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Millions of people around the world still enjoy the simple but frustrating daily word puzzle game Wordle.

Original Wordle was created by Josh Wardle, a Welsh-American software engineer, as a way to pass the time during a pandemic.

But when Josh released the word-guessing game for free on his website in October 2021, Wardle went popular across the web with green, yellow, and gray emojis on social media timelines.

What is Wordle?

Wordle is an online word game that is similar to popular code-breaking color-coded board games such as Mastermind but is even simpler in its design.

Each new day brings a new task, a mysterious five-letter word to guess – which must be done by entering five-letter words into Wordle’s 30-tile grid.

Any tile with the correct letter on the first try will be yellow, green, or grey, prompting users to guess further with more correct or partially lettered words appearing in the day’s ‘wordle’.

Variants of the Wordle UK

Wordle UK is available in many variants, for example –

Play Wordle in Different Languages

Wordle can be played in many different languages, which are given below –

  • English
  • English(UK)
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Swedish
  • Indonesian
  • Czech
  • Greek
  • Hungarian
  • Romanian
  • Slovak
  • Danish
  • Ukrainian
  • Irish
  • Filipino

How to Play Wordle UK Today

  • The task of the game is to guess the hidden word or a password. First, you need to enter a word with the selected letter (5 letters) in the first line.
  • Enter the word and press the Enter button on the virtual keyboard. Now pay attention to the color in which the letters are highlighted.
  • If the letter is not highlighted in color and remains gray, then there is no such letter in the password. If a letter is highlighted in yellow, then such a character is in the password but is located in another cell. If the letter is highlighted in green, the letter is in the password in this cell.
  • Please note that the letters of a word can be repeated i.e. if a letter is highlighted in yellow or green color then it can occur one or more times in the word.
  • Now write these words on the second line and press Enter. While doing this, pay attention to the information about the letters you received in the first round and their location.
  • You have a total of 6 tries, type the words in the subsequent lines until you can guess the password. After completion, share the game and results with your friends. And most importantly – you can play Wordle UK unlimited times.
Wordle UK Game Guide
Wordle UK Game Guide

What kind of game is this – Wordle?

Wordle UK was discovered by Josh Wardle a developer for his favorite. The creator’s last name is Wardle, so the name of the game is a kind of pun.

First, a couple played Wordly together, then the developer showed the game to people, and then decided to release it online to everyone who was interested. 90 people played the game on launch day, and already two months After – more than 300 thousand.

Wardley himself believes that the secret of the game’s popularity lies in its simplicity – the site does not require registration, there are no ads, just a fun pastime.

One of the unique features of the original game is that it has one limit: only one game per day. An interesting decision, but not every person loved it. Wordle is so addictive that you want to play the whole day.

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Q.1 – What are Wordle UK laws?

Ans – Wordle UK rules are quite simple. You have 6 chances to predict the correct word. To do this, you can get hints by entering different words in turn.

The colored squares act as indicators. The green square means the letter is at this position in the password. Yellow Square – Such a character in the password but at a different location. Gray Square – No such letter.

Q.2 – What is a good word to start a wordle UK game?

Ans – The main recommendation for the first word is to choose a word that has different syllables and more vowels. Great examples of such words are ADIEU, AUDIO, or CANOE.

Q.3 – What is the message that this is not a valid word?

Ans – If you see such a message, the word you entered is not in our dictionary. In most cases, this means that it is either not present in the dictionary, or does not fit with the rules of the game.

Q.4 – On which device I can download Wordle UK?

Ans – Currently, Wordle UK Today doesn’t have apps for iPhone (iOS) and Android. But, the developer plans to launch a version for Google Play in the near future. Please bookmark this page and keep visiting, we will make sure to notify our users as soon as this happens.

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