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Money Movers 1

Money Movers Game: Play online for free

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Money Movers 1 is a popular series of puzzle platformer games. Developed by Meow Beast and published by Y8, these games are known for their cooperative gameplay and challenging puzzles.

The series consists of multiple titles, with “Money Movers 2,” and “Money Movers 3” being some of the most notable entries.

DeveloperMeow Beast
PublishJanuary 2018
ModesTwo players
PlatformsWeb Browser (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet)

Money Movers 1 Gameplay

The heart of Money Movers 1 lies in its two-player co-op gameplay. Take control of the nimble younger brother, controlled by WASD keys, and the strong elder brother, navigated by arrow keys.

Each brother possesses unique abilities: the younger one is agile and can squeeze through tight spaces, while the elder brother’s strength allows him to push heavy objects and activate switches.

This dynamic duo requires seamless teamwork and communication to overcome obstacles and progress through cleverly designed levels.

Solve Puzzle:

Get ready for some challenging puzzles and risky situations! You’ll encounter tricky brain teasers in places like heavily guarded banks, museums filled with lasers, and warehouses with traps. Team up to handle switches, moving platforms, security lasers, and environmental puzzles.

Watch out for guards and clever traps as you work together to use your brothers’ strengths wisely. Each level brings a new challenge, requiring strategic thinking and creative problem-solving to grab the loot and find your way to safety in Money Movers 1.


Features of the Game

While the core gameplay thrives on teamwork and puzzle-solving, Money Movers 1 offers additional features to enhance the experience:

Levels in the Game

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