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TR2 Games Tomb Raider II Featured Image

TR2 Games Tomb Raider II Featured Image

TR2 Games: “Tomb Raider II” is an action-adventure game, where players take on the role of Lara Croft, an archaeologist-adventurer, who embarks on a quest to find the legendary Dagger of Xian. This powerful artifact is also sought after by an Italian cult, setting the stage for a thrilling adventure.

The gameplay involves Lara navigating through various levels, battling enemies, solving puzzles, and occasionally utilizing vehicles to progress.

Tomb Raider II received critical acclaim for its expanded gameplay and improved graphics, and it became a commercial success, selling nearly seven million copies worldwide.

TR2 Games

Tomb Raider 2, often abbreviated as TR2 Games, is the second installment in the legendary Tomb Raider series. Developed by Core Design and released in 1997, it quickly gained acclaim for its groundbreaking 3D graphics and immersive gameplay.

NameTomb Raider 2
Other NameTR2 Games
DeveloperCore Design
PublisherEidos Interactive
First Release21 November 1997
SeriesTomb Raider
Platform(s)Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Mac OS,

Tomb Raider II (TR2 Games) was initially released on Windows and PlayStation in 1997. Subsequent releases followed for Mac OS (1998), iOS (2014), and Android (2015).

A remastered version, including ‘The Golden Mask’ expansion, is slated for launch on various platforms in February 2024.

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Tomb Raider II (TR2 Games) Gameplay

“Tomb Raider II is a video game where you play as Lara Croft, an adventurer and archaeologist. You explore places like ancient ruins and tombs to find valuable artifacts. The game is divided into different levels, each with its setting like the Great Wall of China and Venice.

TR 2 Games: Ancient Spaces in Tomb Raider II

The way you play is similar to the first Tomb Raider game. You see Lara from a distance and move her using buttons. Lara can do things like run, walk, jump, and climb. There are puzzles to solve, traps to avoid, and tricky jumps to make.

In fights, Lara starts with two pistols that never run out of bullets. But she can also find other weapons like shotguns and rifles. Some areas have things you can break, like windows, to make new paths.

As you explore, Lara can find items like first aid kits, flares for light, and bullets for her guns. Each level also has three hidden items that give you extra supplies when you find them all.

You can save your progress at any point in the game, but if Lara gets hurt too much or falls, you’ll have to start over from the last save point.”

Development Highlights of TR2 Games

Tomb Raider II in 1996

Tomb Raider’s release marks a critical and commercial triumph for Core Design and Eidos Interactive. A sequel is already in the planning stages, two months before the original’s launch.

Co-designer Heather Gibson deems the idea of not making a sequel as “unthinkable”. Due to creative differences, credited creator Toby Gard and designer Paul Douglas left the company.

Programmer Gavin Rummery rejoins the Tomb Raider team shortly before their departure. The production schedule spans between six and eight months, causing considerable physical and emotional strain on the team.

Tomb Raider II in 1997

Tomb Raider II was initially planned for PlayStation, Windows, and Sega Saturn, the same as the original. Core Design aimed for a Saturn version using the 3D accelerator cartridge intended for Virtua Fighter 3, but this plan was dropped.

The Saturn version’s cancellation in mid-1997 is attributed to technical limitations. Eidos signed an exclusive deal with Sony, making PlayStation the sole console for Tomb Raider until 2000.

The Windows version is tailored for Windows 95. Lara’s appearance gets a makeover, featuring more polygons for added realism. Combat focus increases with armed human opponents and a wider variety of enemies.

Tomb Raider II in 1998

Tomb Raider II was planned for Mac OS and was eventually released in October.

Tomb Raider II in 2014

iOS release of Tomb Raider II.

Tomb Raider II in 2015

Android release of Tomb Raider II.


A remastered version, Tomb Raider I-III Remasters, of the game, including “The Golden Mask” expansion, is scheduled for release on various platforms on February 14, 2024.

TR 2 Games: Tomb Raider I-III Remastered

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The Golden Mask | TR2 Games

The Golden Mask is like an extra adventure in Tomb Raider II. It has four new levels where Lara goes to a hidden place in Alaska to find a special golden mask.

These levels were first released online in 1999. Later, they were put together with the main game and sold as an add-on. People who already had Tomb Raider II could get these new levels for free. Even though the levels were new, they used the same game technology.

Tomb Raider II + the “Gold Mask” Expansion

The Golden Mask was first available for computers, and later for mobile devices. However, in some re-releases of Tomb Raider II, The Golden Mask wasn’t included because of legal reasons.”

Graphics Sounds and Voice Acting of TR 2 Games

Graphics of Tomb Raider II

Tomb Raider II showcased significant improvements in graphics compared to its predecessor. The environments were more detailed and vibrant, with intricate textures and dynamic lighting.

Lara’s character model was enhanced, featuring smoother animations and a greater polygon count, making her movements appear more lifelike.

The game’s designers paid close attention to visual storytelling, using the environment to convey the narrative and create immersive worlds for players to explore.


The audio design in Tomb Raider II was a collaborative effort between composer Nathan McCree and sound designer Matt Kemp. McCree had more time to work on the game’s score, allowing him to create a rich and diverse soundtrack.

One standout piece, “Venice,” was crafted to emulate the style of Baroque music, demonstrating McCree’s attention to detail.

The sound effects were carefully crafted to enhance the game’s atmosphere, from the rustling of leaves to the echoes of distant footsteps.

Voice Acting in Tomb Raider II

Judith Gibbins took over the role of Lara Croft’s voice, delivering a performance that brought depth and personality to the character.

Her work in amateur dramatics and the recommendation from her brother, who worked at Core Design, led her to audition for the role.

The decision to keep her involvement a secret was part of the marketing strategy to maintain the illusion that Lara was a real person. This secrecy added to the mystique surrounding the character.

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Legacy and Influence of TR 2 Games

“Tomb Raider 2” from 1997 was a game-changer. It improved on the first game by adding cooler stuff like dual pistols and tougher puzzles. The game felt like a movie with its exciting story and clever camera angles. It made us feel like we were really in Lara Croft’s world.

Lara Croft became a superstar. She wasn’t just for gamers; she appeared in movies and comics too. The game’s success influenced other games, especially those with 3D action and adventure.

It showed that games could have awesome female heroes. Lara was brainy, strong, and skilled. “Tomb Raider 2” is a classic that people still love today, and its impact on games and pop culture is huge.

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