Error codes

Publishers are not permitted to publish content that disqualifies them to meet Infrexa‘s content standards. If an error code was placed in your content that means you immediately need to pay attention and fix the issue to any error codes.

In case you overlook any of the below error codes, it may result in severe penalties in your account including the removal of your original content from the website within or later 72 hrs.

Error CodeDescription
404Deleted, unpublished or restricted to be published
405The page title is not optimized for SEO
406The author needs to remove grammatical errors
407More clarity/value addition/sentence correction needed
408Nonsensical content
409No valuable inventory
410Poor writing
411Dangerous or derogatory content
412Enabling dishonest behavior
413Misrepresentative or factually incorrect content
414Sexually explicit content
415Unsupported languages
416Fails minimum content requirements, E.g. 1200 W
417Illegal content infringes Copyright/ Intellectual property rights
418Content includes restricted topics
419 Content listed for speedy deletion
420Expert review needed
421Content lacks substantial data, valid references required
422Content needs to be shortened for the sake of the brevity
423Invalid clicks and impressions
424Non-rewarded inventory
425Generated programmatically or through automated processes
426Bad navigational elements
427Scraped content/Content taken from more reputable sites
428Contains affiliate links without any original content or added value
429Promotes user-generated spam
430Improper content structure
431Featured image dimensions < 1280 x 720 px & 200 kb
432Content image dimensions exceed 600 x 375 px & 110 kb
433Product image dimensions < 1500 x 1150 px & 250 kb
434Incorrect image, name or ALT Text.
435Incorrect logo size or position in the featured image – 84wx84h
436Incorrect logo size or position in the content image – 42wx42h
437Expired or outdated content

Error codes FAQ

A list of commonly asked “questions and answers” related to the topic is given below –

What should I do if see these error codes in my content?

You should immediately fix the issue and make a fresh submission on the portal in order to get it reviewed again. You should note that once the content is rejected it requires a quick response from the author’s end or it may lead to disabling, suspending or Login denial to your account on the website.

The time limit for this quick action and re-submission: Max 24 hrs.

Where to contact if I am unable to remove an error code from my content?

In this case, firstly check your content carefully for example – Images, videos, grammatical errors, quality, minimum content requirements, and any copyright or intellectual property rights violations in it.

However, if you, still find difficulty locating errors in your content, contact your Team Leader or the Head of the Department – of Academics as soon as possible.

What are the most used abbreviations under the “Error codes” section?

  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization
  • SCR: Standard content requirements