Ownership and funding Information

Ownership and funding Information

Infrex India Education (hereinafter referred to as “Infrex India” / “NCERT Infrexa”/ “Infrexa”/ “We” / “Us” / “Our”) is deeply committed to transparency in all its affairs. This Ownership and Funding Disclosure would disclose information about our ownership structure and funding sources.

Ownership and funding Information

Infrex India or its unit NCERT Infrexa is an independent organization. All the affairs of the Company including Ownership and funding are fully controlled and managed by its own Board of Directors.


At present, Infrex India is a 100% self-funded organization that generates revenue by –

  1. Selling its own digital products and services,
  2. Subscriptions fees
  3. Third-party online advertising
  4. Sponsored articles
  5. Affiliate marketing

Any matter related to finance is solely taken up by its finance members and authorized persons only.


We may accept free donations and contributions by our donors however, it is made clear that we do not accept donations and gifts from anonymous sources, political parties, or a member or body while acting in a private or public capacity presenting a conflict of interest with our organization’s impartiality and independence.

Foreign donations are strictly regulated by the FCRA Rules – 2020.

Appropriation of funding

Any funding received by the aforementioned legitimate sources is used for the organization’s developmental activities and does not have a direct or consequential influence on content quality, services, or our normal operations.

Operative Principles, the conduct of business, and ethics

We provide the most reliable platform for true and accurate information to our readers. In accordance with the vision and mission of Infrex India, people get news articles, and information on issues that matters the most, and thereby we proactively follow certain ethical principles to ensure that only the relevant content is delivered to our readers continue reading here

Note: Ownership and funding information is disclosed to serve specific purposes only. Use of it without receiving proper consent is prohibited.