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Cookie Run Kingdom: Gameplay, Story, Modes and Characters


Cookie Run Kingdom is an action role-playing mobile game developed by Devsisters. It is the sixth installment in the beloved Cookie Run series

The game has been released on Apple App Store and Google Play in 2021. In Cookie Run: Kingdom, there are lots of new cookie characters to meet and more than 200 levels to play.

The story is about Cookies starting a new life in a new kingdom after they escape from a witch. They want to explore and find the ancient kingdoms they’ve forgotten about. But they have to do it before a scary cookie, Dark Enchantress, tries to take over their world.”

Cookie Run Kingdom Wiki Table:

Released inJanuary 19, 2021
GenreAction role-playing game
Platform (s)Windows, Android, iOS

Before entering the game, players are required to confirm their age, sign in to the game account and choose the server.

Cookie Run Kingdom Server List
Cookie Run Kingdom Server List

In Cookie Run Kingdom Game, players build their cookie kingdom, collect unique cookies with special abilities, and embark on over 200 levels of challenges.

Cookie Run Kingdom Gameplay
Cookie Run Kingdom Gameplay

The narrative revolves around cookies adapting to their new kingdom after escaping a witch’s spell. They set out on an expedition to rediscover lost Ancient Kingdoms, all while evading Dark Enchantress Cookie’s sinister plans.

Combat is real-time, with strategic tapping to activate cookie skills. Arena Mode offers competitive play across nine tiers. Joining guilds enhances social interaction, and quests provide additional challenges. The game’s charm lies in its delightful characters and engaging gameplay.

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Game Modes

The game features various game modes in each mode the characters have different skills and tasks to perform.

Cookie Run Kingdom Game Modes
Cookie Run Kingdom Game Modes

1. Story Mode

Story mode follows the adventures of GingerBrave, Strawberry Cookie, and their friends as they go through the main story of the game.

2. Dark Mode

A tougher version of Story Mode that unlocks after you complete a certain level like clearing levels 3-25 and collecting all stars in Story Mode. You can earn special items called Cookie Soulstones here.

3. Master Mode

The highest difficulty level in Story Mode is accessible after completing Episode 10. Players can earn Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary Essences/Soulstones.

4. Arena Battle

In the mode, the Heros engage in online battles against Dark Enchantress Cookie. Victories yield trophies and rank up points, while losses result in trophy deductions. At the end of each season, ranks reset, and players receive gifts based on their final rank.

This mode consists of 9 tiers, Chocolate, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Crystal, Diamond, Master, Elite, and Grandmaster. Grandmaster is the highest level and only the top 0.5% of players reach it.

5. Bounties

In this mode of Cookie Run Kingdom game, the players assemble a team of five cookies to defeat varying levels of Skill Powders, used to enhance cookie skills. Skill Powders come in three tiers of rarity.

6. Tower of Sweet Chaos

Unlocked after clearing Stages 4-12 in World Exploration. Players face multiple levels of challenges to earn valuable rewards. This mode was introduced in the Tiers of Chaos update on May 12, 2021, and remains a permanent feature.

Based on the role, there are 4 types of characters in the Cookie Run Kingdom:

  1. Heroes
  2. GinerBrave and Frends
  3. Legends
  4. Villains


Pure Vanilla Cookie is a prominent character in Cookie Run: Kingdom. As the leader of the Ancient Heroes, he holds a vital role in the game’s narrative. Specializing in the Healing type, he is strategically positioned at the Rear in battles.

With a rich backstory as the founder and former king of Vanilla Kingdom, Pure Vanilla Cookie plays a central role in various episodes of World Exploration.

Pure Vanilla Cookie | Cookie Run: Kingdom | Infrexa Games | NCERT Infrexa
Pure Vanilla Cookie

Later in Cookie Odyssey, he emerges as the ambassador of his kingdom, wielding the formidable Light of Truth in his Soul Jam.

Pure Vanilla Cookie was made from special ingredients like natural cream and sweet-smelling vanilla. He was very kind and always tried to do what was right. Even though he had strong magic powers, he only used them to help others, not for himself.

Hollyberry Cookie, one of the esteemed Ancient Heroes in Cookie Run: Kingdom, exudes an unwavering passion. She was introduced alongside Raspberry Cookie in the Heart of Courage and Passion update. Known for her defensive prowess, she takes the front line in battles.

Hollyberry Cookie | Cookie Run: Kingdom | Infrexa Games | NCERT Infrexa
Hollyberry Cookie

Hollyberry is not only the founder of the Hollyberry Kingdom but also holds significant familial roles as the mother of Royal Berry Cookie and mother-in-law of Jungleberry Cookie.

