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Know everything about Sedecordle Wordle game

Sedecordle Wordle game: There are many games available on the internet like the Wordle game which people can give one shot at a time with their daily puzzle.


These types of games allow you to play a different version of the puzzle, that’s why these games have an extensive volume of fans, be it the music, the food, the sh or uh flags. Not even a word that tries to escape the answer!

The Sedecordle game is one such version of the wordle game that was launched some time back, if you are looking for a challenging game then you need to know about the Sedecordle game.

Let’s know the complete information about this Sedecordle game.

What is the Sedecordle game?

Sedecordle game is one of the many wordle game alternatives that is becoming increasingly viral on the internet these days.

There are many games existing on the internet like Wordle game at the moment such as Dordle, Nerdle, Tridle Octordle and Quordle.

Developed byKenneth Crawford
GenerPuzzle Game
AvailabilityWeb browser
Official websiteClick here

If you have played the Wordle game then you must know that the number of Wordle is the most interesting, and the number of Sedecordle games would have been the most strong so people have the wordle game option.

While the Wordle game tasks you with finding a mysterious 5-letter word, Sedecordle, on the other hand, tasks you with finding 16 mysterious 5-letter words.

All these words are hidden in a grid on the screen of your mobile and computer each of your guesses will be counted in each word.

This means that your first guess should be applied to all words and the correct and incorrect letters will be displayed.

Similar to wordle games, you can use the correct and incorrect letters to make your next guess.

You get a total of 21 attempts to guess all 16 words and grayed-out letters mean the word cannot be used again.

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In these types of games, as you progress, you will be restricted from using the available characters.

Difference Between Sedecordle Game and Wordle Game

The Sedechordal game requires you to guess sixteen 5-letter words in 21 tries and the Word game requires you to guess one 5-letter word in 6 attempts.

The only real difference between wordle games is the number of guesses you get and the number of words you search. Whereas for Wordle you have to guess a 5-letter word in 6 attempts.

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The Sedecordle game also has a free mode that allows you to play unlimited puzzles to your heart’s content.

How to play Sedeccordal Game?

Sedecordle game is a hybrid of a Wordle game, instead of guessing one word, you have to guess four in a single game.

Since you have more guesses in Sedecordle than in Wordle, the layout of the puzzle is much larger.

When you enter a word, letters appear with the same green, gray and yellow codes as a Wordle puzzle. It takes more time to both guess and solve the problem.

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  • 22 bars will appear in Sedecordle, allowing you to test new words each time.
  • The color of the tiles (green, yellow, and grey) will vary depending on whether the word you are guessing is part of the letter word in the word box.
  • The green color indicates the correct letter and position, while the yellow color indicates the correct one but should be in a different position.
  • Whereas the gray color indicates that the letter is wrong.

Sedecordle game Words Today Answer List (May 2022)

We have collected point-wise about all words answer collection list released till now and the same is updated on daily basis.

The answers for today and previous word games are mentioned which are given below-

18 May 2022 Answer #94 Puzzle

  1. Abide
  2. Cadet
  3. Joint
  4. Befit
  5. Unwed
  6. Loopy
  7. Khaki
  8. Clued
  9. Lager
  10. Bacon
  11. Strap
  12. Bobby
  13. Girth
  14. Triad
  15. Wider
  16. Lurch

17 May 2022 answer #93 Puzzle

  1. Field
  2. Showy
  3. Dicey
  4. Cubic
  5. Thief
  6. Heist
  7. Slosh
  8. Dread
  9. Spook
  10. Matey
  11. Scald
  12. Butter
  13. Bunny
  14. Psalm
  15. Sleet
  16. Fence

16 MaY 2022 answer #92 Puzzle

  1. Deffr
  2. Banjo
  3. Dumpy
  4. Liken
  5. Kneed
  6. Cabby
  7. Meaty
  8. Squad
  9. Urine
  10. Endow
  11. Metal
  12. Humid
  13. Album
  14. Idykk
  15. Baste
  16. Femur

15 May 2022 answer #91 Puzzle

  1. Voter
  2. Bloke
  3. Abode
  4. Saner
  5. Aware
  6. Slink
  7. LIber
  8. Buddy
  9. Check
  10. Shirk
  11. Pudgy
  12. Deity
  13. Abuse
  14. Dally
  15. Finch
  16. Raven

14 May 2022 answer #90 Puzzle

  1. Heady
  2. Felon
  3. Grunt
  4. Snuff
  5. Phase
  6. Canon
  7. Wheel
  8. Valid
  9. Plumb
  10. Mange
  11. Diner
  12. Trite
  13. Vinyl
  14. Lobby
  15. Nerdy
  16. Repel

13 May 2022 answer #89 Puzzle

  1. Elegy
  2. Carat
  3. Zonal
  4. Shave
  5. Vista
  6. Blaze
  7. Eking
  8. Skate
  9. Lunge
  10. Savor
  11. Harry
  12. Nerdy
  13. Savvy
  14. Caper
  15. Uncle
  16. Bully

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