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ADM : Full form, functions and powers


FULL FORM OF ADM ncert salutation

ADM: In order to provide facilities to people in the country and the world, many officers are appointed to discharge the specific functions to govern and protect the country.

These public officers are the head of a systematic framework system through which a variety of facilities and services are delivered to the people of the country, the aim is to raise the living standard of the people and make their life easier in various aspects of the life.

Similarly, ADM is also a public officer, through which many tasks are completed in the country.

The post of ADM has been created to perform the whole day’s work and assist District Magistrate in the discharge of his Administrative duties. ADM is the assistance of the DM and enjoys the same powers and acts as the District Magistrate in absence of the DM.

Apart from this, the ADM has also been entrusted with the responsibility of law and order, general administration, revenue work and such developmental work as the Sub Divisional Magistrate.

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ADM ful form

The full form of ADM is – “Additional District Magistrate. He is also known as the Assistant District Magistrate. ADM is the second most senior officer of the district revenue department followed by the DM.

Along with assisting the DM he gets some independent powers related to the district administration and law and order of the district.

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Another full form of ADM

Since the ADM abbreviations are not only used for the “Assistance District Magistrate” but also to denote various other designations in different – different places and sectors. For example –

ADMAssistant District Manager
ADMAssistant Division Manager
ADMArrow Diagram Method
ADMAnimal Damage Management
ADMAssociate Deputy Minister
ADMActive Device Mount
ADMApplication Dependency Mapping
ADMAdvanced Document Management
ADMAbsolute Distance Measurement
ADM full form

Functions of ADM

ADM mainly issues various types of statutory certificates like – SC/ST and OBC certificates, Domicile Certificates, Nationality or Citizenship certificates. Along with these he also looks –

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Powers of ADM

As articulated above an ADM acts as the District Magistrate (DM & Collector) in absence of the DM. He enjoys interim powers similar to the District Magistrate.

Additional district magistrates, deputy commissioners, and sub-divisional magistrates exercise the powers of the executive magistrate to carry out the functions.

Along with this, inquiries are made by the ADM on the cases of unnatural deaths of women within seven years of marriage. Apart from this, it can also issue directions to the police to register a case if required.

The ADM and SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate) of the Districts are empowered to inquire into –

The government fully expects from these officers that, these officers can show their work on time by completing their tasks.

Apart from this, these officers (ADM) would investigate the major accidents, such as fire incidents, riots and natural calamities falling under their jurisdictional area.

The Deputy Commissioner, Additional District Magistrate (ADM) and Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) have powers as registrars of marriages under the Hindu Marriage Act and the Special Marriage Act. Such powers are usually conferred by the Additional District Magistrate.

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