Retro Bowl


Retro Bowl or Retro Bowl Unblocked is an American football game in which multiple players from two teams try to compete against each other.

Your role in the game is to coach your team in order to win the match. The main player who controls the game has a duty to manage the users by adding or removing them.

Retro Bowl Wiki

The retro bowl is basically developed by New Star Games. It was officially released in January 2020.

NameRetro Bowl
Other NamesRetro Bowl Unblocked
DeveloperNew Star Games
ReleaseJanuary 2020
Rating4.7 (578,543 users)
GenreSports, American Football, Offline, Stylised
PlatformsAndroid, iOS, and Web browsers
Online PlayClick to Play

In its initial release, it was only kept available for iOS and Android operating systems however, its web version was also made public after one year of a successful journey in 2021.

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The game gained worldwide popularity after its exposure with TikTok in December 2021 and became the highest-rated game on Play Store by the end of the year.

The retro bowl now has two additional versions named – Nintendo Switch and the association football.

Platforms where the game is available

The game is currently available on the below platforms –

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web browser

The HTML Version of the game, popular as Retro Bowl Unblocked, is also available on the internet to play free of cost. To play the Retro Bowl unblocked now please scroll up this page now!


Retro Bowl’s gameplay is similar to American football primarily inspired by the Tecmo Bowl series.

The player takes on two roles: team General Manager and offense strategist. Once the right defensive players have been drafted or acquired from free agency, their performance is simulated.

Your goal is to prepare your team for the championship. As a manager, you’ll be engaged in tasks such as making trades, cutting players, signing free agents, and keeping morale up – ultimately having what it takes to draft capable athletes onto your roster.

If you are playing the browser version of the game, you can simply use your mouse or trackpad to perform the action.

Retro Bowl Gameplay

If you wish to play this game on Mobile Apps, download the app from the app store depending on your OS, or if you wish to play it on your PC online, visit the Game page and follow the below steps –

  • Enter on continue option
  • Enter your name and then again click on the Continue button given in the bottom left corner
  • Skip the tutorial by pressing the ok button
  • Check your leaderboard and finally click on the continue button to start the game
  • Take your position quickly
  • Check the goalpost carefully and
  • Kick the ball at the right time to win the goal

Keyboard Control Keys

  • Mouse or Trackpad: To Navigate, Drang and Hold

Download Retro Bowl or play Retro Bowl unblocked game

The game is available on multiple platforms. Players can download this game from the iOS or the Play Store.

Users who do not want to download the app can also play this game on their web browser directly.

Scroll this page up, here you can play Retro Bowl unblocked online game on your PC – You can also bookmark the site so that you can easily find the game whenever you want to play it next time.

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  • It can be played online in your free time even without downloading them on your computer or mobile.
  • The game provides simple roster management with duties for each. It is the best entertaining game that has a user-friendly interface.

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  • Can be played on any device i.e. – Mobile, Tab, or Web, and to make this option open for players developer has published the game on all major platforms.
  • You can play full-screen mode
  • It follows American Football rules

System Requirements for Playing Retro Bowl

For Microsoft Windows:

Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 7 or above
ProcessorIntel or AMD Processor
Graphics Card 2 GB
HDD5GB Free Disk Space

Note: This system requirement applies when you are playing the game online (Retro Bowl Unblocked) on a browser.

Other Operating Systems;

System requirements for other operating systems are similar to the Retro Goal game.

Advantages of Retro unblocked

  • It is one of the Top online games, available on the internet. It can be played in free time to make fun
  • The game has similar rules to American football Game, so playing this game can make you aware of the football rules
  • It is safe for children, the children may play this game to increase their concentration level in daily life.

Is the game safe for kids?

Yes! It is safe for kids above 3+ years.

Why should i play this game?

Retro Bowl (unblocked) is the perfect game for the armchair quarterback to finally prove a point. It has a simple interface with easy roster management. Users have been assigned press duties to get higher performance in the game.

The retro bowl unblocked game is easy to play. It became so popular in a very short span. The official version of the Game follows rules similar to a real football game.

Around 578,543 users have given an average 4.7-star rating on PlayStore. Mainly, it is popular on the iOS app store where it holds the title of Number-one-app with 4.9 stars.

Who developed the Retro Bowl game?

The game is developed by New Star Games.

On what devices can you play Retro Bowl?

You can play it on Mobile, Tab, Laptop, or on your pc. You can play it online and offline as well.

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Retro Bowl

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