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Best Games in Android | Top 26 Best Games for Android

Best Games in Android

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Variety is the spice of life, and the best games in Android, in all their versatility, have a lot to offer you, including some of the best free Android games you can grab today.

Plus, as technology gets better, there are fewer and fewer limits on what our phones can run. Hence, we have put together a list of our final picks.

Whether you’re a fan of crafting in Crashlands, exploring the expansive world of Genshin Impact, or a side-shooting romance like Azure Lane, we have something for everyone.

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No matter whether you’re at home, at friends’ houses, or out, our list of the best Android games will fill you up with excellent content.

We’ll keep it updated as well, so it’s worth bookmarking the page so you can check it out often.

And if you’re looking for some specific genres, you can check out our picks for Best Mobile RPG or Best Mobile Roguelike.

Best Games in Android

Below are the best games in android 2022. We’ve also ranked our mobile games of the year for 2021, make sure you check it out!

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Now, let’s get down to our list of the best Android games you can pick up right now.

1. Raid: Shadow Legends

If you’re new to the world of Android games and want to know what all these best games are all about, read the below.

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Raid: Shadow Legends is a great place to start. It’s a gorgeous RPG with tons of heroes to collect, bosses to battle, and loot to collect.

2. Jenshin Effect

This free-to-play Zelda-inspired open-world RPG has quite honestly taken the world by storm, made $100 million in the first two weeks of release, and is the biggest Discord server ever.

Genshin Impact sees you awake in the magical world of Taiwan, embarking on an adventure to find your lost godly brother.

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The game lets you explore a vast world, and face fearsome monsters in RTS hack-and-slash combat.

With amazing visuals and a beautiful soundtrack, it’s no surprise that many consider Genshin to be one of the most ambitious mobile games ever made.

3. Rise Of Cultures

This free-to-play city-building strategy game from InGames is the latest of a few stand-out games in a similar mold.

However, what makes Rise of Culture stand out, especially for Android gamers, is that, unlike the developer’s previous offerings, it isn’t exclusive to Apple devices.

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So, what is the rise of cultures? Well, this is a game that is all about building a civilization and watching it evolve over time.

You start with a small settlement, then you build more, upgrading the buildings you already have – before long, you would have moved through several historical eras.

4. June Trip

Well, June’s Journey is a free-to-play video game that essentially allows you to do just that. In it, you play June Parker, a woman investigating the mysterious murder of her sister and her sister’s husband.

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The gameplay is based on finding hidden objects in different scenes, and as you uncover things that give clues about what really happened in June, you’re then able to move forward in the story. , as well as can develop the wealth of the country where she lives.

Unlike some other phone games, a lot of effort has gone into telling a compelling story with June’s Journey, making it well worth the download.

5. Epic Seven

Want to scratch that gacha itch? Well, Epic Seven will do that, and it will also give you an epic anime story at the same time.

In this free-to-play game, you build your selection of heroes, then lead them through various turn-based RPG battles as they progress through the game’s story.

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If you love anime, you will really enjoy the beautifully animated cutscenes of this game. Its characters will also make a huge impact on you, with a lot of effort put into giving each a distinct personality.

Since the gacha mechanics will give everyone a different selection of heroes, it will help to make your own journey through the game very personal to you.

6. Final Fantasy IX

If you’re looking for a game with turn-based combat, an exciting story, and some fun minigames, look no further than Final Fantasy IX (or any other Final Fantasy on mobile I might add).

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This version benefits from the high-speed and no-encounter mode and the ability to auto-save.

7. Crashlands

Craft, fight, and explore your way through the bizarre and vibrant world of Crashlands.

You are stranded on an alien planet and must hustle to retrieve your packages, as you get caught up in a nefarious plot of world domination.

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Learn recipes from local sentient beings, make new friends, discover ancient secrets and deadly bosses, and build your own home away from home.

If you love crafting and want to explore a vast world full of even bigger problems, then this game is for you.

8. Among us

This social-cutting-based indie game has risen to astonishing popularity in recent months after garnering the attention of the gaming community via popular Twitch streamers.

The developer recently reported 200 million downloads, it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon.

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In Between Us, players must complete tasks to repair their ship, as well as overthrow an assassin in their ranks, before they are all wiped out. It’s incredibly fun, and the best part is, that it’s free on mobile.

9. PUBG Mobile | Best Games in Android

The real battle royale is on mobile, but PUBG MOBILE is weird.

A lot of people enjoyed the original PC game, due to a certain level of what I would call, junk. People liked the messiness and strange unexpected things that happened in it.

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By comparison, PUBG Mobile plays really well, with regular PUBG Mobile updates adding new content to the game, including a fresh, futuristic new Eden map.

Undoubtedly one of the best Android games if you’ve been craving battle royale – and the best part is that it’s free to play.

10. Pascal’s Wager

Wish Dark Souls or Bloodborne were on mobile? Well, I wish there was no longer Pascal’s Wager to satisfy your dark fantasy urges.

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With a 20-hour-long plot, worlds big enough to explore, multiple characters to recruit, and a wide variety of Lovecraftian-style horrors to defeat, this mobile tribute to Soulsborn absolutely justifies its hefty price tag and earns its place as one of the best android games. If you’d like more information, check out our Pascal’s Bets review.

11. Candy Crush Soda Saga | Best Games in Android

If you like match-three puzzlers and are looking for a fun, free experience, we can’t recommend Candy Crush Soda Saga enough. It’s the king of the genre on mobile, offering hundreds of levels of satisfyingly crisp gameplay.

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There are so many great games out there like Soda Saga, make sure you check out our list of the best Candy Crush games to get your fix.

12. Pokemon Go

While not an RPG in the strictest sense of the word, Pokémon GO lets you explore an open world in a more classic sense.

