How to make your website in 15 minutes

How to make your website in 15 minutes

We can see around us how fast the use of internet is increasing. Everyone is using the internet for their development or to make their living better.


The rise of the Internet has given birth to the website and now like the Internet, the website has also become a special part of the life of the people.

Whether to identify yourself with the people or to grow the business at a fast pace, The use of the website has become very important.

If you try to know a little bit around you, then you will find that many people have earned a lot of money by selling from the website itself.

Therefore, it becomes necessary for us to know how to make a website, from which we can also take advantage of it in some way or the other.

Before knowing about the website, let us know a little that when, who and why was the first website started ?

Website history in brief

In 1989, British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web while in work at CERN.

CERN is a center located in Switzerland, which was created to make new scientific discoveries, it is also called European Organization for Nuclear Research.

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At that time the web was invented keeping in mind the sharing of information among scientists by computers in universities.

The web’s public launch began on August 6, 1991, when Tim Berners-Lee published the first website.

This site was about the World Wide Web Project, which explained what the web is and how to use it.

Tim Berners Lee did another great thing apart from creating the web and that was by not taking the patent of the web.

CERN also said that you should patent your web technology but it refused. If Tim had patented the web, today we would have to pay to get information from any website.

Tim has always wanted the web to be open to all and spread as much as possible. If Tim had taken the cost of running the web, then many people would not have been able to use it due to non-payment and would not be aware of important information.

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What is website

A website is a collection of many World Wide Web pages (or web pages) that are made available on the Internet by an individual, company, educational institution, government or any group.

Any website would have a different domain name which is published on some server or the other.

There are many famous websites on the Internet such as,,, etc.

Every day millions of people come to all these big sites to find some information.

Any website is made keeping in mind a particular topic. A website can be made to get knowledge to someone, someone to sell something to someone.

To access these websites, we need some device like mobile, laptop, tablet etc. These devices should have internet availability only then we can go to the site and search for something.

Types of website

Along with knowing the website Kaise banaye, we should also know how many types of websites are there.

We will benefit from this when we make the site we will be able to make the same site as we need.

So let’s know about different types of websites –

  1. Merchant
  2. Magazine
  3. Portfolio
  4. Landing Page
  5. Blog

1. Merchant Website

An e-commerce or business website is a kind of online shopping place from where anyone can buy your company’s product or service.

A well designed e-commerce web page makes it easy to find the product, select the product by category and sell the product.

These types of websites are created by big companies only for the purpose of buying and selling.


You must have seen many famous business sites which are making a lot of name in this field like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Infrexa etc.

If you also want to make such a big site, then for this either you should know the coding language or you have enough money to hire someone who has the knowledge to build a website.

It is not enough to build such a big e-commerce store, it is also very important to keep it organized, for this we will need many people who are working in the field of online marketing.

So you have seen how difficult it is to create a business store like Amazon, Flipkart or Infrexa.

Now it doesn’t mean that we can’t make our own type of website. There are many platforms with the help of which we can easily create an e-commerce site and we do not even have to take the headache of maintaining it properly. Everything will be powered by these platforms.


If you also want to sell any goods, then with the help of some well-known platforms like Shopify and Squarespace, you can open your business store and earn good money.

To make our website on these platforms, we have to pay some money every month in exchange for taking their service. This type of e-commerce site is good for selling any item.

2. Magazine Website

Information and education are provided to people through articles, photos, videos in a magazine website.

This is a kind of news website where we also have to include the recent increased incidents, apart from this, new information has to be brought in front of the world.

Over the years, the magazine industry has grown from being printed on paper to a digital space.

If you are thinking of making a magazine website, then first prepare the basic framework. If we know fundamentally how the magazine industry works, then only we can be successful in this work.

3. Portfolio Website

A portfolio website is a site where the best works of individuals of the creative genre are displayed.

These types of websites are very helpful for artists, writers, designers, people of film fields, furniture makers and for any creative work.

If you are also thinking of making your online portfolio, then it is not necessary that you should show the smallest work done by you there. You should include only those tasks in your portfolio website, in which you have benefited the best.

Suppose you are a website designer who knows how to make a very good website, then you can show this skill by creating a portfolio site.

Whatever our business, we can make it famous with the help of online portfolio and get a good price for doing that work.

4. Landing Page

A landing page is a special page that is created as part of a marketing campaign. So that the person visiting this page should take steps to buy something or the other, which can benefit the marketer.

The landing page is not like any ordinary Hindi website where you took a topic and wrote a lot about it.

Very limited information is given on this page which compels the readers to buy something.

If we are able to create such a landing page that compels people to buy stuff, then such a page will be much better.

Any person can easily create a landing page with the help of Shopify and attract people by writing good content.

5. Blog

We can call the blog a website that is updated regularly. In this there is a conference of articles, photos, videos etc.

We can create a blog on any topic. If we are interested in cooking, then a blog can be made on it too.

Creating a blog is a great and easy way to earn money, just you know how to make it well. The work of a blog is called blogging.

The cost of blogging is very less, so anyone can make it and earn money.

Here we have described about some important websites, if you want, you can create many more types of sites.

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Benefits of creating a website

Nowadays every small and big work is being done with the help of internet. So it has become very important for every person who wants to earn money that they use the internet in a better way.

