Color Tunnel 2


Color Tunnel 2 is the latest version of the endless runner game Tunnel Rush where the players are required to control the movement of a ball while avoiding collision with the obstacles.

The game is basically inspired by the success of the Rolling Ball 3d and Run 3 game.

It features 12 different balls. 1 is unlocked others are paid. When you progress in the game you earn jewels and by using them you can buy/upgrade your ball without spending real money.

How to play Color Tunnel 2?

In the game, you run in a bright colorful tunnel. Your ball movement is high and you need to guide your ball and protect it from incoming obstacles.

Ball speed increases with time and it does not provide you with so much time to think and act. Instant action is required from the player’s end or the game will end quickly.


Use the Left and Right arrow keys to move the ball.


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