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MLB Pickles is the same game as Wordle but for MLB Fans. Each MLB pickle is randomly drawn from a list of Major League Baseball players in the United States.

It is a web-based word game that is free where players try to guess the correct MLB player name.

This game is created by “Zach Ellis” who releases daily new MLB pickles MLB player puzzles for you to solve and here we will find answers to all today’s MLB puzzles for free.

MLB Pickles Game Wiki

Each day, you’ll see a silhouetted figure representing a mystery MLB player. You have limited attempts to guess their name, with answers hints along the way:

Game NameMLB Pickles
Also knows asWordle MLB Baseball Players version
Developed byZach Ellis
Reset time12:00 AM ET (Resets daily at midnight Eastern Time)
MLB Pickle official

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How to guess the answer?

Here is how you can guess the correct answer in 9 tries while you playing this word puzzle game:


How to Play MLB Pickles Online

You don’t need an account or be required to be logged in to play this word game. This game can be played for free on mobile or PC in the browser.

  1. Visit the official MLB Pickles website on Infrexa Games.
  2. Now you see an empty box on the screen where you have to enter the name of MLB US Baseball players. Start typing the names of MLB players.
  3. Your mission is to guess the identity of a mystery MLB player within 9 attempts.
  4. You’ll receive clues after each guess to help you narrow down the possibilities.

Win or Try Again

If you guess the player correctly, you win! If not, a new puzzle will be available the next day.

Today’s MLB Pickel answer

5 April 2024Yu Darvish

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