To do this, it is necessary that we create a website, no matter what the method of creating the website is.

It is very important to create a website so that we too can compete with our competitor in this internet world.

Let us know some more benefits that we get due to keeping the site –

  • Online Availability 24/7
  • Reliability
  • Exchange of information
  • The cost is to be reduced
  • Skill and business spread everywhere

Online Availability 24/7

Having a website means that customers can contact you or take advantage of your product or service anytime, anywhere.

Even if it is not your working time, then at that time your website attracts new customers and keeps on showing them the desired results.

Having a website gives the facility to the people that they can get the information as per their comfort without ever having to worry about buying from the comfort of their home.

You must have seen that when we go to a store to buy something, even if we do not like something, we still buy some small thing so that no one thinks anything.

If we buy something from any site, then we do not have to worry about anyone’s thinking and neither do we have to be well prepared to buy.

We do not have to wait for any mall to open to buy anything we like, if we resort to the website because the sites are open 24 hours a day.

With this, the owner of a site has the advantage that he can get information to the people at all times.

If we have a shopping website then it will be available all the time due to which customers can buy anytime, anywhere which will increase our sales significantly.


In this technology-filled world, everyone expects a well-known company to have an online presence. If you have a business and do not have any telephone or permanent address for customers to seek information from you or employees of the company, then people’s trust in your company will be reduced.

Similarly, if we do not have any website or email in this internet world, then people will not have much faith in us and they will not want to join us.

The use of website and email has become a very important medium nowadays to make people aware about your business.

If you are also associated with any creative work, then you should have your site. By having a site, people will trust you and you will get more and more work, which will earn more.

It is very important that we have a website which contains information about our business so that customers do not have to try to know about the company from anywhere.

Exchange of information

The main function of a website is to make the information easily accessible between the buyers and sellers.

We can give complete information about our work on the website so that anyone can know our skills and contact us.

If we have a company, we may also write on that website the company’s opening hours, contact information, and product information.

The cost is to be reduced

If you have a well-designed website, you can sell products and services directly to your customers.

Suppose you have a business in which you earn money by selling a product. Obviously, you will need a shop to sell the goods, which will cost a lot.

If you have a website then you do not need to take any shop, customers will buy goods from you through the website. You will save a lot of money.

After having a website, we will not need any shop to keep the goods, nor will the employees to sell those goods, due to which our expenses will be reduced a lot.

Skill and business spread everywhere

As we know, our website can be seen by a person sitting anywhere in the world. Then it will also be true that a person living anywhere in the world can shop from our website.

If you have any skill like any special education, website designing etc. then you can reach your knowledge anywhere with the help of making or building a site.

Sometimes there may not be as much demand for anyone’s skill in our country as it is in any other country. In such a situation, we can earn very good money from the site by working for the people of those countries. Here we learned how creating a website can be beneficial for us.

Here we have told about some of the advantages of making a website, there are many more benefits than these which you can take.

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How to make website

We have learned what a website is and why it is so important to build one. Now we know how to create or make a website with ease?

Generally, two methods of creating a website are used more, these are 2 ways –

  • First – Creating a Website by Coding
  • Second – Creating a website through CMS

(1) Creating a website by coding

Coding is a computer language that is used to design the software running in the computer. There are some coding languages ​​like – Python, Java, JavaScript, C++ etc.

Now it is not possible for everyone to know the languages ​​of these computers. The person who has studied coding language, or who has learned these languages, will only make a website by coding.

But for those who do not have knowledge of coding, it will not be possible to do this. In such a situation, one thing that can be done is that you can make a great site for yourself from a website designer.

But it is going to cost a lot and it is not going to be easy for us to find a good site designer.

Maintenance of this type of site also costs a lot. Therefore, decide to make such a site with other options.

If you do not want to make a website like this and want to make a site with less cost, then the next method can be very useful for you.

(2) Creating website through CMS.

CMS is also called Content Management System. CMS is a tool with the help of which you can easily create a website. A website created in this way is also called a blog.

When you create a blog or website with the help of CMS, you do not need to know any coding language.

You can easily create a good website without much technical knowledge and use it for your work.

There are many CMS available these days like WordPress, Wix, Joomla etc.

I will tell you how to make a website with the help of a CMS. So let’s know how to make a site with WordPress.

WP Lions
  • To create a website on WordPress, first of all, we will need a domain name. A domain name is a separate name that identifies our site. Before taking a domain name, we should also choose our topic carefully, on which we want to build the site. Always keep in mind that choose a name similar to that subject. Here are the list of top 5 Web hosting Companies.
  • After buying a domain name you need to buy a hosting plan. Hosting is a kind of place on your site where all the information given by you on the site is kept safe. Know more about hosting here.
  • After purchasing hosting, we have to install WordPress on the hosting account. It hardly takes 1-2 minutes. Always buy better hosting so that you do not face any problem later.
  • After installing WordPress, choose a good theme and design it well. Always choose a light theme. If we talk about some lightweight themes, then you can choose a theme like GeneratePress, Astra, or Neve for your website.
  • After creating a good blog in WordPress, you can get information for your customers or readers on your site.
  • It will be possible to get information to our customers only when our site ranks higher in the search engines. And doing this is possible only with SEO.
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