HR full form, meaning, duties and responsibilities.


HR FULL FORM: People go far and wide in search of employment, where they work in a company. If you have worked in a private company or in any other place, then you must have heard about HR.

Every company has an HR position. When we go for an interview in a private company then an interview is taken by HR only. He checks your ability in the interview.

On this page, HR Full Form, what is the meaning of HR, is being told about.

Full Form of HR

The full form of HR is “Human Resources”. There is an HR group in big companies and institutions, this group works as a human source in the company.

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All HR managers are there in the HR group. The workforce is created in any organization by this group. It is to recruit new people, handle the management of the company and provide instructions to the new employees in the right way.

Meaning of HR

Many people search for the meaning of HR across the internet. HR means the effective management of the human resources available within an organization. The Management, recruitment, and other work are done by HR in an organization. An HR department is created in every private organization. Its main function is to do human resource management.

The term HR was used around the year 1960. Through this, all the work related to human resources is done in any organization.

Functions of HR

HR’s main function is to provide training to all the employees and determine their salary according to their work. A successful HR considers all employees as assets of the company.

It is HR who ensures that all the resources of the company are used properly so that the company can get maximum profit. Through HR, special attention is given to all the employees. If they need training, he provides the training.

Duties of HR

It caters to the employees as per the requirement of the company. It interviews new employees and recruits them to the company.

As an HR, he also takes special care of the interests and rights of every employee working in the organization.

The HR department is considered to be the best department in the company. All the employees working in the company are taken care of by this department, if they have any problem, then HR solves it.

The company completely depends on HR for the employees. HR tries to fill the vacant posts in the company so that there is no shortage of manpower in the company and the company can produce proper supplies and generate quality revenue.

The company fixes new targets and deadlines, for this additional employees are appointed by HR only. The work of explaining the rules and regulations to the newly recruited employees is also done by HR.

Methodology of HR

HR works under Human Resource Management. This is called HRM, there are many different types of processes in HRM. By this, the goal of the work is achieved. HR department controls all these functions.

Its working system is as follows

  • Training and Development
  • Personnel cost planning
  • Employee benefits administration
  • Time management
  • Wages and salaries
  • Personnel administration
  • Evaluation
  • Travel management
  • Skill management
  • Workforce concept

Responsibilities of HR

The responsibilities of HR are as follows –

  • Recruitment Process
  • Issue job advertisement
  • Check Submitted Resume
  • Interviewing the new person and getting the process to be followed by it.
  • The interview time is managed by this.
  • The jobs of Payroll and Benefits Administration are done by this.
  • Reviewing payroll
  • Accepting benefit statements
  • Approving invoices for payments
  • Participate in Benefits Tasks for the Company
  • Apart from this, the work of ensuring leave due to illness and other reasons is done.

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