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Dead by Daylight Codes

Dead by daylight codes: Dead by Daylight is an odd horror game that pits a killer against four survivors and challenges them to complete their items before it’s too late.


The survivors set out to repair the generator to power the gates, so they could escape. The assassin must stop them from using the myriad abilities and benefits available.

Sometimes, game developers leave codes that can be redeemed for cosmetics or blood points in-game currency. Players can then equip these cosmetics to fulfill their objectives in style, or use red drops to purchase better perks to make the game more challenging for their opponents.

About Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight™ is a multiplayer horror and action game in which a brutal killer hunts down four survivors trying to escape a gruesome death.

NameDead by Daylight
DesignerDave Richard
Size42.9 GB (Microsoft Windows)
Last Updated on2022-06-25

It’s time to enter the fog and start this deadly game of cat and mouse.

Key features

Survive by all means – the objective of the survivors is to recover the generator without being caught and survive the endless quest.

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You can either cooperate with each other and win as a team, or fight alone and outshine the others. Can you overtake the killers and escape from their killing arena?

A Feast for Assassins – As an assassin, you can play anything with The Trapper, The Spirit, The Legion and The Huntress, we have a variety in our growing gallery of classic characters that your insatiable bloodlust will love.

Master each assassin’s unique power to hunt, capture and sacrifice survivors.

Customizable Strategy – All assassins and survivors have their own perks and lots of unlocks that can be customized to suit your individual strategy.

Experience, skill, and understanding of the environment are the keys to hunting the survivors or escaping from the killer.

How to redeem codes in Dead by Daylight?

To redeem the code in Dead by Daylight, launch the game and go to the Store menu. Then, click the Redeem Code button on the right side of the screen.

Here’s everything you need to know about redeeming Dead by Daylight codes.

  • Open dead by daylight app
  • Check out the in-game store
  • Click on ‘Redeem code’
  • Input any active code above
  • Hit Riddim!

How do I get Bloodpoints?

Drops of blood are dead from the main posture of daylight. Players can use them to purchase perks, abilities, and red web items that enable them to unlock their character’s abilities to suit their playing style.

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The primary way to earn Bloodpoints is to play the game as desired.

For each category, you are awarded a different amount of blood points depending on how well you performed at the end of each round.

Alternatively, you can also earn Bloodpoints by using the codes provided by the developers!

How to Get Blood points as posterity in Dead by Daylight

To maximize your blood points while playing Survivor, here’s a list of things you need to do –

  • Trying to rescue other survivors when they are pulled over
  • Try to be around jilted survivors, even when pursued
  • Take a security strike to rescue fellow survivors
  • Heal other survivors whenever you can

1. Try to stay alive while playing

As long as you survive the entire match you will earn red points. Just avoiding the path earns you 5000 blood points. It implores the question, “How do I make sure I’m alive?”

A good strategy is to sometimes find the killer’s hiding place and stay there. If you’re on the run, make sure you’re not caught or trapped in an area where it’s easy for your killer to track you, as they pick up speed and pick up with little difficulty.

You also want as many tools as you can, so collect them whenever you have the chance. Never miss an opportunity to grab chests around the map.

2. Stay on Objectives

It’s important to focus on the main objectives, even if you have a hand on the killer during the trial.

You may have already lost one or more survivors, or you may be more proficient and efficient against an assassin, but you must not lose sight of your objective.

Even when it seems nearly impossible to survive to the end of the trial, between opening doors, cleaning totems, repairing generators, and lending to fellow survivors whenever you have the chance, join hands.


The achievement of these objectives is awarded different amounts of blood points depending on the level of complexity of the task.

3. Put Your Skills into Use

Although assassins come with special powers, survivors boast a range of skills that, if used effectively and efficiently, can keep them alive until the end of the trial.

Using these skills effectively you can also earn valuable blood points that can be redeemed for better blood networks, better health, new supplies, and more.

When you make a good skill check while repairing a generator, you also earn a large number of blood points.

4. Complete Daily Rituals

As mentioned earlier, Dead by Daylight has daily rituals that reward the survivors completely with blood drops.


For example, the Ritual of Destruction – where you need to destroy four whole thorns which give you 30,000 blood drops.

On the other hand, if you rescue three survivors from the hook, the Savior Ritual gives you a cool 35,000 Blood points.

5. Keep the Killer Engaged

Repeated interactions with the killer give you blood points throughout the trial, but you need to make sure they don’t kill you.

