MLB Pickle

MLB Pickles is the same game as Wordle but for MLB Fans. Each MLB pickle is randomly drawn from a list of Major League Baseball players in the United States.

It is a web-based word game that is free where players try to guess the correct MLB player name.

This game is created by “Zach Ellis” who releases daily new MLB pickles MLB player puzzles for you to solve and here we will find answers to all today’s MLB puzzles for free.

MLB Pickles Game Wiki

The developers of the game issue names of MLB US Baseball players every day, with silhouettes as symbols, and players get a maximum of 9 attempts to guess the correct player name.

Game NameMLB Pickle – MLB Players guessing Game
Also knows asWordle MLB Baseball Players version
Developed byZach Ellis
MLB Pickle web official

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How to Play?

Open the official website of MLB Pickles or Infrexa Games. Now you see an empty box on the screen where you have to enter the name of MLB US Baseball players.

Here you can follow the complete instructions on how to play this word puzzle game:

  • You get 9 guesses.
  • The Green in any column indicates a match!
  • Yellow in the age column indicates players within 2 years of age
  • Yellow in the league/division column means you have the correct division or league.
  • Yellow in the status column indicates a mystery player occasionally plays that position but this per MLB is not his primary position
MLB Pickle

You don’t need an account or require to be logged in to play this word game. This game can be played for free on mobile or PC in the browser.

Play MLB Pickles Online

The game is available to play online on the Infrexa Games website. Simply search on Google Infrexa Games or visit to play the game online.


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