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Google Task Mate App Google Task Mate is an innovative app for Google users. The app allows users to earn money very easily just by completing the tasks given in the app.

Google has launched a beta version of the application. All the users who are willing to use the app, have to complete the tasks that the application will assign them to earn some extra money.

This article provides all the important information about Google Task Mate like – how to download it, referral codes that can be used for registration, important features, benefits, and more.

Google task mate application

Recently, Google launched the Task Mate application which was released only in beta version.

The full version of the Google Task Mate app is about to launch very soon. Currently, It is only available to a limited number of individuals, exclusively US and Google employees.

Users can easily earn money using this application by just doing some simple tasks.

Google services provide users an opportunity to earn money easily. They offer them to use the application on their mobile. All they have to do is complete the tasks assigned to them.

In this way, they can monetize their activities in the application. After completing each of their tasks, they can earn money for it.

NameTask Mate
Developed ByGoogle LLC
Parent CompanyGoogle
Last Updated19 November 2020
DownloadPlay Store – Task meta
PurposeMake Users complete the assigned Tasks
BenefitAllows users to earn by using the app

Once the work is completed, they receive revenue as promised by the developer company. Users just need to download the app and register.

How does Google task mate app work?

It requires referral codes that are active and working. With the help of the registration form, users can access the application.

Post it, and they will be assigned the task. As Google will notice that tasks are completed by users, it funds them as a reward for doing so.

Task Mate Application is available on Google Play Store. Users have to perform the tasks mentioned in the application. For this the company pays them.

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The task allotted to them is very simple. They may have to click on the restaurant or express their opinion on the survey given to them. Jobs are being set up by businesses around the world.

This allows them to get the relevant information they were looking for and the information provider earns some extra money for doing so. The platform is very helpful for all users as it helps in collecting data.

Benefits of the Google Task Mate App

The benefits of the Google Task Mate App are given below –

Facts about Task Mate Application

Here are some facts that users should know about the Google Task Mate application as they aspire to use it:

How to download, install and Sign up

Candidates can access this application through a referral code only. Without the Google Task Mate invite code, the user will not be able to use the app.

Users must have a referral code that can only be used by three users at a time or your account will be blocked.

So check the code carefully first and get the referral code only from trusted sites.

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Users who want to earn money on the Google Task Mate application can easily do so by registering and attempting assigned tasks.

Once the users have completed the task work allotted to them, the application will be sent to get a review of the work that was asked to be completed.

If the User has completed this as required, the funds will be disbursed to the User’s said account.

The application is safe to use. The bank details or financial information submitted by you will be completely secure.

The application will ensure that the details entered by the user are secure and do not violate any guidelines. You can download Task mate by following these steps –

How to earn money with Google Task Mate App

Firstly, candidates need to download Task Mate from Google Play Store and then register.

Applications are classified into two categories – Field Tasks and Sitting Tasks. The candidate should act as per the instruction given.

Users have to do the following things to earn Money Through Google Task Mate’s Applications –

How to Withdraw Cash Rewards

You can withdraw your amount in your currency to your partner’s bank account.

The app rewards you in dollars and it will transfer to the bank account in the form of your domestic currencies (in case you are residing outside the USA).

To get the amount in the bank you have to complete 2 types of tasks which are –

  1. Open the App Go to Your Profile Section, Add Your Bank Account, IFSC Code, and Other Required Information
  2. Go to your Total Rewards and there you will see Cash out / Withdraw option – Click on that and get the reward amount in your bank account.
  3. It may take 1 to 7 working days for it to be credited to your bank account or it may be instant.

Task Mate Referral codes

The following referral codes will help you sign up for the Google Task Mate app.

As soon as you enter the referral code in the registration form, you will start receiving money.

Referral codes are listed in the order that the most recent codes appear at the top of the table. Use code wisely.

If you think any of the code has expired, do let us know in the comment section below.

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Codes will be added and updated regularly. Therefore, we advise you to refresh this page for more referral codes so that they can be used while registering the Google Task Mate app.

Keep visiting this page for regular working referrals.

Google Task Mate Referral Codes –

Invitation CodeReferral CodeStatus
Referral Code 115UEC4Y7Working
Referral Code 114P14MLAWorking
Referral Code 113IL7UI6Expired
Referral Code 112PFL23BExpired
Referral Code 111CH7NB6Expired
Referral Code 1103ICH41Expired
Referral Code 109F689KHExpired
Referral Code 108K87UH5Expired
Referral Code 107J0L23BExpired
Referral Code 106K87UH5Expired
Referral Code 1053ICH41Expired
Referral Code 104F689KHExpired
Referral Code 10357H51QExpired
Referral Code 10264B97PExpired
Referral Code 101M86IZ5Expired
Referral Code 100BHF28LExpired
Referral Code 98Z7MGR8Expired
Referral Code 97G3HM90Expired
Referral Code 96D26BH0Expired
Referral Code 951KBLB6Expired
Referral Code 946N71Z3Expired
Referral Code 93 XP39BQExpired
Referral Code 92 Z7MGR8Expired
Referral Code 91LT9R4AExpired
Referral Code 909FMXW7Expired

To download the Google Task Mate app directly, users can easily check the direct download link of the app below.

The following link will redirect you to Play Store. Currently, this app is not released for iOS users.

Official Download link –

As soon as the iOS app is available we will add the link to this page. Apple users with iOS should keep visiting this page

Task Mate App Referral code FAQs 

Q.1 – How to get the Google Task Mate app working referral code?

Ans – Candidates can get the referral code from the above table while the Google Task Mate app is working. We frequently update referral codes according to new updates.

Q.2 – Are there any age criteria to register for the Google Task Mate app?

Ans – No, there are no age criteria for registration. Such people who are using mobile can register in this app.

Q.3 – Is it true that I can earn money with the Google Task Mate app?

Ans – Yes, you can earn money through the Google Task Mate application by doing a simple task asked in the app.

Note – This application is only available in the trial/beta version. The full version will be out soon. Before installing this application read the terms and conditions carefully.

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