Amazon Affiliate Marketers: Know everything about Affiliate programs

Amazon Affiliate Marketers: Know everything about Affiliate programs

Amazon Affiliate Marketers: Amazon is the most popular online shopping site in the English-speaking world. It provides one of the best earning sources to its affiliate marketers.

In addition to being a huge buyer’s destination, many people have also made money selling things on Amazon but that’s not the only way to generate passive income from this popular shopping site. You can earn money from becoming an Amazon affiliate marketer.

Today, we are going to discuss this special way to earn money on Amazon – You can be a part of the ‘Amazon affiliate marketers’ program, and by promoting products sold by others on the Amazon marketplace you can earn a good amount of money from it.

Amazon Affiliate Marketers

We’ll go over how to get started with an Amazon affiliate marketers account which is often referred to as the Amazon Associates account, and how to get your first affiliate link generated from it.

We will then cover the downsides and challenges of using Amazon’s affiliate program as well as the pros and cons of using this platform as a source of some of your affiliate income.

We will also tell you what are the major challenges faced by Amazon affiliate marketers while doing Amazon affiliate marketing with some tips and tricks to maximize your affiliate earnings on this platform.

What is the Amazon Affiliate Marketers program?

Amazon Affiliate Marketers program is well known as Amazon Associates Affiliate Marketing. It is a method of promoting the Goods and Services of the original producer. Affiliate marketers earn a commission as advertising fees when they drive a sale.

There are plenty of reasons to choose Amazon Associates as an affiliate marketing option – and we’ll get to them in a jiffy. But I want to start by talking about the biggest disadvantages of using Amazon Affiliate Marketers Links:

Amazon’s affiliate commission rates for Amazon Affiliate Marketers – the percentage of the sale price you receive when someone buys a product you recommend are given in the below –

Amazon Product CategoryAffiliate Commission
Amazon Gift Card, Wine0.00%
Video games and video game consoles1.00%
Television, Digital Video Games2.00%
PC, PC Components, DVD, and Blu-ray2.50%
Amazon Fresh Toys3.00%
Amazon Fire Tablet Devices, Dash Button, Amazon Kindle Devices4.00%
Physical Books, Health & Personal Care, Kitchen, Baby Products, Sports, Automotive4.50%
Digital Music, Grocery, Physical Music, Handmade, Digital Video5.00%
Outdoor Equipment5.50%
Headphones, beauty, musical instruments, business and industrial supplies6.00%
Apparel, Amazon Elementor Smart TV (with Fire TV), Amazon Fire TV Devices, Jewelry, Accessories, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories, Watches, Amazon Echo Devices7.00%
Furniture, Home, Home Improvement, Lawn & Garden, Pet Products, Pantry8.00%
Amazon Fashion Women, Men & Kids Private Label, Luxury Beauty, Amazon Coins10.00%
All other categories4.00%

There are other affiliate networks out there that offer higher commissions, such as ClickBank, which offers rates of up to 75 percent for certain products.

So why bother with an Amazon affiliate Marketers program when there is the best alternative for higher commission rates elsewhere? Thankfully, there are some great reasons to do so.

Advantages of Associate marketing

First of all, Amazon has something that stands out above all others. You might call it brand equity, trust, or name recognition.

People know Amazon, and they rely on it as a source to buy stuff. In 2017, people started searching for products on Amazon more than 49 percent anywhere compared to 36 percent for search engines like Google and 15 percent for retailers.

But not only that, 75 percent of shoppers shop on Amazon most of the time. And Amazon has terrible conversion rates – the rate at which a customer visiting the site actually buys something.

If you’re talking about Prime customers, 74 percent of them convert. This compares to less than 10 percent on average for most retail sites!

So what Amazon Associates can lack in Affiliate Commission rates consists of awareness, conversion rate, and buyer loyalty.

Affiliate Advantage you get the whole cart

This brings us to the next, and probably the biggest benefit of using Amazon Affiliate Marketers links is that, even if you have a link for a specific product, you can still earn money on buying any product after someone clicks on your link.

This is right! Let’s say your affiliate link promotes a product. Someone clicks on it, lands on Amazon, continue shopping, and decides to buy a mattress as well. Take a guess! You will get a commission for the purchase of the book and mattress.

And here’s probably the best part: You’ll get commissions, you see, when someone clicks on your link, Amazon adds a cookie to their browser that tracks anything they put in their shopping cart over the next 24 hours and pays you a commission if they buy it.

As you can imagine, this may well add up for you.

So what is the bottom line for you as an Amazon affiliate marketer? Are Amazon Associates Worth It as an Affiliate Revenue Source?

My opinion is that you should definitely consider Amazon Associates as you are building your “portfolio” of affiliate marketing options.

Despite the low commission rates compared to some other affiliate networks, there are some powerful benefits that “stack up” Amazon Associates to help them build a very strong affiliate network program.

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Affiliate Marketers on Amazon may not make you rich (at least immediately), but it’s a really solid, reliable place to start.

