Antiwordle answer today with pro tips (April 2024)


Think you’re a Wordle master? AntiWordle flips the script! In this game, your goal is to avoid guessing the correct word for as long as possible.

DeveloperJosh Wardle
GenreWord game
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How to play Antiwordle?

Think of it as the opposite of Wordle. Your goal is to NOT guess the secret word! The colors change with each attempt, guiding you toward strategic failure! Here’s how it works:

  • If a letter turns gray, it’s NOT in the word and you can’t use it again
  • A yellow letter is in the word, and you MUST keep using it in future guesses.
  • If a letter is red, it’s in the right spot, and is locked in place.


  • Forced Letters: Yellow and red letters become mandatory for subsequent guesses.
  • No Automatic Hard Mode: You control the difficulty by how quickly you use up common letters.

Where to Play Online?

Play AntiWordle for as long as you want! The official website offers unlimited puzzles with 5-letter words, and some versions even have timed challenges. Access it from your desktop or phone.

AntiWordle Pro Tips

  • Start with words using uncommon consonants (like Z, X, Q, J) to get many gray tiles early.
  • Sometimes you might need to sacrifice a few grays to unlock new letter options.
  • Don’t be afraid to use yellow letters in new positions to unlock more guessing options.
  • There’s no time limit! Think carefully about how to maximize gray tiles with each guess.

Antiwordle answer today

April 3, 2024OUGHT
  • Absurdle: Absurdle actively tries to avoid giving you the correct answer for as long as possible. The secret word changes strategically based on your guesses, making it incredibly difficult.
  • Don’t Wordle: It is also known as Reverse Wordle, where the goal is to lose the word game on purpose.
  • Octordle: Octordle is the ultimate Wordle challenge! Instead of guessing one word, you have to solve eight five-letter words simultaneously.

Is AntiWordle Unlimited safe?

The original AntiWordle by Josh Wardle is free, safe, and ad-free.

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