Checkers 2


Checkers 2 Player is a game that can be played with two people. It is similar to the game of checkers, but there are some differences.

The object of the game is to capture all of the opponent’s pieces or to block them so they cannot make any more moves.

NameCheckers 2 Player
ReleaseAugust 2018
Mode 2 Player
GenresCasual, Multilayer, 2 players, Mind Game
PlatformAndroid, Microsoft Windows, and Web-browsers

The board is set up like a checkerboard, with black and white squares. Each player has 12 pieces, which are called

  • King
  • Rook
  • Bishop
  • Queen
  • Knight, and
  • Pawn

The pieces are placed on the dark squares, and they can only move forward one square at a time.

If there is an opponent’s piece in front of them, they can jump over it and capture it. They can also capture more than one piece at a time if they jump over multiple pieces in a row.

The game ends when one player either captures all of the other player’s pieces or when the other player has no more moves because all of their pieces are blocked.

How to play Checkers 2 Player?

The black checkers go on the dark squares and the white checkers go on the light squares. Black always goes first. Players take turns moving their checkers one square at a time, diagonally forward.

Checkers can only move forward until they reach the other side of the board (the opponent’s side), at which point they become “kinged.” A kinged checker can move diagonally forward and backward.

If one of your checkers lands on a square adjacent to an opponent’s checker, you can “jump” over that checker and capture it by removing it from the board.

You can only jump one checker at a time, but you can make multiple jumps in a single turn if you have multiple opportunities to do so.

Jumping is mandatory – if you have the opportunity to jump, you must do so. You can jump multiple times in a row as long as there are open spaces and opponent’s pieces to jump over.

If your checker reaches the other side of the board while jumping (called a “crowning”), it becomes kinged immediately and can continue jumping backward as

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