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Heardle or Heardle unlimited is an American music-player game that works on the same mechanism as Wordle unlimited works for guessing words.

In the Heardle game, the players have to guess the music and artist’s name after listening to the song in the app.

In simple words, the Heardle game is a Wordle version for music lovers. The game uses the SoundCloud music app to play the song for players.

Basically, the game was developed by Omakase Studios. Heardle unlimited was officially released in February 2022 soon after the completion of the one-year successful journey of Wordle.

Heardle – Overview

The term “Heardle” for the unblocked game was derived from the word “Heard” which means – “to perceive with the ear the sound made by someone or something”.

About the game –

CategoryMusic Game
ReleaseFebruary 26, 2022
DeveloperOmakase Studios
ContributorsSoundcloud, Svelte, Tailwind, Noto Serif Display, Noto Sans, IconSVG, momentjs, autocomplete.js, and Vercel.
WebsiteClick here

The developer was highly inspired by the success story of the Wordle unblocked game, the Wordle unlimited became so popular with the exposure of TikTok in late 2021.

Its sudden popularity endorsed the developer to release a new game.

Platforms, where Heardle unlimited, is available

Unlike Wordle unlimited unblocked the Heardle game is available on Web browsers only. Its app for iOS and Play store is expected to release soon and or by the initial weeks of March 2023.

How to play Heardle unlimited unblocked game

Heardle has a similar mechanism as Wordle however, the difference is that, in Heardle, you require to guess the hidden music, unlike the hidden word in Wordle unlimited game.

Please note unlike Wordle unlimited you don’t have unlimited time and attempts to play the Heardle game. You have a total of 16 seconds to identify and put the correct answer in each attempt.

Similarly, you can play this game once a day. The game app does not allow users to play it multiple times.

Each song played in the game is taken from popular tracks however and unfortunately, a few tracks have put some regional restrictions which means a track available in the United States may not be available in India or UK.

This regional restriction has really frustrating impact on users as if the song is unavailable the user has no option left but to wait for the next attempt which comes after a very long wait.

Meaning of colors in Game

Almost every color hints at something different from each other, every time you choose and select your answer a colorful x-sign is shown at the end of the answer submission, for example –

Where to play Heardle?

Presently, the game is not available on multiple platforms. Users can play this game on a web browser online on their PC directly.

The good news is that users can play this Heardle game online on their desktops and mobiles. The game is embedded below. Try it now!

Please click the above button to play the game on your computer screen. The game is not designed to run on various mobile screens.

Features of Heardle unlimited

The game has many features that invite the great attention of the players. The major advantage it includes are –


Heardle is a musical version of the Wordle unlimited game that works on the same mechanism as Wordle works. If you have been playing Wordle unblocked from earlier then definitely you will be able to win the Heardle game.

While playing it you listen to different-different music and can enjoy the game to lighten your mood. Nearly, half a million+ American players play this game monthly.

The game is so popular in North America and is getting day by popular in Canada, Uk, and Russia. It is safe for children and considered a good memory game after Chess and Wordle.

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