BitLife ‘Gilmore Girls’ Challenge

BitLife ‘Gilmore Girls’ Challenge

This weekend, BitLife published the “Gilmore Girls” challenge, which gives you the task of achieving the five difficult objectives listed in this article below. Every weekend starts with the thrilling BitLife Challenge, which adds adventure to your online existence. Advertisement However, some challenges necessitate the creation of a new life in order to complete them. …

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Kohlberg's Theory

Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development

Kohlberg’s theory of moral development was inspired by Piaget’s theories of moral values. Kohlberg (1927–1987) was an American psychologist who propounded theories of the development of moral values. Advertisement These principles are given an important place in the field of education. These ideas of his are given a high place in psychology. According to Kohlberg, …

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IQ Test

IQ Test: How to Know Your IQ

IQ Test stands for “Intelligence Quotient Test” which means to find out the abilities contained in the intelligence of a person. Advertisement It is a psychological test, under which the principles of psychology are used. So that proper identification can be made in relation to the real personality of the student and his behavior. Through …

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Physical Education

Physical Education: Meaning, Definition, Aims & objectives

Physical education is the education under which the physical fitness of the student is given priority equivalent to his academic performance. The aim of this is to improve the motor skills, knowledge and conduct of the students for physical activities and keep them physically active and healthy. Advertisement This does not mean that it downgrades …

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