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Framed: Movie guessing game

If you love Wordle but want to try something different, finding a framed answer is a challenge for you. Framed is a unique variant of the word guessing game that Hurdle has and works to make you guess which movie is an iconic scene.


On this page, we cover the answers we designed to last today, tomorrow, and for how long.

The puzzle gets refreshed every 24 hours, but you can condition us to prepare it for your morning match.

About the Game

The developer of the game releases movie pictures/scenes every day with 6 markers of the day and players get up to 6 attempts to guess the correct movie title.

Here we have come up with the right answers to all the puzzles with answer collections and hints. So, you never lose the word game.

DeveloperFramed WTF
MonthSeptember 2022
Official Website Click here

Below we mentioned the Framed Game Today’s Answer, where you can see the recent solutions to the Framed Movie guessing game:

Framed Answer Today (February 2023)

Framed is a game similar to Wordle, but for movie buffs the name itself tells you to watch movie scenes from the movie and guess its name. Each frame is randomly drawn from a list of the most popular films of the past decade.

This game is developed by the “Wordle & Hurdle Team” which releases new framed movie puzzles every day for you to solve and here we can find the answers to all today’s movie puzzles for free.

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On this page we have listed all framed movie lists, clues and hints, all answer solutions collection list and complete instructions on how to play the guessing game of framed movies.

How to Play Framed Game

You don’t need anything to play the game of this word or there is no need to login or download the game. This game can play free of cost on your PC.

Here you can follow the instructions below on how you can play Framed Words Puzzle Games:

  • Open the official website of Framed Game i.e. Framed or download wtf or android app
  • Now you will see an empty box on the screen where you have to enter the movie title and make a total of 6 attempts
  • Use the image provided to guess the name of the movie
  • Missed or wrong attempts unlock more scenes
  • Share your score by answering with as few attempts as possible!

Framed Answer Tips

You can get good at Framed by using the tips below, which will make it a little easier to get closer to the movie you’re trying to find:

  • Cycle through the pictures – every time you guess wrong you get another picture. You can click the numbers below it to see the previous image. Flip these several times to inspire some kind of identification in your mind.
  • Find an actor – If you see an actor you recognize, check out their IMDB profile! Yes, it is a little deceptive, but you give yourself an additional clue to solve the puzzle. These are just for fun, there’s no shame in getting a little help.

Everything you need to know about today’s answer to Framed. We cover many other games of this nature, you can get help with them in the game section of our website.

Framed movie answer list 16 February 2023

Here we have mentioned the answer collection list of all the words released so far. This table is updated daily and the correct answers to all the word games from today and previous are mentioned.

All framed movie puzzle solution lists have been tested by our team and are 100% accurate.

DateFramed Movie today answer
Most Recent[Refresh]
Today 16 February 2023Ali
YesterdayThe American
Last updated10 Mins ago

Can I Play Previous Framed Games

No, once the puzzle is finished that’s it. Frames doesn’t let you play around past puzzles or pottery in freeplay mode like Octordal.

That may change, but for now, you’ll have to wait until midnight (EST) again for your next Word fix.

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And that’s all for the North Guide framed for today. See you again tomorrow for the next set of answers. If you want more games like this, Harry Potter fans should check out the term Hogwarts.

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