For example, you can challenge an assassin by following you around the map. If you manage to avoid being captured, you will be awarded 400 points.

A fatal stab, however, immediately awards you 1,000 blood points.

6. Play David King

David King is one of the most approved Survivor characters in Dead by Daylight.

He also comes with the unique “We’re Gonna Live” benefit, which increases Bloodpoint collecting by 25%. You can use Profit up to four times during the trial.

Once you reach level 30 the perk is also stackable and “learnable”, allowing you to purchase other characters’ red traps. At that point, you can switch to other colors if you want.

Dead by Daylight codes February 2023

Active codes are given below –

LUCKYFree Cosmetics
RABBITLunar Rat Cap and Scarlet Edge
WARRIORPUPPERSWarrior Puppers Charm
CAW CAWFeathers of Pride charm
NICE69 Bloodpoints
PRIDERainbow Flag charm
PRIDE2022Progress Pride Flag charm

Expired Dead by Daylight codes

Codes Reward
ICEYYOUFree Cosmetics
WINNER PUBG Frying Pan Charm
WARRIORPUPPERSWarrior Puppers Charm
PRIDEPride Charm
PRIDE2022Pride Сharms (Original and Updated versions)
OCANADAMaple Leaf Charm
CAKEWALK100,000 Bloodpoints
CAWCAWFeathers of Pride charm
NICE69 Bloodpoints
PRIDERainbow Flag charm
PRIDE2022Progress Pride Flag charm
IGBPPARTY100,000 Bloodpoints
  • 59th39
  • 78SNOXXG
  • AD800947-01A7-4DEF-81AD-40DDC501DE50
  • BOOP
  • BYEBYE2020
  • DBDDAYJP2020
  • DBDDAYJP2021
  • DJC2021
  • FD3EB91E-B741-454B-A5DD-BC8DA406F162
  • HAPPY1001
  • JAPAN300K

Why isn’t my code working?

There are numerous reasons why one of the task codes listed above might not work.

The most common cause of this problem is players not entering the code correctly as seen above. To fix this, try and paste a copy instead of entering the code manually.

Alternatively, double-check your entry to make sure it matches the code on our list – capitalization and punctuation are important!

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There are also reports that the code doesn’t work only on the Xbox Series X. Some players suggest a temporary fix to make the code work: capitalize the first letter and then lowercase all other letters.

New Dead by Daylight?

Dead by Daylight is a four vs. one multiplayer horror game. One player takes on the role of the evil killer’s killer, hunting down four players known as the Survivors.

The killer’s primary goal is to capture the four players, and the survivors’ goal is to stay out of the killer’s reach and ultimately try to escape and generate electricity

Rack Up Points and Level Up at a Massive Rate in Your Favorite Horror Game

Dead By Daylight is not for the indistinct of the heart. It’s a cooperative horror game, so playing Survivor requires you to work with other players to escape the dark and twisted world.

You need to make the most of your character’s special powers to accumulate blood drops quickly while playing deadly.

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Also, be sure to keep an eye out for things that can give you high blood points, like keys or gas cans.

Dead by Daylight Redeem Code FAQs

Q.1 – Will Daylight Die by Mobile be Free to play?

Ans – Yes, Dead By Daylight is free for mobile, but in-app items would be chargeable.

Q.2 – Where can I pre-register?

Ans – Players can pre-register on Dead by daylight’s official website.

Q.3 – When is it available to download?

Ans – Dead by Daylight Mobile will only be available in select countries during the beta phase.

The full release is due in some countries yet. The developer would be making beta versions of the game available in more countries soon, so stay tuned.

Q.4 – How many platforms will Dead by Daylight Mobile support?

Ans – This game is available on iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Q.5 – What are the minimum specifications to run Dead by Daylight Mobile?

Ans – You will need an internet connection and a smartphone to play this game, which has the following specifications –

Apple user

OS: iOS 11 or greater

Android users

OS: Android v7.0 (Nougat OS) or greater

Q.6 – Can I link my progress on the PC/Console account to my mobile account?

Ans – Due to optimization and better user experience to mobile users, it is currently not possible to link your progress to your PC/console account from your mobile account.

Q.7 – How can I get more updates on Dead by Daylight Mobile?

Ans – Because Dead by Daylight Mobile is developed and managed by various teams and will have its content and topics for dialogue to share, our communication channels are different from the current Dead by Daylight channels.

Feel free to follow these official social media channels below –

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • youtube
  • Twitch

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