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The Lost City Streaming, Loved my Jungle Rumble | Watch online

The Lost City Streaming, Loved my Jungle Rumble - Watch online

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Just on paper, there’s little to not like about The Lost City. The hilarious Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum star in the lead, a race through the woods in search of treasure, and Daniel Radcliffe plays an obnoxiously rich British villain.

Reminiscent of the stock of blockbusters of the early 2000s, it plays in a lighthouse that may have been a bit lacking in pandemic cinema — especially a film that hasn’t given up on streaming rights.

It has big stars, a big budget with top-notch action, and a plethora of silly jokes that will make you laugh instead of cry.

While this kind of nostalgia could have been its downfall, the genius involved milked it enough to get you out the door.

The rest of it will inspire you to stay. It begins with romance novelist Loretta, who has lost her zest for life, forced on a book tour with her goofy cover model Alan, who just craves respect in her eyes.

She is kidnapped by billionaire Fairfax during a book event, dead on discovering a real treasure from her book and lifelong research.

Seeing his chance, Alan embarks on a mission to save him, with his determined publisher not far behind.

About the movie –

NameThe Lost City
Where to watchNow showing in cinemas
Rating3.5/5 stars
Running time112 minutes
CountryUnited States
Release datesMarch 12, 2022 (SXSW) March 25, 2022 (United States)

What is this about: A reclusive romance novelist on a book tour with his cover model gets caught up in a kidnapping attempt, which takes the two of them on a wilderness adventure.

The Lost City Release date

The film has an official release date, but this news is very sad because sadly it is quite far away. The movie will not hit theaters until March 25, 2022.

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As a Paramount Pictures film, the film is expected to follow in the footsteps of Snake Eyes and A Quiet Place — and land on the Paramount Plus streaming service about a month after its release.

But nothing is confirmed yet, viewers will have to wait for more streaming information.

Movie Cast

The Lost City features a star-studded cast with the main trio of actors — Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side), Channing Tatum (Magic Mike), and Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter franchise).

Bullock will play writer Loretta Sage, while Tatum is on board to star as Allen, the cover model who joins forces with Sage during the adventure. Radcliffe, the eccentric billionaire, meanwhile, will star as Fairfax.

Brad Pitt also makes a cameo appearance in the film as he attempts to save Sage. His character is yet to be confirmed

The cast is rounded out by Patti Harrison (Getting Together), Oscar Nunez (The Office), Da’Win Joy Randolph (Only Murders in the Building), and Bowen Yang (Saturday Night Live).

The Lost City Trailer

The first trailer for The Lost City has arrived, hinting at a rough ride as Bullock and Tatum’s characters walk through the woods. The clip also reveals a great entrance by Brad Pitt’s mysterious character.

Watch Now

Enjoy the trailer for the movie and share your feedback in the comment box below.

The Lost City Plot

The Lost City follows romance-adventure novelist Loretta Sage (Bull) on a worldwide book tour with her cover model, Alan (Tatum), who embodies the protagonist character in her novels.

The tour is quickly derailed, however, when Sage is kidnapped by an eccentric billionaire (Radcliffe), who hopes she can lead him to the treasures of the ancient lost city in his latest book. have been shown. Allen sets out to save him — and we’re guessing that Brad Pitt’s mystery character comes from here, too.

The official synopsis reads: To prove that he can be a hero in real life, and not just on the pages of his books, Alan sets out to save him. Thrust into an epic jungle adventure, the unlikely pair will need to survive the elements and work together to find ancient treasures before they get lost.

Release date:- The Lost City is set to hit theaters on March 25, 2022.

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Did you enjoy making this film as much as watching it?

Course! It was three months of pure bliss in the forest. It’s always fun when you collaborate with people you respect and admire and we definitely have to do that. I loved it.

How was it wearing that bright pink jumpsuit in the woods?

The jumpsuit thing was something else. It has absorbed into the parts of my body to such an extent that it is now a part of me. That suit will be with me for the rest of my life.

The way the sun bounced off it and painted everything a kind of pink was hilarious. But, I must say, it was not all that uncomfortable.

It was like my superhero suit the way it stuck to me. You didn’t want to eat too much in it and I couldn’t use the restroom, so didn’t drink either.

But it was made beautifully by our amazing costume designer.

What was the most challenging aspect of shooting this film in the jungle?

Jumpsuits made it more challenging than ever. It was tiring but amazing. I got the chance to work with extraordinary people and get to bring my kids along and create so many incredible memories with them.

Then, coming out of the forest was also an incredible experience, because you experience all that nature and beauty and then you feel like a kind of rebirth.

You come out and realize how lucky we are to be here on this planet and how lucky we are to live in a place that is truly extraordinary.

How does it feel to combine your roles as a producer and an actor in such a big film?

Well, you don’t get much sleep and you have a lot of gray hair. It’s stressful because you’re always working to make it better, find money, and fight for people, but I love it.

I stayed for a while because I needed to be a parent but once they got sick of me, I was excited to come back and do two things that I love. I feel really lucky that I got a chance in a film like this.

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