Snow Rider 3d


Snow Rider 3D is a simulation game that allows you to ride on the snow on your snowboard. You will need to dodge obstacles and jump over them in order to reach the end of the level.

How to play Snow Rider 3D game?

To make a high score, try to go as far as possible. You are required to press the left and right arrow keys quickly to avoid hitting any object or any obstacles. When an obstacle comes jump immediately to avoid it.

Snow Rider 3D in game Screenshot
Snow Rider 3D in-game Screenshot

The game is 3D and gives you a real feel like you are actually riding a sleigh.

You can also upgrade your sleigh by collecting some gifts that you collect during your journey. There are a total of 10 sleighs that you can unlock using gifts.

Control Keys

  • To Jump; UP arrow
  • Steer Left: Left arrow key
  • Steer Right; Right Arrow key


  • Just focus on the route. The game requires a high degree of concentration
  • Quick action is required, press the left or right arrow quickly to steer the sleigh in the safe direction


Is Snow Rider 3D free?

Yes! The game is free and unblocked on Infrexa Games. It can be played online on your browser.

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