This free, location-based game sets you all about becoming the leader of your local gym in the real world, catching Pokémon, and competing with other players.

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Many of you may have lost touch with the game after its rise in popularity a few years ago, but it’s still supported with fairly regular Pokemon Go events and Pokemon Go raids.

It may be location-based, but it’s still one of the best Android games out there.

13. Bad North | Best Games in Android

Among the more Viking-based, mobile shenanigans, Bad North is one of the best strategy games on mobile. Adopting the classic tower defense formula, you and your units must defend the islands from fleets of furious raiders.

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The game has an amazing simplicity, both in terms of visual aesthetics and how you play. But as the islands get bigger, and the units move up, things start to get really hot, and you have to fire yourself left-right-and-center quickly.

Not only one of the best strategy games, but one of the best Android games – check out our Bad Answers review if you don’t believe us!

14. Terraforming Mars | Best Games in Android

Make the Red Planet go green in this corporation-based colonization game.

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Yet another wonderful adaptation of a great board game, Terraforming Mars lets you lead planetary colonization efforts, building and managing a tile-based map, and making the planet habitable through research and technology.

15. Monument Valley

Undoubtedly one of the best games on mobile, Monument Valley is a smart and beautiful puzzle game that sees you navigate your way through transforming architecture.

The concept is simple; You are presented with a structure, and your character has to make your way from the entrance to the exit.

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But a lot can happen between those two doors. Monument Valley plays so smartly with space and architecture, using optical illusions and point-and-click play as you explore its often surprising passage through space.

You might not have thought that architectural puzzles would have such wide appeal, but Monument Valley has earned its place as one of the best Android games.

16. Sorcery | Best Games in Android

It is easy enough to see interactive fiction work, such as 80 Days, but before 80 Days, ‘Sorcery!’ Adapted from the adventure books of the same name by Steve Jackson.

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‘Magic!’ Sees you embark on an adventure to retrieve the lost crown of a kingdom, in all manner of scraps and melee, your only recourse is either combat or spells.

Magic system ‘Sorcery!’ I have something special and will get you out of all kinds of situations, provided you remember three runs to cast each.

17. Mario Kart Tour

Just like with Call of Duty: Mobile, just the act of bringing a classic game to a mobile platform should be enough to impress.

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But Mario Kart Tour also brings your favorite characters, tons of modes to play with, and regular content updates, which means they’ll always have more racing to do.

18. Alto’s Odyssey

Endless runners are not running games in the classic sense, but you are still running against something. In Alto’s Odyssey, it’s you.

In the game, you advance through each gorgeous generated map, completing a series of goals that allow you to move on to the next level.

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But Alto also has an endless mode, where you can ride through an ever-changing map that, with beautiful architecture and changing weather conditions, is a truly relaxing experience that you can enjoy playing for free.

19. Downwell | Best Games in Android

Imagine the deliberately monochrome dreariness of The Binding of Isaac, transcended with Spelunky’s descent and rise, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of ​​what’s down well.

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In this dungeon-descending roguelike, you play as a young boy searching a well for untold riches, his only companion, a set of gun shoes. I would say that very convenient for well-based exploration!

20. AFK Arena

With a beautiful art style inspired by Celtic mythology and characters with fun abilities, AFK Arena isn’t your typical RPG.

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Just sit back and enjoy the ride as your heroes work hard to level up, so you don’t have to just pitch in when it’s time to have some fun, applying strategies in battle or quest, and it’s free-to-play.

We also have tons of guides for AFK, including a comprehensive AFK Arena Tier List and an AFK Arena Codes guide.

21. Black Desert Mobile

If you’ve played the PC version, Black Desert Mobile is more impressive, especially considering its free-to-play base.

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How it manages to cram the entire experience on your phone is impressive in itself, and that’s without mentioning the bevy of additional improvements that allow it to run more comfortably on smaller screens.

22. Brawlhalla | Best Games in Android

If you’re looking for a great, free mobile fighting game, you can choose Brawlhalla.

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The best part is that it’s free, and has 50 unique characters that you can try out. For more details, check out our Bravalhalla Characters List!

23. Asphalt 9: Legends

Undoubtedly one of the best racing games on mobile, Asphalt 9: Legends lets you collect cars and burn rubber on a variety of tracks around the world for free.

Its high-quality visuals as you race against opponents, colliding with their cars in slow motion, makeing it super exciting.

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There’s also a choice between auto-driving in the game, where you just control the driving and boosting, and manual driving, just like in the normal racing game experience.

Asphalt 9 really feels like a console-quality racing game on mobile.

24. Call Of Duty: Mobile | Best Games in Android

Distilling the classic COD experience on Android and iOS, Call of Duty: Mobile is a great first-person shooter, and you can play it for free.

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The game caters to all types of players, allowing you to choose an auto-fire mode or aim and shoot manually.

Timi Studios keeps it updated with seasonal content including new modes, weapons, skins, and characters.

It’s a formula that has made Call of Duty: Mobile one of the most popular shooters on mobile, being ranked among the likes of PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire.

25. Stardew Valley

The popular Harvest Moon-Esque farming RPG Stardew Valley is a great game to play on Android.

It sees you move to the countryside to take over your grandpa’s failing farm, grow crops, raise animals, and be a part of the local community.

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You can also get married, explore the open world, fight monsters, or find a secluded place to go fishing. If you are looking for some relaxing simple life vibes, then this is definitely a great option.

26. Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is a timeless RPG classic with some amazing improvements to life on Android.

The game is developed by Dragon Quest creator Yuji Hori, Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama, and the creators of Final Fantasy. A must-play for any RPG fan.

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We got a chance to play the sequel to this game, check out our Chrono Cross Remaster review to read our thoughts.

And this is our list of the best Android games. We hope you have some fun playing.

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