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Wordle today: Wordle 463 GamePlay and answer 25 September 2022

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Wordle today answer: Wordle unlimited, widely known as ‘Wor-dle unblocked’, is a web-based letter game in which users need to guess the hidden words in 6 maximum tries.

The game was developed by Josh Wardle, a software engineer, and made public in October 2021 for the very first time.

The game is now very popular not only in the United States but also worldwide. Initially, Wardle made this game for his wife but later, he made it public on his website.

What is Wordle?

Wor-dle unlimited/unblocked is one of the top online games available across the internet free of cost. The game is also known as ‘Wordle’ in short. The users can play this game online on their desktop absolutely for free.

In this game, the players are given 6 attempts to guess a hidden word that ranges from 4 to 11 letters. The ‘three base colors’ hint the user to place the words in the correct position. If the letter is placed correctly the system will give a signal in green color and if the letter is wrong it shows you in yellow color.

The gray color is used to indicate that the letters are not in the word. The total maximum number to guess the hidden words is limited to six tries.

How to play Wordle?

You may find it difficult until you do not understand the concept of the game, however, once you understand its working you may win the game in minutes.

To get started follow the below steps –

1. Choose the First word

Choose and enter the first word, in default difficulty mode you have to enter five letters only. for example, let’s enter the word – RAPID

Wordle unlimited: Play Wordle unlimited unblocked now | Best Games
Wordle unlimited: Top online Games

2. Find hidden or correct positioned letters

Once you enter a word the machine will give you a hint for next the word to be entered. In the above image R and A are highlighted in Yellow color which means the next word you take should contain R and A in it, but their correct position is still unknown. P, I and D are in gray color, ignore them all.

Wordle unlimited: Play Wordle unlimited unblocked now | Best Games
Top online Games

As the software suggested in the second row, my next word will include R and A so I took RADIO in 2nd attempt as it contains both R and A letters. Please remember, characters highlighted in yellow color only gives information about the next word. It does not tell about the fixed position of the letter (s) until it is marked with green color.

3. Predict the hidden word

When I entered RADIO in the second row in the second attempt, we got another clue about the upcoming word that is O. Till now we have guessed three letters – R, A, and O but their position is still unknown. Let’s enter the word having these three letters.

Wordle unlimited: Play Wordle unlimited unblocked now | Best Games
Wor-dle unblocked: Top online Games

See 3rd row, I entered ARROW in my 3rd attempt to guess the hidden word. If you see carefully we got the letter R which is highlighted in green color. In this attempt, I got a strong clue about the fixed position of a letter in my word.

Observing the above image, the green-colored text implies that the second character of the word will necessarily contain the R letter.

Now think about what data we have now. the main hidden word has a total of five letters in which 3 are known eg. – A, R, O where the position of the R is fixed at the second spot.

Let’s try to guess the last two words with help of the data concluded.

4. Go ahead

Based on previous data, I entered the ORANG word in my fourth attempt. In this attempt, i found a few more letters with the exact locations (green). In my case, I found all letters of the hidden word but they are positioned randomly now.

Wordle unlimited: Play Wordle unlimited unblocked now | Best Games
Wor-dle unlimited: Top online Games

We have two letters O and R with fixed locations so I don’t need to do anything with them. But what about A, N and G?

Although I got all five numbers of the hidden word e.g – A, N and G are not in their right position. Let’s arrange them in proper order in my 5th attempt

5. Organize letters in the correct order

In this, I have tried to arrange the letters in the correct order. Finally, I was able to guess it. My hidden word was – ORGAN

Wordle unlimited : Play Wordle unblocked now | Top online Games

How to play Wordle unlimited or Wordle unblocked game - Step 5

6. See the result

If you are able to solve the puzzle, you will win the game. The below message will be shown on your screen.

Please mind that the 6th attempt is your last attempt, if you have solved the game within 6 tries you will win otherwise lose the game.

Pro tips: Try to win the game with the above-mentioned techniques. If you are still unable to win the game that means you have not understood the basic concept of the game yet. Read the entire article again and again to remove our doubts then watch the video attached at the end of this article.

Where to play Wordle today?

Presently, this game is not available on the App Store or on Google Play Store. Its Android app is now in development mode and is expected to be released soon.

