Kingdom Rush


Kingdom Rush is a highly popular tower defense game developed by Ironhide Game Studio. Initially released as a flash-based browser game (to play Kingdom Rush online on computers) back in 2011.

Set in the mystical world of medieval fantasy, Kingdom Rush invites players to defend their kingdom from hordes of invading enemies using strategically placed towers and various upgradeable heroes.

DeveloperIronhide Game Studio
PublishJuly 28, 2011
GenreCasual, Medieval, Tower Defense, Magic, Strategy, Flash
ModeSingle Player
PlatformsWeb Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet), iOS, Android, Steam
Play OnlineScroll up this page to play Kingdom Rush unblocked

It quickly gained immense popularity among players and critics alike. The captivating gameplay and unique art style have made Kingdom Rush a fan-favorite for many strategy enthusiasts.

How to play Kingdom Rush online?

To start playing, select the level you want to play from the map screen. If you are new to the game, it will unlock level 1 by default. As you complete a current level the next level will be unlocked automatically.

Each level has a different challenge and difficulty level.

After selecting a level, choose which towers you want to build by clicking on them in the menu at the bottom of the screen. Different types of towers have different strengths and weaknesses against certain enemies, so it’s important to choose wisely.

As enemies begin to approach your kingdom, place your chosen towers strategically along their path using drag-and-drop mechanics. You can also upgrade or sell existing towers as needed.

You can also deploy a soldier tower that attacks enemy groups and retards them from reaching your kingdom.

During gameplay, pay attention to any special abilities or reinforcements that become available. These can provide an advantage in battle if used strategically.


Mouse: Use the left mouse button to play.

Tips and Tricks to play Kingdom Rush Play online

  • Make use of the pause button: This will allow you to assess the battlefield and plan your next move accordingly. Take advantage of this time to upgrade your towers or deploy reinforcements.
  • Diversify your tower placement: Each tower has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to have a mix of different types strategically placed throughout the map.
  • Pay attention to enemy weaknesses: Certain enemies may be weak against specific types of towers or attacks, so be sure to adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • Don’t forget about hero units: These powerful characters can greatly assist in battle with their unique abilities and attacks. Be sure to utilize them effectively by keeping them alive and upgrading their skills whenever possible.
  • Be careful and make the right strategy: Mastering Kingdom Rush requires careful planning and execution of strategies tailored specifically for each individual level.

Premium Heros

There are two premium heroes available for new players:

  • Hero Room 1: Sir Gerald LightSeeker which can be purchased by spending 200 Gems
  • Hero Room 2: Alleria Awiftwing, you can also purchase this by spending the 200 games


  • Ashbite
  • Bonehart
  • Captain Blackthorne
  • Dante
  • Dierdre
  • Grawl
  • Karkinos
  • Kahz
  • Kutsao
  • Nivus
  • Sha’tra
  • Saitam

Where to Download Kingdom Rush?

After gaining immense popularity in the browser-based game Kingdom Rush Unblocked, the developer has launched the game on various platforms including:

  • XBOX
  • App Store
  • Google Play
  • Nintendo SWITCH
  • Humble Bundle

Game Variants

  • Kingdom Rush Frontiers – Launched on June 6, 2013.
  • Kingdom Rush Origins – November 20, 2014.
  • Kingdom Rush Vengeance – November 2, 2018.
  • Legends of Kingdom Rush – June 11, 2006


  • Extensive campaign mode with numerous challenging levels
  • Multiple difficulty settings catering to different skill levels
  • enjoyable experiences and thrilling adventures.
  • 4 tower types each with special abilities
  • Multiple enemies modes at a single time

Kingdom Rush Play online [Unblocked]

To play the Unblocked version of the game online, visit Infrexa Games. Here you can play the game and also find it best alternatives.

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