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Boris And The Dark Survival

If you are a player who likes horror action-adventure games, then Boris and Dark Survival would be a perfect choice. In this game, you will be entering a new world where the sounds are sweet, but the surrounding context is quite scary.


In this update, the creator has made improvements and added many new features, in order to make this Boris and Dark Survival suitable for the preferences and needs of players.

The first thing to mention is the Symphony of Shadows. With this exciting update, players will fully enjoy new positions and missions set to challenge them.

In addition, the number of new tunes that will appear in the game will be added further. And a little secret has also been revealed that new characters will also appear in the game.

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In addition, players visiting UNLEASHED will also have new experiences to explore, introducing endless adventures. And don’t be surprised if you see terrifying enemies roaming the map; The newly added characters will probably help you be less afraid.

For the Wolf Trials part, you’ll be involved in a new mysterious plot – where you’ll be discovered and surprised. In addition, the positions, levels, or characters in the game will also be improved.

Boris And The Dark Survival

Play as Bendy’s comic book companion Boris Wolf, as you hunt for supplies Boris needs to head to the abandoned comic studio.

You’re not alone! The demonic ink demon follows you every step of the way.

App NameBoris And The Dark Survival
Latest Versionv1.13
Developer Joey Drew Studios
OS VersionAndroid 4.4 +
Download linkClick here

It’s not safe anywhere. Yet secrets await those who are courageous enough to explore them.

Will you overcome the evil that is lurking in the studio? Will you conquer this dark existence? Follow the below tips –

  • Overcome the ink demon or become his next victim
  • Find supplies and keep going on
  • Focus on your stamina and eat whenever you get a chance
  • Discover unlockable hidden objects hidden in the shadows
  • Uncover more of Joy Drew Studios’ shadowy backstories

Interesting Story

Surely you are very familiar with the character of Bendy – the main character in his story, but in this part of the game, the main character is his close friend Boris.

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Players will begin Boris and Dark Survival with the character Boris and embark on a unique adventure in the abandoned cartoon studio to find the supplies they need.

But don’t worry and stress how alone you will be in this adventure because you need to be extremely careful of the monstrous ink demon. This monster has always been known for chasing, tracking, and capturing adventure seekers.

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If you’re not careful, you may encounter a monster that crawls in from behind and gazes at you with fierce eyes. No place is safe, which will also be a place to show your courage as an adventurer.

It won’t be a plot designed just to scare you because when you step into the world of Boris and Dark Survival, challenges will be all around you.

One thing you will make sure of before you enter this game: you are ready with a strong mindset to overcome all the challenges. With this, the only thing you have to remember is to overcome or fall prey to that ferocious ink demon.

But you also remember, at the beginning of the adventure your task is to find the necessary supplies for Boris. Therefore, you always have to move both to avoid the monster and to complete the assigned task.

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In addition, you’ll discover shadowy tales from Joey Drew Studios, as well as mysterious documents hidden in the studio’s darkness.

Perfect game quality and game layout

In order to attract players, it will not only be the story or the challenges, but also the requirements of the image quality.

Hence, the manufacturer has been very thoughtful while developing the game with excellent image quality.

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Through the graphics quality, the message and emotion the game seeks to convey to the players will become more real.


In addition, the decoration layout has also been completely arranged in the game.

Stepping into the adventure, you will feel the convenience and comfort when the layout of the image and the layout of the function keys are designed neatly and appropriately.

Entering an exciting adventure with the melodious sound of scary songs, melodies, realistic images, or an interesting story will be a whole new feeling.

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Here, players will control their character to overcome persistent challenges in order to complete the assigned task. If you are a daring adventurer, Boris and Dark Survival would definitely be a perfect choice.


Boris and the Dark Survival free download

Click on the download button below to start the free Boris and Dark Survival download with the direct link.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7 and above
  • Processor: i5 and higher
  • Memory: 4GB RAM
  • Graphic: GTX 770 and higher
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Warehouse: 200MB Available Space

Description of Boris and the Dark Survival

The story of Boris’s wolf survival in an abandoned cartoon studio. You need to collect resources, keep your parameters normal, and try to get out of a strange building.

The scary component of the game is that the studio is dark, and the protagonist is constantly chased by a strange monster.

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The dark demon can easily kill the main character, so you need to listen carefully to the distinctive sounds that precede his appearance. The map changes as well as the location of resources and secrets.

The hidden messages will help to better understand the game world, find out where the monster is chasing Boris, and why the once successful Joy Drew cartoon studio closed down.

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