Goodgame Empire


Goodgame Empire is a browser-based strategy game developed by Goodgame Studios. It is set in the Middle Ages, where players take on the role of a lord or lady and build their own empire.

It combines city-building, resource management, and warfare elements. Players build up their castles and kingdoms, defending against attacks, and expanding their territory as rulers.

DeveloperGoodgame Studios, Altigi GmbH
Release14 August 2011
GenresStrategy, Massively multiplayer online game
PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, Web browser

The game features a wide variety of buildings and units, as well as a robust system of trade and alliances.

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Goodgame Empire Gameplay

As a medieval ruler in the Goodgame Empire, you start with a humble castle and aspirations of dominance. Your first task is to gather essential resources like wood, stone, and food to fuel the expansion of your burgeoning empire. Utilize these resources wisely to construct over 60 unique buildings, each serving a vital function, from bustling marketplaces to imposing military structures.

With your kingdom growing, it’s time to train your army. With over 50 distinct military units at your disposal, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, you’ll need to strategize and customize their gear to suit your tactical objectives.

But the true test of your leadership lies in the realm of warfare. Engage in battles against other players across four diverse kingdoms, each with its own landscapes and architectural styles. Whether you choose to forge alliances, engage in diplomacy, or wage war, the fate of your empire rests in your hands.

Getting Started

To play Goodgame Empire, players need to log in or create an account. They can also use their Facebook account to log in.

Goodgame Empire Login/Register page
Game Login/Register page

Building Castle

The first thing you will need to do is construct a castle. Your castle requires an abundance of resources in order to thrive.

The castle can be built by opening the Construction menu given in the bottom left corner of the screen. From here, you can pick the woodcutter which produces wood.

Touch the screen to confirm the position of the building. You can also relocate the building at any time.

Castle Building in Goodgame Empire
Castle Building

After you build your first woodcutter, you can now increase its production by upgrading the woodcutter. There are over 60 different buildings you can build.

If you need help, take the guide from the quest book to upgrade the woodcutter given on the left side of the screen. You can also expand your castle walls to create more spaces for new buildings.

Goodgame Empire: Gameplay - Expanding castle walls
Expanding castle walls

Collecting Taxes

Send out a tax collector to gather taxes from your subjects. This tax collector can also be sent back at any point to pick up the coins he has already collected. But you can not pick up the full amount until the required time has passed, however.

Sending Tax Collector to gather taxes
Sending Tax a Collector to gather taxes

Joining Community

Goodgame Empire game features Alliances and a Pact system to the empire. There are more than 80 million players worldwide you can conveniently start alliance chat.

By joining the community you can benefit your empire as it includes many perks and benefits including a support system in your own language.

Goodgame Empire: Join the game community
Joining the game community

Fighting Battles

Once you build your castle, it is time to enter into the battlefield of four kingdoms with your most trusted lieutenants. The game puts players in the role of a medieval king who takes part in the Strategic and versatile battle system.

Fight Battles
Fighting Battles

There are more than 50 different military units that fight with Powerful and customizable equipment items.


The game is played entirely with the mouse.


Goodgame Empire offers a vast world with different kingdoms to explore and conquer. It features over 60 buildings and 50 military units. The game boasts a community of over 80 million players and is free to play on web browsers.

Tips for Playing Goodgame Empire

  • Regularly upgrade your castle for better defense. This will make it stronger and more resistant to enemy attacks.
  • Utilize diplomacy to form alliances with other players. This can be beneficial as it will allow you to pool resources and manpower in order to better defend against enemy attacks.
  • Use the quest book to help your castle prosper.

Download Options

Goodgame Empire is primarily a browser-based game, so downloading isn’t required. You can access it directly through your web browser on devices like your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Here are the main options:

Official Website:

  • Visit the official website or game page.
  • Click on “Play Now” and login or create an account.
  • Enjoy the game directly in your browser.

The game works seamlessly across various devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets. No downloads are required to play.

Similar Games

While Goodgame Empire offers a browser-based strategy experience, you might be seeking similar games with different features, platforms, or aesthetics.

Here are some alternatives across various platforms:

For Mobile Devices

1. Empire: Four Kingdoms (Android & iOS)

  • Build and manage your medieval empire, engaging in resource gathering, troop training, and epic battles against other players.
  • Forge alliances, conquer new territories, and research advanced technologies to dominate the realm.
  • Available for free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store with optional in-app purchases.

2. Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade (Android & iOS):

  • Choose your civilization from 11 unique options, each with distinct strengths and playstyles.
  • Explore a vast open world map, gather resources, and lead your civilization to glory through diplomacy, trade, or warfare.
  • Free-to-play with optional in-app purchases on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

3. Lords Mobile: Battle for the Throne (Android & iOS):

  • Immerse yourself in a vibrant fantasy world with various heroes and mythical creatures at your command.
  • Develop your city, train diverse troops, and participate in large-scale guild wars and real-time battles.
  • Free-to-play with optional in-app purchases on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

For Browser or PC

4. Forge of Empires (Browser & PC):

  • Progress through historical epochs, from the Stone Age to the Modern Era, unlocking new technologies and buildings in each age.
  • Engage in trade, diplomacy, or PvP battles with other players and alliances.
  • Free-to-play with optional in-app purchases in the browser version, and a premium paid version available on PC.

5. Elvenar (Browser & PC):

  • Choose between humans and elves, each with unique units and technologies, and build your magical city in a mythical world.
  • Explore, discover ancient secrets, and engage in trade, research, or combat adventures.
  • Free-to-play with optional in-app purchases in the browser version, and a premium paid version available on PC.

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