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Free fire download Jio phone: How is this possible?

Jio Phone is a very successful phone in India. You can download and use apps like WhatsApp, YouTube, and others on your Jio phone. Nowadays the most asked question is whether the free fire is downloaded on Jio mobile (Free fire download Jio phone) and played on Jio phone or not.


Free Fire is not made for feature phones and can only be played on smartphones. Even if you transfer the APK file of the game, it still won’t play on your JioPhone.

If you want to play FREE FIRE MOBILE then you should buy a new smartphone.

Possibilities of downloading free fire on Jio mobile

Nowadays the most searched thing by Jio phone users on the internet is “free fire game download jio phone”.

Free fire game is a popular game among kids and it has become a part of their daily routine. This game is developed to play on Android and iOS mobiles only as per the Free Fire game policy.

Operating SystemKAIOS
Internal storage4GB
Expandable storageYes
Expandable storage typeSD card
Expandable storage up to (GB)128

But, the Jio Phone runs on the KaiOS platform. On the KaiOS platform, you can download and run apps like WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, but graphics-heavy games.

Games like FREE FIRE cannot be played on the KaiOS platform.

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The hardware of Jiophone is also not as per the requirement to run a FREE FIRE Mobile Game.

  • FREE FIRE mobile can be controlled with a touchscreen but the Jio Phone has a physical keypad as the Jio Phone is a feature phone.
  • Free FIRE Game requires at least 2GB RAM and 2GB free storage in the phone. Whereas Jio Phone has 512MB of RAM, which is insufficient to run the game.
  • As already mentioned the Free Fire game can be downloaded and played only on Android and iOS. Google Play Store is not open on Jio phones and Free Fire game download cannot be on Jio phones.
  • It is often asked whether one can download FREE FIRE APK on Jio Phone to play it. There is also a Lite version of the Free Fire game, but the Free Fire game download cannot be done on the Jio phone from Play Store.

How to free fire download jio phone

To download free fire in jio phone, you have to pay attention to some things and follow some steps mentioned by us –

  • Firstly, turn on the mobile data.
  • After this, you have to go to the browser of your Jio mobile and open the Play Store.
  • After searching the play store, you open the play store by clicking on the link
  • Open the play store, you have to click on search at the top.
  • Now you search by typing free fire in the search bar.
  • After searching, you will first see the logo of the Garena Free Fire game on the new page.
  • Now you click on the Free fire game logo and after the new page opens, click on the install button.
  • After this Free Fire will start downloading on your jio phone.

We want to tell you again that even after downloading the free fire game in jio phone, you cannot play it in jio phone.

But now you do not need to be disappointed, you can download many other games in jio phone other than the free fire.

Free fire download Jio phone

Downloading games on a phone is a very easy task. Just like you download the game through the play store in any other smartphone.

Similarly, there is an application for Jio phone users. Which is known as Jio Game. This application is already present in your Jio phone. So to download the game on Jio phone, you have to follow the steps given below. So let’s get started.

  • firstly you have to click on the menu button
  • After clicking on the menu, many apps will appear where you go to Jio Game application and press the ok button.
  • Now you get to see many mobile games in Jio Game application like Top Cricket Games, Action Games, Car & bike Games
  • Click on the free fire to download.
  • After clicking, you should click on the install button on the next page.

In this way you can download the games on the Jio phone from your Jio Game application.

All the games found in jio game application are supported on your jio phone.

Fake website to download free fire game on jio phone

In today’s time, such a very fraudulent website is running, which also puts the person in some trouble.

You should keep a complete distance from these types of websites because such links are given through these websites. In which you are told that you can download the Free Fire game on your Jio phone.

These types of websites are completely fake. These websites can also steal your personal data from your device through online phishing.

Such as phone number, mail id, and even your payment details can be stolen. That’s why you should keep a proper distance from these types of websites.

If you are willing to play free fire game, then you can play it on your smartphone by buying a good entry-level Android phone, you will get this entry-level phone easily for 7000 to ₹ 8000.

Free fire FAQs

Q.1 – Which country’s game is the Free Fire game?
– Free Fire was generated in Singapore and the name of that company is Garena.

Q.2When was the free fire game launched?
– It began on 30th Sep 2017.

Q.3Is there a free fire ban in India?
– No, Free Fire is not banned in India and you can easily download it from Play Store.

Q.4Can Free Fire be Hacked?
– As a general rule, never install any such third-party software, and don’t give your account details to anyone you don’t completely trust. So, yes, Garena Free Fire hacks and hackers exist but after some time Free Fire bans them.

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