PelisPlus: Is it safe to watch Movies and TV shows on it?

PelisPlus is an online streaming platform that provides a lot of pirated TV shows and movies from different genres and categories.

It has various categories of movies in different video quality and video formats. For example – It offers 480P, 720P, 1080P, and 2k video quality.

But before stepping ahead, you should be aware of the facts that using PelisPlus can lead you to trouble because its operations involve illegal and unauthorized practices which are almost banned in the United States of America and other countries as well.

Should you watch Movies and TV shows on PelisPlus?

We cannot endorse or recommend any specific websites or platforms for illegal streaming or downloading of copyrighted content, including PelisPlus. Engaging in such activities may infringe upon copyright laws and could lead to legal consequences.

If you want to watch movies and TV shows legally and safely, there are numerous legitimate streaming services available like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, and many more.

These platforms offer a wide range of content while also supporting the creators and industry. Remember, it’s always best to use legal and authorized means to access entertainment content.

Features of the PelisPlus App

  • Simple to manage and maintain
  • free to install
  • Repelis Plus is easy to open
  • The search bar gives quick access
  • Free TV Shows Movies, TV and anime are available to watch
  • It gives a compact navigation facility
  • Play online to stream shows option
  • Multiple media servers
  • Possibility to download to stream anytime and from anywhere
  • Fast version, open in a second
  • Excellent quality video without delay loading or buffering
  • You can even play your favorite clips on your Android device at no cost
  • You can watch videos as per the available time
  • HD quality program with the description
  • Reply app for android-installation process

Type of content available on it

  • Recent Movies
  • Trending tv-shows
  • Conversation display
  • Play
  • Anime
  • Cartoon

Is it safe to download?

Although this is an app that can be downloaded on Android phones, it is not available on Google Play due to legal issues. However, there is an app that claims to have the same features as the PelisPlus app, but it is actually not similar in many ways).

Note: The content on this page, is for general information purposes only. NCERT Infrexa does not support piracy or any illegal act in any way.

Imagine that you can stream all the movies. There is an app from which you can download everything and much more. If this app is available in your county, you may download Repelis with APK for free.


  • Open and download the Repelis as well as the Mod APK file via the download link
  • Go to Settings>>Privacy and then choose Unknown Sources and enable it
  • Now you can download the APK file using the download link given in this article
  • Open the file and initiate the installation process
  • Select Installation to begin and then wait for the installation to complete.
  • After you finish, press Done.


Q.1: What is Shape PelisPlus APK

Ans: 49MB file is the maximum size of the app, and it is possible to install it without any problem.

Q.2: Is it possible to download PelisPlus Apk for free?

Ans: Yes, There is no charge for downloading it. But be cautious it provides illegal content.

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