Set up Google Analytics

How to set up Google Analytics on your smartphone?

If you have valid permissions to see Google Analytics data for NCERT Infrexa and think that how to set up Google Analytics then stay with this article.

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Google Analytics setup process allows you to explore one of the most powerful tools to monitor the progress of your website or app and with the help of this data, you can target your specific audience to offer them various products and services.

The main advantage of examining Google Analytics data is that you can maximize the total revenue of your website by generating leads and driving sales to the maximum possible extent.

If you are new, probably you will find it difficult to set up Google Analytics on your mobile device but don’t worry we will explain the procedure in very simple steps here.

Let’s tell you a few facts and then go into the step-by-step instruction to set up Google Analytics –

What is Google Analytics and why should I use it?

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that allows website owners to track and analyze the website traffic, behavior and demographic data of the visitors.

It is the sole product of Google started in late 2005. The service is available to use absolutely free of cost to all website owners, which means Google does not charge any money from the users who use the service.

What is Google Analytics – NCERT Inrfexa

If you don’t know how to set up Google Analytics, it might be a little frustrating for you to read about the topic.

Why should I set up Google Analytics?

It has numerous benefits, you must set up Google Analytics to get the following benefits –

  • You can track the total traffic of your website or app
  • With the help of Google Analytics, you can best understand your users by tracking their behavior
  • Can see E-commerce Data Reports like total sales of website
  • You can customize the data as per your own requirements
  • It helps to Improve Online Advertising based on your user’s preference
  • It Gives you demographic data of the visitors on your site
  • Collected data helps to improve website SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • It gives you powerful Content ideas
  • You can find your Target Audience with the help of Google Analytics
  • Helps to track analytics costs for your website
  • Google Analytics helps to improve the performance of the website
  • Google Analytics setup is easy
  • It can generate new ideas for your business
  • It allows you to track the daily eCommerce Performance of your site
Why should i Set up Google Analytics?
NCERT Infrexa

How does it work?

Think of it, you have loaded this page in your browser, and google analytics started working! How?

Let’s understand the working of Google Analytics with an example.

When this page loaded, the small Javascript was triggered. These scripts read cookies (small information stored in your hard drive/computer database) through the browser.

This information contains your demographic data like – your location, gender, age, and network. device model, operating system and so on which Google collects and reflects on our Google Analytics account in terms of GA Reports.

How does Google Analytics work?
NCERT Infrexa

So Google Analytics works in that simple ways.

When can you get our analytics data? | Eligibility criteria

Since we believe in transparency and therefore we provide every qualified user to have access to our website performance.

We allow every hardworking member of his organization, to track the data with the help of our google analytics.

Transparency is a good thing but protecting users’ privacy is our utmost priority and for this reason, we control and ensure that the data is given to the responsible hands only.

These are the eligibility criteria you need to have qualified to get access to the tool –

  1. Your account has been in a good standing position with us for the last 6 months.
  2. You are a serious member of the organization and have completed at least 6 months of working without any, violation, dispute, or controversy
  3. You have been following 6 hours login policy and other enforced guidelines properly
  4. You have completed at least 200k monthly organic traffic (TR 1 & TR 2 countries are included only) in your NCERT Infrexa account
  5. You have signed and submitted a CONFIDENTIALITY CUM NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT with us.

Regardless of anything above we can give anyone this analytics data for a temporary or longer period if we are satisfied to do so after examining the gravity of the situation. These exceptions are purely based on the discretion of the authorities holding rank higher to L-7 officers on NCERT Infrexa or Infrex India Education.

How to set up Google Analytics

Once you qualify aforementioned eligibility criteria, we will automatically send you an email inviting you to add the property to your account.

Ensure, that you have received an email from Compliance Department, Infrexa along with an invitation from Google.

If you have already received the email, follow the steps below to link and activate GA property –


  1. Make sure that you have signed in with that email id on your mobile phone
  2. Go to Gmail box and open our email
  3. Click on the “Invitation link” and grant the necessary permissions opted by the system


  • Download/Install Google Analytics App from Play Store
  • After successful installation, click to open the app
  • Select email id, you have received an invitation

Now the data will start appearing in your app based on your position on the NCERT Infrexa.

You can also customize the reports under the dashboard section.

Precautions while using Google Analytics data

Google Analytics data contains sensitive personal and sensitive financial data of the users. Misuse of this data is strictly prohibited by the governing laws of this country.

On viewing these data you accept the full responsibility of protecting them from any unauthorized use. You also abide by our terms and conditions for fair use of this data.

In any event, you are not allowed to misuse the data or violate the privacy rights of the Company or its users.

By using our analytics data you agree that if you misuse these data for any purpose including for your personal gain, NCERT Infrexa will be at liberty to file a criminal or civil case against you for the breach of trust under this agreement.

It is your full responsibility to take advanced safety measures to ensure that no data is misused by you or any other person on your behalf.