Cold War

What is Cold War, when did it start?


The term “Cold War” is associated with the hostile and strained political relations between America and Russia. Which began after the Second World War.

In this war, other countries were also influenced by diplomacy, military competition, espionage, and psychological ways to influence each other’s decisions.

The war in which another country is defeated by diplomacy is called the cold war.

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So let’s first know what is the meaning of the cold war or what is a cold war. Then we will discuss other aspects of it.

What is Cold War?

It means the war of ideas fought through newspapers and paper (print media and electronic media) by writing bullets of paper i.e. bitter thoughts, in this type of war, instead of weapons, newspapers, and electronic media are used to defeat the opponent.

In this type of war, often a country does evil to humiliate another country or to make it helpless in the world, and on the basis of its news media strongly condemns that country and makes objectionable remarks against it.

This is the name of the conflict of ideas between America and Russia. It lasted from 1945 to 1991.

Some prominent scholars have given their definitions of the Cold War which are as follows.

According to Dr. F. Pleming, “It is such a war which is not fought in the field of war, but in the mind of man and through this control is established on his thoughts.”

According to Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, “It is a war in the minds harboring the thoughts of war, whose aim is to isolate the enemies and as much as the friends.”

The origins of the cold war

It emerged in the world when America used nuclear weapons on Japan in Second World War, 1945 and demonstrated its power, then President of Russia Stalin realized that America hid this secret from him so that communism was destroyed.

In this way, he could end the cold war era. Russia’s feeling of insecurity is considered to be the main reason for this.

1. Inadequate aid to Russia in wartime – Russia alleged that the military aid given by Western countries to Russia was too little when Germany invaded Russia during wartime.

2. Effect of Communist Revolution – From the time of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, western nations were trying to end the Soviet Union because communism was a worldwide movement.

3. Fulton Declaration – The “Fulton Declaration” of March 5, 1946, put Soviet Russia under tension.

4. Russian pressure on Turkey – When Russia’s pressure on Turkey started increasing, America warned it that any attack on Turkey would not be tolerated.

5. Russian propaganda in America – Russia had started spreading communist propaganda in America as well and America was against it, it supported the capitalist ideology.

6. Disruption in the peace system by Russia – The peace system was disrupted by Russia so much that it became difficult to maintain peace.

7. Anti-American propaganda – started writing critically in opposition to the policies of America in Soviet newspapers.

8. Excess load on Germany by Russia – Russia disbanded Germany’s industries and brought back high-value machines to Russia. Due to this the economic system of Germany deteriorated to a great extent.

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Impact of the Cold War

The result of the Cold War was that two factions were formed in the world, one NATO, and the second VARSA where NATO was a group of America, the same Warsaw belonged to Russia and these two factions started mixing the world into their own factions, due to which the world was in front of Many problems arose, in the meantime, a separate group named Non-Aligned was formed in which India was also involved.

Communist fundamentalism was seen to be declining in the politics of Europe. The political changes in Poland, Czechoslovakia and Rome made it clear that the political systems in the world should be chosen voluntarily.

On the other hand, the Berlin Wall also fell. Both Germany became one. US President George Bush and Gorbachev (Soviet) started the work of ushering in a new era.

India and the Cold War

During this, India always tried to stay away from this war and did not support any group. Be it America’s (NATO) or Russia’s (VARSA).

Cold war

To stay away from these two factions, India created a separate faction, which is called Non-Aligned, it included the countries which were not in those two factions.

And in this war, India was also successful to a great extent in keeping itself away and this was more beneficial for India because at present it gets proper help from both countries which is also more beneficial for India’s security.

When did the end of the Cold war

The then President of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, presented his national policy with America as a new way of planning. This created a sense of friendship between the two superpowers, thus ending the Cold War.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, it was completely destroyed and the fundamentalism of communist ideology ended.

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Some of the main reasons for the end of the Cold War were as follows:

1. Liberal ideology – Stalin’s era was the most radical era of the foreign policy of the Soviet Union after World War I.

Therefore, he showed interest in leaving the path of extremism and gave prominence to the liberal policy toward other countries.

2. Politics of Neutrality – France did not want to spend much money on NATO and was devoted to neutrality in most cases.

3. Importance of Public Opinion – War has always been a burden for the people. It invites destruction and people have always suffered in this, due to which all the people of the world were against the war.

4. Changes in Europe – There have been many changes in the understanding of political thinking in Europe.

The breakdown of the German wall, the reduction of political fanaticism in Poland, and the feeling of friendship in the relations of Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, etc.

5. America alone superpower – A new change that came in world politics after the end of this was the dissolution of the Soviet Union of Russia, that is, the only power left in the world and that was America.

6. Effect of Disengagement Cold – After the Second World War, the ideology of Nehru, Nasser, and Tito has been to save the world from this.


  • Propaganda is given importance in the cold war because this war is fought through news, newspapers, and diplomacy to fight the cold war, it is a one-sentence war.
  • It is called a war in the minds because in it a war-like situation comes to the fore, but war does not take place.
  • It is not only the name of the ideas but the struggle going on between a superpower like Russia and America.
  • The tense situation between the two superpowers is called the Cold War.
  • In this, the situation of military intervention, military treaties, and strengthening becomes apparent.
  • It is also called the war fought by speech.


It is the name of the strained relations between the US and Russia, which lasted from 1945 to 1991 and ended with the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Ideological, economic and political differences gave birth to this. It always went on, sometimes one side would establish its superiority and sometimes others.

After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the communist ideology ended and the Cold War ended and now it is a fact that there is now one “superpower” in the world and that is America.

In this article, we know what is the cold war, the consequences of the cold war, the rise of the cold war, etc.

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Which countries were involved in the Cold War?

America and Russia were involved in this.

Why was it called the Cold War?

It was called Cold War because this war-like situation arise but there is no war.

Who won this?

America won the Cold War.

Who was the first to use the term Cold War?

This term was first used by George Orwell in 1945.

How long did the Cold War last?

This lasted from 1945 to 1991 as the Soviet Union disintegrated in 1991.

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