Primewire movies

Primewire movies: Legality and User Safety

Primewire is a free online movie and free TV show streaming website. That provides free full-length TV episode series, free animation, and free kids’ cartoons on it!

This is a torrent website, special attention to the disclaimer is required

The website hosts thousands of pirated content illegally on its server.

Download option

Apart from free streaming, the website offers a free download option for the content available on it.

Content update frequency on Primewire

Some reports reveal the website is updated every 4 hours which means new content (movies and free TV show episodes) is added to the site every 4 hours.

Legality and Safety

The website is fully illegal and unsafe for users. We do not recommend our users visit any torrent site.


The content of this article is for informational purposes only. Infrex India or NCERT Infrexa does not promote piracy or endorse readers to get involved in any illegal activity.

As a registered firm, we understand how countless hours and hard work it takes to create original content. Hence we appeal to our users to please consume content from original sources only.

It is your responsibility to check whether this site is banned in your county or not. You should be up to date with any recent changes in your country’s law.

As an alert citizen of the nation. it is our moral obligation to follow and respect the institution and constitution of the country. If the site is banned in your country by the procedure established by the law, please do not visit the site.

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