a global display marketing agency and is focused on finding solutions to meet marketing goals in the advertising market.

ClickDealer has a wide range of services designed for publishers, agencies and media buyers to reach maximum exposure with their campaigns.

Their main focus is to maximize ROI and provide their clients with the best solutions to achieve their business goals. They offer 2% commission with their referral program.

NCERT Infrexa
Minimum Payout$500
Commission TypeCPI, CPC, CPL, CPA, CPS
Payment MethodPayoneer, Wire Transfer, PayPal, Paxum, Check & WebMoney
Payment FrequencyNet 7, Net 30, Bi-weekly
Ad servingInternational

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3. AdxXx

AdxXx is currently available on six continents and in over 180 countries around the world. With over ten years of experience, it is recognized as one of the pioneers of the adult ad network industry.

It has successfully completed numerous large portfolios of CPA projects, and AdxXx delivers over 960 million ad impressions per day.

Their main focus is to convert traffic into massive profits. AdxXx comes with an intuitive platform that is easy to use for any customer, even if they haven’t had any association with the ad network before.

Publishers and advertisers monetize their websites using all kinds of ad formats.

NCET Infrexa
Minimum Payout$50
Ad FormatBanner Ad, Native Ad
Payment MethodPayPal, Paxum, WebMoney, ePayments and Bank Wire Transfer
Payment FrequencyWeekly
Ad servingInternational

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4. Cpamatica – Top 10 Adult Affiliate Marketing Programs

Cpamatica is a well-known adult affiliate network that provides affiliate marketing solutions and adult affiliate programs.

The platform is the market leader when it comes to CPA, CPS, and CPI networks.

The Cpamatica team has tested all their campaigns to provide you with a working solution that best suits you.

With over 1000 campaigns related to dating, health, or more, the platform uses high-end technology to maximize performance.

NCERT Infrexa
Minimum Payout$50
Commission TypeCPI, CPA, CPS, CPL
Payment MethodPayoneer, Wire, PayPal, WebMoney, Paxum, ePayments
Payment FrequencyWeekly
Referral commission2%

5. Adcombo

Adcombo is the worldwide leader when it comes to CPA networks where you get to earn money from conversions.

They have a wide range of offers like dating, mainstream, e-commerce and much more.

With a beautiful user interface, AdCombo promises a sophisticated experience coupled with innovative technology. The platform also offers an excellent payment structure that comes with several rewards for affiliates.

The special thing about AdCombo is that they hold parties and organize meetings every year.

NCERT Infrexa
Minimum Payout$50
Commission TypeCPA, CPL
Payment MethodPayoneer, Paypal, WebMoney, Wire
Payment FrequencyWeekly
Referral commission5%

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6. Mobidia – Top 10 Adult Affiliate Marketing Programs

Mobidia specializes in adult offers and has won several industry awards. With over 100k affiliates it is monetizing its businesses every day, Mobidia comes with a free integrated tracker that will help you analyze and optimize your media buying campaign.

Their customer service team consists of multicultural and multilingual members that is available at any time to assist their users.

Mobidia also has the industry’s fastest response times and guarantees instant payments.

Their platform is currently running over 2000 campaigns across sweeps, mobile content, dating and many more.

NCERT Infnfexa
Minimum PayoutEuro 50
Commission TypeCPA
Payment MethodPayPal, Wire Transfer, Paxum, Payza, ePayments, First Choice Pay
Payment FrequencyEvery business day
Referral commission5%

7. Maxbounty

MaxBounty is one of the top CPA Affiliate Networks in Canada and has over 15 years of experience in the industry. With MaxBounty, you have the opportunity to choose hundreds of offers, including for adults.

When it comes to earning money MaxBounty promises a fast process and an intuitive interface that can be used by any newbie.

The most important part, if you choose to work with them, MaxBounty offers free training to help you on your way to affiliate networking.

This platform is one of the most reliable in the market with maximum effectiveness when it comes to the approval process.

NCERT Infrexa
Minimum Payout$100
Commission TypeCPL, CPA, CPS
Payment MethodPayPal, Check, Payeer, Wire, Direct Deposit, Bitcoin.
Payment FrequencyWeekly, Net-15
Tracking SoftwareIn-house Proprietary Platform
MaxBounty Sign UpIt’s free to sign-up

8. Leadbit – Top 10 Adult Affiliate Marketing Programs

Leadbit has been part of the affiliate network industry since 2012. Even though it first launched in London, Ledbit has benefited from tons of success in Asia and across Europe.

Leadbit is the all-time leader when it comes to advanced payout rates for publishers.

This affiliate network platform provides 24/7 customer service and supports verticals ranging from CPI to Adult, NutraCAD, Trial, and many more.

With Leadbit, you get one of the lowest minimum payouts available in the market and the benefit of exclusive bonus offers and rewards.

Leadbits offers multiple ad formats such as banners, affiliate offers and promotional materials.

NCERT Infrexa
Minimum Payout$25
Commission TypeCPA
Payment MethodPaypal, Paxum, Webmoney
Payment FrequencyOn-Demand
Referral commissionN/A
Tracking SoftwareIn-house Proprietary Platform

9. Peerfly

PeerFly is one of the fastest-growing CPA Affiliate networks in the world. With over 30,000 publishers worldwide, PeerFly utilizes CPA offers from top brands to provide the best affiliate network experience to both publishers and advertisers.

One of the most important things about PeerFly is that the payments are almost instant and you benefit from well-converted offers with high rates.

With PeerFly, you can easily register at any time by depositing $50 which is one of the lowest prices in the market.

NCERT Infrexa
Minimum Payout$50
Commission TypeCPL, CPA, CPS
Payment MethodPayPal, Check, Wire, Payeer, Direct Deposit
Payment Frequency Weekly, Daily, Net-30
Referral commission5% lifetime
Tracking SoftwareIn-house Proprietary Platform

10. Golden Goose – Top 10 Adult Affiliate Marketing Programs

Golden Goose is a worldwide leader in mobile affiliate networks and its team includes value-added services experts with years of experience in affiliate networks.

Their user-friendly technology combines all market features and multiple verticals including mobile content, dating, games, music and video.

Golden Goose is a top content provider in Russia and is constantly expanding into other regions.

Their high-end technology provides solutions for ad blockers, anti-fraud and full analysis of campaigns.

NCERT Infrexa
Minimum Payout$10
Commission TypeCPA, CPL
Payment MethodPayPal, WebMoney, Paxum, ePayments, and Wire
Payment FrequencyDaily

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