Goodgame Big Farm Game

Goodgame Big Farm Game

Do you like playing online games? If your answer is yes, then you have landed on the right page. Today, we are going to talk about Goodgame Big Farm, one of the most popular online games.


The game is set on a farm where players must complete various tasks such as planting and harvesting crops, caring for animals, and managing finances.

Players can do this by completing quests, selling products, and interacting with other players. If you are looking for a fun and challenging game to play, then we recommend checking out Goodgame Big Farm.

What is ‘Goodgame Big Farm’?

“Goodgame Big Farm” is a free-to-play browser-based game that allows players to manage their own virtual farm.

The game was developed by Goodgame Studios and released in 2011.

NameGoodgame Big Farm
DeveloperGoodgame Studios, Altigi GmbH
PublisherGoodgame Studios
GenresStrategy, Massively multiplayer online game
PlatformsAndroid, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Web browser

The game’s objective is to build a successful farm by planting and harvesting crops, caring for animals, and selling goods to customers.

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Players can grow a variety of crops, raise livestock, and produce goods on their farms. They can also sell their products in the game’s marketplace, and use the money they earn to upgrade their farm.

Goodgame Big Farm” is one of the most popular free-to-play games on the internet, with millions of players worldwide.

If you’re looking for a fun and challenging way to manage your own virtual farm, “Goodgame Big Farm” is definitely worth checking out!

How to play the game?

Players start with a small farm and must expand it by completing quests and earning money.

Quests are available from the farmer’s journal and include tasks such as planting crops, caring for animals, and selling goods. Players can also purchase upgrades for their farm from the shop.

To care for animals, players must first build a shelter for them. Each animal requires a different type of shelter and food.

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Once the animals are fed and have a place to stay, they will produce products such as milk or eggs. These products can be sold to customers or used to make other products, such as cheese or cake.

Crops can be planted in fields using seeds that are bought from the store. After the crops have grown, they can be harvested and sold for profit. Some crops can also be used to feed animals.

The game also features a multiplayer mode in which players can compete against each other in farming challenges.

The different levels in the game

The game has four different levels: the tutorial, the farm, the town, and the world. The tutorial is the first level of the game. At this level, players are introduced to the basics of how to play the game.

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They learn about the different types of crops that can be grown on their farm, and how to care for them. They also learn about raising animals, and how to sell their products in the marketplace.

The farm is the second level of the game. In this level, players can start to expand their farm by planting more crops and raising more animals.

They can also buy upgrades for their farm, such as a more enormous barn or a silo.

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The town is the third level of the game. In this level, players can start to interact with other players in the game.

They can buy goods from other players in the marketplace, and they can also visit other farms and trade with other farmers.

The world is the fourth and final level of the game. In this level, players can compete against other farms in tournaments, and they can also join co-operative leagues where they work together with other farmers to complete tasks.


Tips and tricks to playing the game

If you’re looking to get ahead in Goodgame Big Farm, here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind:

  • First and foremost, make sure you’re regularly harvesting your crops. This is the bread and butter of the game, and will ensure you have a steady income coming in.
  • Secondly, don’t forget to take care of your animals! They need to be fed and watered regularly, or they’ll start to produce less food for you.
  • Thirdly, pay attention to the tasks that your workers are doing. If they’re not doing something productive, then reassign them to something else. There’s always something that needs to be done on the farm, so put them to work!
  • Lastly, remember to check in on your neighbors from time to time. Helping out other players is a great way to earn some extra coins, and it’ll also raise your reputation amongst the community.

Goodgame Big Farm Game Controls

You can control the game with the movement of the mouse.

Control Panels: There are four main control panels in the game: the Farm Management Panel, the Field Management Panel, the Livestock Management Panel, and the Shop Management Panel.

The Farm Management Panel is where players can manage their farm.

This is where players can buy and sell crops, animals, and buildings. The Field Management Panel is where players can plant and harvest crops.


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The Livestock Management Panel is where players can buy and sell animals. The Shop Management Panel is where players can buy and sell goods.

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Q:1 What is Goodgame Big Farm?

Ans: Goodgame Big Farm is a free-to-play farming simulation game developed by Goodgame Studios.

Q:2 How do I play Goodgame Big Farm?

Ans: You can play Goodgame Big Farm on your computer or mobile device.

To start playing, you need to create a free account on the Goodgame website. Once you have an account, you can log in and start playing the game.

Q:3 What do I do in Goodgame Big Farm?

Ans: In Goodgame Big Farm, your goal is to build and manage your own farm. You will need to plant and harvest crops, raise livestock, and sell your products in order to make money.

You will also need to complete quests to progress in the game.

Q:4 Is Goodgame Big Farm easy to play?

A: Yes, Goodgame Big Farm is easy to play. The game provides a tutorial that will teach you the basics of how to play.

Once you understand the basics, you can start playing without any problems.

Q.5 How to uninstall Goodgame Big Farm?

Ans: If you’re ready to uninstall Goodgame Big Farm, follow the instructions below. Keep in mind that uninstalling the game will delete all your progress and data.

  1. On your computer, go to the Start menu and open Control Panel.
  2. In Control Panel, click on “Add or Remove Programs”.
  3. Find Goodgame Big Farm in the list of installed programs and click on “Uninstall”.
  4. Follow the prompts to complete the uninstallation process.

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