Run 3 unblocked Play the cool game online [Fullscreen]

Run 3 unblocked: Play the cool game online [Fullscreen]

“Run 3” is a cool unblocked game you can play at school or work. It’s a simple yet addicting game that anyone can enjoy.


The goal is to run as far as you can without falling off the path. There are many different ways to play “Run 3.”

You can play by yourself or with friends. You can also compete against other players online. There are also different difficulty levels to make the game more challenging.

Whether you’re a casual player or a serious competitor, “Run 3” is a great game to play. So what are you waiting for? Start running!

Run 3 Game

Run 3 is an endless runner game developed by GM Media. In the game, the player has to control the character of an alien who runs in space and wants to explore the galaxy.

The game was published on June 20, 2022. Its web version ‘Run 3 unblocked’ is available to play online at this page below.

NameRun 3
DeveloperGM Media
ReleaseJune 20, 2022
ModeSingle Player
GenresRun, Runner, Running
PlatformAndroid, iOS, Web-bowser


There are a few basic gameplay mechanics in Run 3 unblocked game that players will need to master in order to be successful.

The first is running. The character automatically runs forward and the player must use the arrow keys to navigate around obstacles.

The second mechanic is jumping. The player can press the spacebar to make the character jump over obstacles. Jumping is also used to reach higher platforms and ledges.

Lastly, the player can double-tap the left or right arrow key to make the character sprint for a short period of time. This can be useful for getting past tough obstacles or enemies.


There is a character ‘little alien’ in run 3 who runs through space to explore the galaxy.

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The character has its own unique abilities like racing and jumping fast that will help him progress through the game.


There are a total of 16 levels in the Run unblocked game. The first 8 are easy, while the last 8 are hard.

The objective of the game is to reach the finish line without getting fall in the holes. You will earn points for every hole you jump.

The game gets harder as you progress, and there will be more holes trying to capture you.

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You can use different power-ups to help you avoid these holes or get to the finish line faster. These include items like invincibility, speed boost, and double points. Use them wisely to get further in the game!

Run 3 unblocked Game: Play online [Fullscreen]

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Game Controls

  • SPACE or UP Arrow = Jump A
  • LEFT Arrow = Left D
  • RIGHT Arrow = Right

Cool Math Games run 3

The game ‘Cool Math Games run 3’ is also available on Cool Math Games however, there is no option to play the game full screen.

Here on ‘Infrexa Games’ you can play the full-screen game with a seamless experience.

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