BitLife ‘Gilmore Girls’ Challenge

BitLife ‘Gilmore Girls’ Challenge


This weekend, BitLife published the “Gilmore Girls” challenge, which gives you the task of achieving the five difficult objectives listed in this article below. Every weekend starts with the thrilling BitLife Challenge, which adds adventure to your online existence.

However, some challenges necessitate the creation of a new life in order to complete them. The game gives you the choice to select one of four mystery boxes as you complete the task.

Because ending your life is not always a simple decision, you must carefully follow the instructions and processes outlined in the BitLife Challenge in order to reach a resolution. In order to assist you in completing all of the challenge’s goals, we are launching our BitLife Gilmore Girls Challenge guide.

What is BitLife?

BitLife is a smartphone game that lets users have a virtual life. The game pushes players to do tasks in order to earn prizes or requires them to make choices based on their moral compass.

An athlete can amass a large wealth, get divorced, have a large family, achieve fame, and everything in between over their lifetime.

Every sport begins with the birth of a player. The player must progress through school and have to manage their bit of citizen relationships, physical health and stress levels. Players can choose different career paths, make new friends, marry and divorce at will, and travel to other regions of the world.

The text-based game was developed in 2018 by Candywriter. It is rated for adults over 17 due to its slightly more mature content.

What is The BitLife ‘Gilmore Girls’ Challenge?

Bitlife launched its Gilmore Girls Challenge last week. Players have four days to complete a life in which they check off a number of specific, Gilmore-inspired milestones. Most importantly, the player must be a Connecticut-born woman, like Rory and Lorelei Gilmore.

Next, players complete every available task with their mother, mimicking the close relationship between Lorelai and Rory. Players will also have to go to college, study journalism, and cheat with their ex.

The last requirement shows how much thought BitLife put into the challenge. The developers drew inspiration not only from ‘Gilmore Girls,’ but also from ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life,’ the Netflix revival. Not necessarily inspired by Luke Danes, but that’s probably because he hated cell phones.

Gilmore Girls Challenge Guide – How to complete it?

To complete the Gilmore Girls challenge, you must achieve the following five different objectives.

  • Be born a woman in Connecticut
  • Do every activity with your mom
  • Study journalism
  • Cheat with an ex
  • Get pregnant by an ex

Before you begin the game, keep in mind that it is mandatory to have a female character in order to complete the objective; If you’re already playing with a female character, you can move on; Otherwise, start a new life with a female character and be born in Connecticut.

In short, completing the Gilmore Girls challenge is much easier when you know how to get your hands on each challenge. Start your journey by creating a female character from Hartford (Connecticut) and start following the steps below.

Be born a woman in Connecticut

If you’re already playing with a Connecticut-born female character, you can start; Otherwise, you will have to build a new life. So be born as a woman in Connecticut, simply by creating a character, choosing the female as your gender, and choosing Hartford, United States, as your country/place of birth to fulfill your first objective.

Create a new life -> Select female as gender-> Select United States-> Hartford

Do each activity with your mom

To complete the second task, you need to click the “Relationship” tab and tap on the “Mom” option. Next, start alternating all the “new actions” with your mother.

Relationship -> Mother->Do new deeds one by one

Study journalism

To complete the third job, you have to finish high school and go to university. You need to keep your SMART stat high before applying to enter journalism, as it helps you get to university faster.

So, keep working and improving your smarts using the Study Harder option during the school phase. Complete high school and apply for a journalism major from a university.

Cheating on an ex

If you don’t have the former, you can’t complete the fourth task; So you should enter into a relationship using a dating app.

Also, you can build a relationship with someone in your school/college/career. Once you are in a relationship, you like it with someone else at least once.

Relationship -> Select Person-> Hook Up

Get pregnant by an ex

Your ultimate objective is to get pregnant by your ex, and you have to seduce your ex for that.

To complete “get pregnant by an ex”, you need to make a call and ask your partner for a one-night stand. Have unprotected s ** *** x and get pregnant to serve a purpose. If you can’t get pregnant after you get older, you have to work again and again.

Relationships -> Exes -> Calls-> Booty Calls

This is pretty much all you need to know to complete the Gilmore Girls Challenge on BitLife.

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