6 hours login Policy

Last updated: November 15, 2021

Infrexa continuously evaluates the performance of its employees and sets new goals and targets to increase the productivity and prosperity of the institution. As an employer, we have to make sure that both our business and our employees are healthy and efficient.

By implementing this 6-hour login policy, we envisage our business operations running smoothly and our employees, both in-office and remote, staying happy and engaged with the system.

While implementing this policy, the following points were taken into consideration –

Flexible Schedule: 6 hours per day and average 40 hours per week login, members are allowed to work with flexibility.

Vacation: This is online work and we provide the work-from-home facility, but to protect the interests of the employee we provide one day of leave per week to all employees, however the aggregate weekly login hours of the admins should not be less than 40 hours in any case.

All admins must take these work hours seriously and keep submitting their quality work regularly before the deadlines.

In order to enhance our employees’ personnel’s productivity and to see a spike in growth 6 hours login policy has become mandatory to enforce.

We have also appraised the variety of ways to make flexible employee work schedules that require dedication, determination, and a lot of clear communication between team members to remain efficient and by making certain changes to this policy from time to time we will gradually introduce them all.

All admins must create High-valued and copyright-free content and submit it to the portal regularly. It is also pertinent to mention that all authors, contributors, and other members should not engage in any deceptive act during the discharge of their duties.

They are also mandated not to click on their ads nor encourage anyone to do the same. Further use of this site automatically constitutes your consent to this policy.

For removal of any doubts, it is necessary to mention that 6 6-hour login does not mean a remaining login in the system without any work or performance. One has to keep in mind that the two parameters, regular work submission, and good performance, are the inherent part of the 6-hour login/work policy. No work submission/Poor performance even after achieving the weekly login targets shall be strictly counted as a fake login and will result in severe disciplinary action or penalty.

Note: This is not a full document of the Policy, please visit here to view the complete Policy document.