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What is terrorism? Types and its harmful impact on society


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Terrorism is the biggest threat to the modern world, it creates an atmosphere of fear and unrest in the world.

At present, it is a challenge for all countries to keep their country away from terrorism. It is a serious disease that is prevalent in every part of the world. Terrorism has become the biggest threat to mankind. It is born out of non-violence and revolution.

It is a type of mentality and ideology in which the personality of man is filled with egoistic and negative thoughts.

Today we will discuss in detail what is terrorism. How it is harmful to the world and its types.

What is Terrorism

Terrorism refers to the unlawful use of force to create threats, violence, and intimidation to the people. It can also be termed as the killing of ordinary people for political purposes. Terrorism is the biggest reason for the unrest and insecurity prevailing in the modern era.

The main objective of terrorists is to spread the atmosphere of fear in the world, terrorism has neither an ideology nor any religion, it is atheist, but they do the work of spreading terrorism in the name of religion and ideologies if we talk about Pakistan’s terrorism.

If we do, then Pakistan is the largest country in the world where terrorists are given shelter and they are provided security.

All the terrorists named behind big attacks like 9/11 and Taj Hotel were from Pakistan. The mastermind of 9/11 terror, bin Laden, who was the head of terror, was killed by the US with a surgical strike in Pakistan itself, so it would not be wrong to say that Pakistan is a stronghold of terrorism.

The biggest contributor to the development of terrorism is the disgruntled youth.

They choose the path of non-violence for their freedom. Due to this they mentally come under the influence of anger, insecurity, inequality, bigotry, illiteracy, immorality and anti-sociality, they are not able to feel right and wrong, and many intellectuals also consider unemployment as the biggest cause of terrorism.

Types of Terrorism


Religious terrorism includes terrorism that creates an atmosphere of fear and non-violence in the name of religion.

Such as rioting in the name of religion, damage to public property, or sacrificing national interest for religion.

This type of terrorism is often born out of bigotry. Religious fanaticism works to make man superstitious toward religion.


It comes in political terrorism, which is born for the attainment of political power. Political terrorism is used by many political parties to humiliate the opposition party or to make their government look unsafe.


Worldwide terrorism is one whose goal is only to spread chaos and create mental fear among people, such terrorism is very dangerous.

In the modern era, the increasing terrorist activities are worldwide terrorism, to end this, by selecting international terrorists in the United Nations, they work to curb their arrival.

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How terrorism is harmful to the world

Different types of terrorism have always been a threat to world peace. It creates an atmosphere of fear all over the world, it is a threat to the entire human race, and it is constantly in motion in an attempt to unbalance social stability.

It has always been a threat to the world, no country wants to have terrorist attacks on its citizens, but still, there are many countries that support terrorism to carry out terrorist incidents on themselves and other hostile countries.

Terrorists’ mentality is ignorant, they do not have even a fraction of non-violence, peace, morality, and humanity, their personality is full of cruelty so they do not even think at all before harming anyone.

Their religion or their humanity is only to follow the words of their chief, we can take an example of this in view of suicide attacks.

There are many intellectuals who give their arguments in favor of terrorists, such intellectuals are a threat to humanity, for world peace, it is necessary that terrorism should be ended so that humanity can be protected in the world.


It is such a dreadful sight that probably no one wants to see because it is the biggest cause of the destruction to humanity.

The dark shadow of terrorism is spread all over the world, even those who give shelter to it, are also engaged in trying to carry out terrorist incidents there.

Horrible scenes like 9/11 and Taj Hotel completely change the definition of terrorism.

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