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Quordle : Daily Quordle 15 May Answer

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Quordle (Daily Quordle) growth has been astonishing as the Quordle game was launched later than most of the Wordle spinoffs such as Levaldl, Drordle, Abserdal, Worldle etc.

In fact, it was so late that the main inspiration for the game wasn’t even Wordle, but Dordle. However, while the novelty of all other games (Levaldl, Drordle, Abserdal, Worldle) is dying out, Quordle is getting more popular day by day.

Even some players who have stopped playing Wordle have shifted their focus to Quardle because it brings the right balance of challenge and fun.

How to play Daily Quordle game

In this word-guessing game, players must input real 5-letter words and press the enter button. Each guess is relevant to four different mystery words. You get 9 tries to reveal the correct answer.

After each guess, the tiles change color to indicate the accuracy of the letters. Green means the letter is correct and in the right position, yellow indicates the letter is correct but in the wrong position, and gray signifies the letter is not part of the word.

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