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Absurdle is an “anti” version of the Wordle game, invented by a coder nicknamed qntm.

In Wordle, the game chooses a word from its word bank which the player then has to guess. In Absurdle, the object of the game is to use every guess you make against you and last as long as possible.

The algorithm searches a set of passwords for certain similarities as you did with your guess from that 2,000-plus-word bank.

To win, you have to “Follow the Absurdle around the corner” to the point where there is only one possible password left, depending on how the game works.

About Absurdle

The inventor of Absurdle called it “an antagonistic variant of the lucrative (now) viral word guessing game Wordle,” which essentially means that the game plays against you every time you find the solution.

If you get too close, deliberately make the game last longer. Absurdle is constantly trying new things.

This means that while the winning word will undoubtedly contain the letters you correctly predicted, and the green, yellow, and grey indicators will continue to function as they do in Wordle, the winning word is not always known when you begin playing.

Publisher (s)qntm
Released on27-Jan-2022
Ratings (Play store)4.0
Download (Android)Play Store
WebsiteClick here

The creators explain, “You must guess the single secret word that Wordle selects at the beginning of the game.

Absurdle suggests choosing just one secret word, but in practice, it takes into account the entire list of all possible secret words that match your prior guesses.

Absurdle offers players an infinite number of attempts to guess a winning word as compensation for the added difficulty, but the game’s strategies vary slightly.

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Although the creator is open to debate of “techniques for assaulting Absurdle,” the shortest known games of Absurdle are four turns long, and it is thought that forcing a win in only three turns is not possible.

Popular games have previously been “adversarialized” by qntm.


On your first few efforts, the game would typically inform you that none of those letters are contained in the solution.

However, if you try the word “audio” first, it will inform you that the solution contains the letter “A” not in the first place, either.

This is due to the fact that there are more words lacking the letters “u,” “d,” “I,” and “o” than there are words that begin with “a.”

Due to the determinism of AI, the response will never change. As a result, there is no chance and the course is always chosen, which makes the game challenging.

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This feature makes it difficult to defeat Abserdal by fewer than four guesses, and if participants make the same guesses in the same order, the same game can be played each time.

Nevertheless, the game can be quite entertaining to play and is typically a match. Despite greater attempts, Wordley loses the game more quickly.

Where can I play absurdle?

It can be played on the official website, on your web browser, or on a mobile device.

The odd Wordle offshoot Absurdle is hosted as an online game at https://qntm.org/files/absurdle/absurdle.html

It can be accessed by web browsers on desktop/laptop computers or mobile devices (Android phones and tablets, iPhone, iPad, etc.).

Explanation of Fundamental Rules

Even though Wordle builds on Absurdal’s foundation, gameplay eventually completes a 180-degree turn.

Although there is no cap on how many times you can guess, the words must still be five letters.

The customary restriction of six guesses, if enforced, would decrease your odds of completing the puzzle, even though you can’t maximize guesses. This becomes apparent as you interact with the system.

Five columns are there when you begin, and an additional row is added for each subsequent guess.

Keep in mind that the system’s only goal is to quit hitting you. To succeed, you must shift each guess to the word pool that contains the majority of “approved” terms.

As a result, it’s extremely likely that your initial predictions will be “grey”.

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The random guess button is located at the bottom-right of the virtual keyboard. If you’re too lazy to guess yourself, click it to have the computer randomly input five-letter words for each line.

For as long as you like, you can “guess at random.” Understanding the solution should be simple once you have the five distinct letters. If you’re exceptionally fortunate, even a whim guess could result in the prize.

How is Absurdle Played?

Similar to Wordle, Absurdle can be played on a desktop computer, a smartphone, or a tablet directly from your web browser – https://qntm.org/files/absurdle/absurdle.html

A man by the name of Sam Hugh developed this game. He has used the Basic Wordle building blocks and added his own twist to the game.

The game’s instructions are straightforward; you must guess a five-letter word, just like in Wordle, but you are only given six chances to do so. In Absurdle, however, you are given an endless number of chances to guess a word.

You will start with 5 blank blocks, and with each guess, a new block will be added until you guess correctly.

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Additionally, you will see some colors (yellow, green, and grey) that stand for three different things.

  • Grey – shows that the term is missing the indicated letter.
  • Orange – shows that a letter is present in the word but is located in the wrong place.
  • Green – demonstrates that the letter is placed correctly.

What different game modes does Absurdle offer?

Absurdle has four settings that can adjust how challenging each challenge is.

Hard Mode – Word to True Hard Mode, When playing in Hard Mode, the player must use every letter that yielded a correct answer in the subsequent guesses.

The algorithm would naturally reward you in the game by giving you positive feedback in the letters that are most prevalent in the crazy word list.

So, it will be a struggle between you and the word pool in the hardest setting.

Challenger Mode – In this mode, you must push the system to accept a target word as the solution word.

Timed Mode – In the Time Out Mode, you have just 60 seconds to finish the challenge before it’s game over.

Extended Mode – In Extended Mode, “fuzzy” terms like AAHED, XYLYL, etc. are added to a wordlist that already has 2000+ manually chosen wordlist solution lists.

How to get better at Absurdle?

There are several methods for improving this game. The longer you play, though, the better you get at guessing the words, so ultimately it’s up to you.

You can, however, test out a few strategies right now to raise your game.

Unknown guess If you run out of words, you can utilize Absurdal’s option to guess a word for you. You can even repeatedly use this option to guess words to make the mystery easier to solve.

Get the word with all the right letters, or just “spam the random guessing” option to get the right response. However, it won’t be as enjoyable as if he had chosen the phrases on his own.

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Modifying the pattern Since the game allows you to choose the word by making an initial guess, placing words of the same kind after each guess with a little variance will benefit the system (ex- Flash, Slack, Black) Calculate the likelihood that it will take too long to guess the right term.

Instead, try modifying everything (for example, Flash, Slack, or Party). You might be incorrect, but there’s a good chance you’ll get a new letter to complete the word.

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