How to earn from affiliate marketing without a website?

How to earn from affiliate marketing without a website? Affiliate marketing has become the best way to earn money online in today’s time just by sitting at your home.

The majority of people earn millions of rupees a month sitting at a home and the best way to do Affiliate Marketing is through a website.

However, everyone does not have a website. Maintaining a website is a big deal as you have to write content regularly on the website.

Therefore, many people do not want to make a website but they still want to join Affiliate Marketing.

As soon they think to join it, the two questions come to mind –

  • Can Affiliate marketing be done without a website?
  • If yes, then how to start affiliate marketing or how to earn from affiliate marketing without a website?

So first of all, I would like to tell you that yes. Affiliate marketing can absolutely be done without a website.

In other words, you can join affiliate marketing even without a website and you can easily earn good money from affiliate marketing by sitting at a home so let’s see friends, How to do affiliate marketing without a website.

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What is Affiliate marketing?

If You are a beginner and looking for an answer to this question please refer to this article – What is affiliate marketing and how much can I earn from it?

Affiliate programs exist almost in different-different industries such as travel, clothes, electronics, wellness etc.

The technology and online services allow web publishers to promote specific products or services related to their website content.

For example, the webmaster of a fashion website might publish an affiliate banner for a clothes store. Similarly, a person who owns a software review website can insert affiliate links to various software.

How, does affiliate marketing work?

To become an affiliate, you first have to join an affiliate program. For more information please read this article – How does Affiliate Marketing work?

On the internet, you get a lot of active affiliate programs. You can join any of them and start selling the affiliate products as per your own wish or willingness.

As soon your account is approved by the merchant you can start promoting the products and when your visitor buys a product by clicking your affiliate link, you get a commission.

So if you wish to drive a sale, affiliate marketing is a good platform to earn money.

Amazon Flipkart eBay, etc are the most popular companies that offer affiliate programs to influencers.


How most people promote the affiliate program

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that it is very simple. Most people promote their affiliate products on their blog/website or social media page, you can probably earn a good income through affiliate marketing.

Generally, people promote an affiliate product by –

  1. Putting relevant affiliate links to blog posts, videos descriptions, webinars, podcasts, etc.
  2. Playing a promo in email list or a messenger list.
  3. Sharing affiliate deals through social media channels like – Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Quora etc.

Out of the above-listed options, a webinar is the best way to make an affiliate deal. On a well-managed webinar, you can expect a conversion rate of 20% or more.

Generally, people promote an affiliate product in several ways. You can get a conversion rate of between 5-20% for hot traffic on well – designed sales page.

Best channels to earn from affiliate marketing without a website

  1. Youtube
  2. Quora
  3. Email marketing
  4. Online communities
  5. Social Media
  6. Classifieds Websites
  7. Blog
  8. Landing Pages
  9. Pinterest
  10. Through an E- book
  11. Giveaways

1. YouTube

YouTube is one of the most effective platforms to do affiliate marketing and many people are earning millions of rupees per month by doing affiliate marketing through YouTube.

Through, your Youtube videos, you just have to explain about a product’s features, review it specification and refer your affiliate links on the description box.

If you do not want to make a website then YouTube may be a good choice to promote your affiliate products on it.

You must have seen that many YouTubers say about a product, and then they say that you can buy the product by clicking on the link in the description. They drive a huge sale even without having a website or blog through this medium.

Hence, a YouTube channel is the best place to do affiliate marketing, where you can do affiliate marketing through YouTube videos without a website or blog.


2. Quora – How to earn from affiliate marketing without a website?

Quora is a question-answer website on which many people ask their questions and many professionals and experts are on the Quora answer those questions.

In this process, many people answer the question asked by the people and give the product’s affiliate links in the same answer.

Many people potentially buy the product from your affiliate link. There is also a mobile application of Quora which you can download from the google play store and start doing affiliate marketing by quora totally free of cost.

You just have to see which are the questions according to your product and while answering it you can also add the affiliate link of your product.

In this way, you can do Affiliate Marketing without a website on Quora.

3. The E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is a method of marketing by sending an email to a person or a group of people.

For example, when you buy any item from Amazon or Flipkart, they send well-designed and attractive e-mails from time to time and tell you about the offers.

Similarly, they send you pictures and prices of related products and encourage you to buy that product at some discounted price.

In similar ways, you can also send emails to many people containing your Affiliate link. By email marketing, you can do Affiliate marketing.

