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Stupid Zombies

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Stupid Zombies is a game you can play on your phone or computer. In this game, you have to get rid of zombies using different weapons. You need to figure out the right angles to aim and shoot.

It’s a game that many people like because it’s easy to play and a lot of fun. The name “Stupid Zombies” means that the zombies in the game act a bit silly and funny.

It’s not a serious or scary game. It’s great for anyone who wants to have some light-hearted fun shooting zombies on their phone.

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Stupid Zombies Gameplay

Select the level to start the game. There are up to 15 levels in the game in which 1 is unlocked and the remaining are locked that can be unlocked by winning the previous level. You aim and shoot zombies with your mouse. Click to fire. The goal is to get rid of all the zombies using the given weapons.

In-game screenshot – Game Levels

Just like on the phone, you have only a certain number of shots. So, you have to be accurate. Sometimes, you’ll need to think about how to bounce shots off things to hit the zombies.

In-game screenshot – Stupid Zombies Level 1

The game has different levels, and they get harder as you go. You earn points for doing well. There are also different guns and challenges in the game.

“Stupid Zombies” on the browser is a fun mix of aiming and thinking that you can play right on your computer.

Game Controls

Stupid Zombies Wiki

Stupid Zombies is a single-player survival video game published by GameResort in January 2011. In this game, Players are required to kill the zombies to get a high score.

NameStupid Zombies
PublishJanuary 2011
GenreSurvival Video Game
PlatformsAndroid, Web Browser

The game difficulty gets harder as the player jumps to the next level. A more unique strategy needs to be adopted to win the game.

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Game Features

  1. Aim and shoot zombies using your mouse.
  2. Limited shots, so accuracy is crucial.
  3. Diverse levels with increasing difficulty.
  4. Simple controls for accessible gameplay.
  5. Engaging physics-based puzzles to solve.
  6. Playable directly on your browser window.

Can i download Stupid Zombies on mobile phones?

Yes, you can download “Stupid Zombies” on your mobile phone. It’s available for both Android and iOS devices.

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