And even though Amazon affiliate commission rates aren’t as high as some networks, your chances of selling on Amazon are high.

Plus, if customers click on your affiliate link, you can receive their entire cart share – even if they buy something different from the original product you’re promoting.

And it’s the most popular online marketplace in the Western Hemisphere, no wonder!

Now, that you know the reasons why to consider Amazon Associates as Affiliate Marketers, let’s get started with signing up for an Amazon Associates account, like Amazon Affiliate Marketers –

How to Become an Amazon Affiliate

15 Quick Steps to Create Your Amazon Associate Account

Let’s say you have decided to go for it and sign up with Amazon Affiliate Program called Amazon Associates.

1. First go to and click on Join Now for free.

Amazon Affiliate Marketers: Know everything about Affiliate programs

2. Then, you’ll see a page that gives you the option to sign in or create a new Amazon account.

3. Thereafter, you will start creating your account by providing your complete address where the payment should be sent.

If the payee is someone else other than you for the Amazon Associates account then you will need to select “Someone Else” and Enter details.

Amazon Affiliate Marketers complete address

4. Next, you will enter the URLs of your website(s) and mobile application (if applicable), which you will use to promote your Amazon Affiliate link. You must enter at least one URL!

Amazon Affiliate Marketers: Know everything about Affiliate programs

5. Now you can choose a Store ID. It is basically a username that identifies your associated account. If your preferred name isn’t available, Amazon will suggest a related one later.

6. You will need to answer a few questions about the type of your site(s) and the types of Amazon products you plan to promote.

Amazon Affiliate Marketers: Step 3

7. Also some more details about your site(s), including how you drive traffic to it and why you want to join the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program.

8. You will also be asked to confirm that none of the listed websites or apps are targeted at children (under the age of 13), which is not permitted by the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program terms.

Step 4

9. Next is identity verification. Enter your phone number and Amazon will ask you to verify a PIN number that will appear on the screen.

10. Click the Agree to the terms and conditions of the Amazon Associates Program Operating Agreement checkbox, then click Finish.

Once your identity verification is complete, you will see a congratulatory page.

11. Click complete, and you’ll see a page with your new Amazon Associate ID!

12. Now you have to set up your payment details. You can choose to pay via Amazon gift card, direct deposit (if you’re in the US), or cheque.

If you choose a gift card, it will be sent to your primary email address. If you opt for a deposit, a space will appear on the page below to enter your bank details.

And if you want to get a cheque to your contact address, keep in mind that the minimum payment for a gift card or direct deposit ($100 vs. $10) is higher than that, and a processing fee applies.

13. You will then fill out the tax details to make sure everything is legal. Be sure to double-check everything you entered on this form!

Now check the declaration from

14. Click Save & Preview to see whether everything filled correctly in the W-9 Tax form

15. Click on the next page, and you’ve set up your account!

Now let’s talk about how to start promoting products using your brand-new Amazon Affiliate Links.

How to Get Amazon Affiliate Links to Promote products

Now, you have set up your account, the next step is to get your first affiliate link.

Go to On that page, you’ll see an option to create an affiliate link for a specific product, either by searching for it or browsing.

From here, if you want to generate your affiliate link for this product, click the down arrow next to the yellow “Get Link” button to the right of the product text.


A new window will open containing your unique affiliate link. You also have the option of shortening URLs using Amazon’s link shortening tool, if you prefer.

You can use this URL to hyperlink product mentions in your content. However, you also have other options for adding your affiliate link to your web page, including adding a thumbnail image of the product.

You can access these additional options by clicking the yellow “Get Links” button (instead of the down arrow).

From here, you can create a custom link with text, image, or both, as well as custom colors for the background, title, and price of the item.

The best part is that you only need to embed the code on your website, and all the correct product data (and the formatting you choose) will be pulled from Amazon directly to your site.

Your affiliate link is now ready to be used in your content!

Success for the Amazon Affiliate Marketers is About Trust

Amazon is the most popular marketplace in North America, and it is growing around the world as well. This is the single biggest place where US shoppers begin their product searches, so it’s definitely a smart choice to add to your affiliate marketing repertoire.

To be successful as a member of the Amazon Affiliate Marketers Program, you need to understand some important best practices specific to Amazon Associates, including how to maximize your affiliate potential income on Amazon’s international sites, and how to optimize your affiliate links.

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But beyond these specific points, promoting Amazon affiliate program products actually includes the same basic rules that apply to affiliate marketing in any form or on any other site or network.

While promoting the products, be honest in how you represent those products and give a person enough information to make an informed decision about the product.

Perhaps most importantly, though, successful affiliate marketing on Amazon is built on the same fundamental principle that all affiliate marketing, and all online marketing and business, are based on: trust.

Lastly, Amazon Associates is another tool that helps Amazon affiliate marketers grow audiences and build their trust by promoting products that will help them achieve their goals.
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