The main problem in e-mail marketing is that – You will have to collect the email addresses of many people, whom you want to target.

Some email providers sell the e-mail in bulk but these emails are expensive and have a very low conversion rate.

E-mail Marketing – NCERT Solutions

4. Online communities

The craze of this mode has considerably increased in past years. Online community avails you of a platform where you can easily promote your affiliate products.

You can find many websites on the internet that builds online communities.

Firstly, you have to join the communities, which match your affiliate product category closely, letter you can share your products in these groups.

5. Social Media – How to earn from affiliate marketing without a website?

Affiliate Marketing from Social Media: social media are also a great way to do Affiliate Marketing through which millions of people are earning millions of rupees a month by doing Affiliate Marketing.

As you also know there are billions of users who remain active on Social media platforms. You can share your affiliate links with them if you have a good number of followers on Social Media, like – Facebook page or Instagram page or a telegram group.

The number of followers is directly proportional to your profit or conversion rate in affiliate marketing. If you have a really good number of followers you can earn up to thousands of dollars each day from affiliate marketing without a website.

You can see on the internet that – how many people promote their products through Instagram, Facebook pages and do Affiliate Marketing.

6. Classifieds Websites

Many people promote affiliate marketing links by doing ads or reviews on classifieds websites.

Craigslist is such a very popular company where people promote their links. On this website, you can promote any products by reviewing them. In this, you can also set the preferred location.

In this way, you can promote your affiliate products without spending too much money and without owning a website.

7. Blog

There are many such websites where you can co-write your content and give your Affiliate Link.

You can also boost sales of your Affiliate Marketing through these websites. If you do not have your own website but want to do Affiliate Marketing, then such a website gives you a chance to write a blog totally free.

You can write about the products by going to that blog and give the Product Link to do Affiliate Marketing.

One such website is Infrex India by going to which you can write your content and give Affiliate Link and do Affiliate Marketing free.

You can start Affiliate Marketing without any website by finding more such websites across the internet.


8. Landing Pages – How to earn from affiliate marketing without a website?

First, let Me tell you that what the landing page is? The landing page is just a web page where a customer or a visitor can land. However, in marketing, this is often pronounced with a different term.

In digital marketing, the landing page is a page that is specially designed to accomplish the advertising or marketing goals of a business.

By adding the products links to this landing page, you can share that page through the link on social media. It is a less time-consuming process that will save your time.

For, this you have to create a landing page from any free platform and add your Affiliate link to that page and then with the help of that page, you can do Affiliate marketing comfortably.

Some companies/websites that offer you this facility free of cost – Infrex India, NCERT Solutions, and WP Lions.

By using the options of the above websites you can do affiliate marketing without creating your own website. To start affiliate marketing what you need to do is just sign up and tell your purpose to the company team.

Lastly, You have to add images of products too so that the page looks better.

9. Pinterest – How to earn from affiliate marketing without a website?

If you want to earn money from Pinterest, then we would like to tell you friends, there are many ways to earn money from Pinterest.

Friends, if you have a website or a blog, you want to increase traffic on both of these, then you can use Pinterest for this.

To bring traffic to the website or a blog, you have to share any image related to your website on Pinterest, after that add the link of your website with it. Visitors will come to your site and the traffic on your website will increase.

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10. Create an E- book – How to earn from affiliate marketing without a website?

If you want to earn from affiliate marketing without a website or blog, e-books are the most beating way.

All you have to do is to create an E-book of 15 to 20 pages about whichever category of products you want to promote, a letter you can share at any place for free.

Apart from this, you can also share this ebook in your own group link on Facebook. It should be noted that you have to publish the e-book only related to the product.

As you know e-book is a soft book or letter. You should craft a good e-book and add some attractive images to it. When you share this E-book for free on the internet you will get trusted visitors that can be your potential customers.

As discussed this is another way by which you can dive the majority of sales without a website.

Giveawayshow to earn from affiliate marketing without a website?

This method always works better irrespective of anything mentioned above. If you have followers on large scale, you should do some giveaways. You will get associated with a lot of people and participate in these giveaways.

You can create a form in which you should collect the details of the participants like – their names, email addresses, and or mobile numbers etc.

In this way, you will get a lot of emails subscribers. Later you can use it to promote your products.

Today, many people are driving a lot of traffic by adopting this method in blogging and YouTube. This method works really great.

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