Tank Battle


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Tank Battle is an Enemy Shooter game that allows players to take control of a powerful tank and engage in epic battles.

Direct your tank on the battlefield and eliminate your enemies. You can earn money on completion of each mission and then use this money to update your tank and maximize its damage power.

PublisherInfrexa Games
ReleaseDecember 23, 2021
ModeSingle Player
GenreTank, Battlefield, Retro, Combat, Enemy
PlatformsWeb browser (Mobile, Tab and Computer)

Tank Battle GamePlay

The objective of the game is simple: destroy your opponent’s tanks while protecting your own. To do this, you’ll need to maneuver your tank across the battlefield using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Aim at enemy tanks by moving the turret and fire with the click of the Enter button.

As you progress through different levels, you’ll encounter various obstacles such as walls and barriers that can provide cover or hinder movement. Use these strategically to gain an advantage over your opponents.

Control Keys

  • Arrow keys: To move in the desired direction
  • Enter: To fire on the enemy

Who Developed the game?

Tank Battle Unblocked (HTML Version of the game) is developed by Inlogic Software.

When was it released?

The game was released on Dec 23, 2021. As of August 2023, it is available to play online on Infrexa Games for free.

Pro Tips

  • To succeed in the game, it’s crucial to develop effective strategies. Pay attention to the map layout and terrain features as they can greatly impact gameplay.
  • Firing accurately is essential in Tank Battle. Players need to aim carefully and time their shots strategically to hit moving targets effectively.

Tank Battle Alternative

Go to the top of this page to play the Unblocked version of the game online. There are also some alternatives to the game you must try at once.

What are the reviews for the Tank Battle game?

The reviews for the game have been extremely positive. Critics have praised the game’s mechanics, artwork, and overall gameplay.

Many have also said that it is one of the most addictive web browser games they have ever played. It is given 4.2 Ratings by Infrexa.

Is the game safe for kids?

Tank Battle is generally considered to be suitable for older children and teenagers due to its strategic gameplay and combat elements.

The game does feature tanks shooting at each other, which can be intense for younger players.

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