Tetris is a Hypercasual online puzzle game that can be played on a computer with the help of keyboard arrow keys. The original version of the game was created by Alexey Pajitnov in 1985.

Other NameTetris Unblocked
Type HTML 5
Released onApril 24, 2017
PlatformWeb browser
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The game is available to play on various platforms including Game Boy, Nintendo Entertainment System, Android, DOS, and more.

On April 24, 2017, SPIL GAMES published its web browser version called Tetris Unblocked. As of August 2023, the desktop version of the game can be played on Infrexa Games for free without any restrictions.

The game requires a strategic approach to create opportunities for clearing multiple lines at once by creating gaps that can be filled with appropriately shaped pieces.


The objective of Tetris is to manipulate different geometric-shaped blocks, known as tetrominoes, as they fall from the top of the playing area. The goal is to arrange these blocks in such a way that they form complete horizontal lines across the width of the screen.

As you progress in the game, the tetrominoes will fall faster and faster, challenging your speed and reflexes. If you fail to clear lines and allow them to reach the top of the screen, it’s game over.

To move or rotate a falling tetromino, use the arrow keys on your keyboard. The tetrominoes can be rotated until they reach the bottom field. The player can neither slow down the speed of the falling tetrominoes nor can stop them but accelerate them to fall faster.

If a horizontal line is formed, it disappears, and the blocks placed above slip one rank down and the player gets some points.

Control Keys

  • Left or right arrow key: To adjust the position of the falling blocks in either left or right direction
  • Up Arrow key: To change the shape or rotate the falling pieces (tetrominoes)
  • Down Arrow Key: To accelerate the falling pieces to fall faster

Pro Tips

  1. Stay organized: One of the key strategies in Tetris is to keep your blocks as neat and organized as possible.
  2. Plan ahead: Anticipate where each block will fit before it lands by looking at the upcoming piece preview.
  3. Utilize rotation: The ability to rotate pieces gives you more flexibility in filling gaps and creating solid lines.
  4. Clear multiple lines at once: Try to set up combos by clearing multiple lines simultaneously, as this will earn you bonus points.
  5. Keep an eye on the well: Pay attention to what lies beneath it in the playing field, known as “the well.”

Tetris Unblocked Game online at Infrexa.com

Another great place to play Tetris Unblocked online is infrexa.com. This is a fun place to play a classic version of Tetris online.

What are your favorite places to play Tetris online?

Here are my favorite places to play the game:

  • Nintendo Switch
  • Infrexa Games
  • CrazyGames
  • Twoplayersgame.org

Where to find a Tetris Unblocked Game that doesn’t have restrictions by default

You can play it on infrexa.com

Is the game available on Play Store?

Yes! The game is available on PlayStore as well as on App Store and you can download it for free on your mobile device.

Does Tetris have a restriction?

No! But if your school has blocked it, you can use a VPN or a proxy to bypass the restrictions.

Where can i play Tetris 99?

The first place to play Tetris 99 online is Nintendo Switch. This is a competitive Tetris game that’s a lot of fun. You can play with friends, or you can play with random people online to see where you rank among the rest of the world.

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