Meanwhile, keep checking this page regularly, we will update the same as soon the application becomes live. For now, you can play this game online below.

After, landing the webpage, bookmark the site so that you can play the game when you want.

Wordle today answer 25 September 2022

Game NameWordle
Updated onToday, 2 hrs ago
Updated byGame Expert | Infrexa International Games
Today 25 September 2022Wordle#463ADMIT
24 September 2022Wordle#462GRATE
23 September 2022Wordle#461GLORY
22 September 2022Wordle#460SAINT
21 September 2022Wordle#459RECAP
20 September 2022Wordle#458ALIKE
19 September 2022Wordle#457TRICE
18 September 2022Wordle#456STICK
17 September 2022Wordle#455CHUTE
16 September 2022Wordle#454PARER
15 September 2022Wordle#453DOUBT
14 September 2022Wordle#452THYME
13 September 2022Wordle#451ALPHA
12 September 2022Wordle#450BOOZE
11 September 2022Wordle#449TIBIA
10 September 2022Wordle#448LOFTY
9 September 2022Wordle#447THEME
8 September 2022Wordle#446CLASS
7 September 2022Wordle#445LEERY
6 September 2022Wordle#444TAUNT
5 September 2022Wordle#443WHOOP
4 September 2022Wordle#442INTER
3 September 2022Wordle#441GULLY
2 September 2022Wordle#440CHARM
1 September 2022Wordle#439FUNGI
31 August 2022Wordle#438PRIZE
24 August 2022Wordle#431NEEDY
23 August 2022Wordle#430WOVEN
22 August 2022Wordle#429MERIT
21 August 2022Wordle#428WASTE
13 August 2022Wordle#420HUNKY
12 August 2022Wordle#419LABEL
11 August 2022Wordle#418GLEAN
10 August 2022Wordle#417CLING
9 August 2022Wordle#416PATTY
8 August 2022Wordle#415UNFIT
7 August 2022Wordle#414SMEAR
6 August 2022Wordle#413ALIEN
5 August 2022Wordle#412BUGGY
4 August 2022Wordle#411RHYME
3 August 2022Wordle#410YOUTH
2 August 2022Wordle#409COYLY
1 August 2022Wordle#408QUART

Other popular games

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Wor-dle unlimited or unblocked is a memory-based game that requires you to think deeper in order to win the game. The other feature of the game is that it is available in various ‘number of Letters’ for example –

  • 4 letter words
  • 5 letter words
  • 6 letter words
  • 7 letter words
  • 8 letter words
  • 9 letter words
  • 10 letter words
  • 11 letter words

Advantages of Wordle today unblocked game

  • The game is primarily safe for children, the students can take advantage of this game to increase their mental activities
  • It is a memory-based game, exercising daily with this game may help improve your mental health
  • Playing Wor-dle unlimited unblocked game helps you to re-memorize things quicker, the people who are facing memory loss problems can practice with the game daily to increase their capacity to remember
  • It is free and safe for children. The game basically, helps them recall English words which can increase their daily vocab.


Wor-dle unlimited game is one of the best puzzle games available on the internet. Initially, the game was made for personal use however, the developer made it public in late 2021. The game become so popular in a very less time.

It is a memory-based puzzle game that depends on how your vocabulary is strong to recall the English words. It is suitable for all age groups of people.

The game can be used for entertainment purposes and for mental exercise as well. The game is really helpful for those experiencing memory-related problems. Students can also be benefited as the game increases their working memory capacity which can be utilized during the examination.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Below are the most common questions asked by the Wor-dle game players

Q1. What is the easy word to start the Game?

The best and easy word to start the game is – RAPID

Q2. What does color – Yellow, Grey and Green mean?

  • Grey – The letter does not include the target word at all and the player should ignore them all.
  • Yellow – The letter is in the word but not in the correct spot.
  • Green – The letter is in the target word and in the correct position.

Q3. What should I do if I am getting the error – ‘Word not found’ on my screen?

It means the word you entered is wrong or it could not be found in our database

Q4. Which English does Wordle today use?

US English

Q.5 How to download the game?

Currently, this app is not available on the play store so you can not download it on your smartphone right now.

Q.6 Is Wor-dle today’s game safe for children?

Yes! Wor-dle unlimited game is safe for all ages of people. Children above 10 years can also play the game.

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