She is the cherished grandmother of Princess Cookie and Tiger Lily Cookie. Now reigning as the Queen Mother, Hollyberry Cookie symbolizes trust and celebrates triumphant friendships, akin to the ripened hollyberries under the scorching summer sun.

Hollyberry Cookie thinks that strong passion comes from hollyberries ripened in the hot summer sun. She believes every friendship, just like winning, should feel like a triumph. Because, for her, trust is the most important thing in the world.

Golden Cheese Cookie is a radiant creation, appearing as if made entirely of gleaming gold due to the abundant cheese in the dough.

Golden Cheese Cookie
Golden Cheese Cookie

She resides in a resplendent palace atop the highest peak in Golden Cheese Valley. The entire environment exudes opulence, so dazzling that it’s almost challenging to gaze upon.

The very last bean, not sweet at all, fell from a dry branch of a cacao tree on a cliff. It lay in cold, snowy ground, unaware that it would become the main part of Dark Cacao Cookie, who likes to be alone and is a bit mysterious.

Dark Cacao Cookie
Dark Cacao Cookie

He is the founder and king of the Dark Cacao Kingdom who disowned his son, Dark Choco Cookie, after the kingdom’s destruction.

He carries the Light of Resolution in his Soul Jam, signifying inner strength. This tale revolves around family, betrayal, and the enduring power of personal resolve in adversity.

White Lily Cookie is depicted as a figure of ethereal beauty and curiosity, emerging under gentle moonlight. Her eyes betray a deep-seated longing for truth, mirroring her inquisitive nature.

White Lily Cookie
White Lily Cookie

Like a delicate lily kissed by rain, she enters the world with a quiet grace, embodying a sense of purity and wonder.

White Lily Cookie is a friend of GingerBrave they meet in Dragon Hill. She stays with them for a while, helping them find important places. But after a place called the Hall of Enlightenment, she leaves the group. Later, they remember her in special places. It’s said she has something special called the Light of Freedom inside her.


1. Dark Enchantress cookies

Dark Enchantress Cookie, also known as Dark Witch Cookie, is the main villain in Cookie Run: Kingdom. She’s not controlled by a player and is the main bad character in the game.

Dark Enchantress cookies
Dark Enchantress cookies

She caused a big disaster called the Dark Flour War, which marked the end of the time of Ancient Heroes. In the game’s story, she’s the main villain you encounter in specific parts like Episodes 8 and 10, and she causes trouble again in Cookie Odyssey.

How was She born?

Once every thousand years, all witches from near and far come together for the Night of the Witches. And on that very night, Dark Enchantress Cookie was born. A dose of concentrated dark magic and poisonous scarlet pomegranate syrup gives this Cookie a deliciously evil taste.

Licorice Cookie is known for having a dark and mysterious appearance, often associated with licorice candy. He wields a scythe and is portrayed as a determined and ambitious character who seeks recognition for his magical abilities.

Licorice Cookie
Licorice Cookie

Despite his skills and aspirations, he often feels overlooked and underestimated. This adds depth to his character, making him a fan-favorite among players of the game.

As the name suggests, this character is based on a poisonous mushroom. The Purple Cap Mushroom looks plump and delicious and attracts the hungry cookie.

Poison Mushroom Cookie
Poison Mushroom Cookie

In the game, it likely possesses special abilities or characteristics related to its poisonous nature.

Pomegranate Cookie wore a special red outfit with shiny pomegranate decorations. She grew up in a place with strong magic users and served as a young priestess to a special Pomegranate Tree.

Pomegranate Cookie
Pomegranate Cookie

But when she was told about a big danger coming, she began to question the way she was brought up.

Dark Choco Cookie once wanted to be a hero in the dark world. But something unexpected happened.

Dark Choco Cookie
Dark Choco Cookie

He stumbled upon the forbidden Strawberry Jam Sword. Since then, his life changed forever.

GinerBrave & Friends

1. GinerBrave

GingerBrave is a prominent character in a fictional story or game. According to the lore, GingerBrave holds the distinction of being the very first Cookie to successfully escape from the clutches of the Evil Witch’s oven.


The curious origin of GingerBrave’s life remains shrouded in mystery, with rumors circulating that the Witch unwittingly substituted magic powder for ginger powder during the baking process.

Strawberry Cookie is a character with a unique and enchanting trait. Despite being less outgoing and active compared to other Cookies, her distinctive scent endures, mirroring her own reserved nature.

Strawberry Cookie
Strawberry Cookie

This sweet, candy-coated aroma, which emanates from her core, displays a certain shyness, preferring to remain close to its source.

Its fragrance possesses an enduring quality, persisting indefinitely. It holds such potency that it has the magical ability to metamorphose ordinary Jellies into the delectable Strawberry variety.

Wizard Cookie is an important character in Cookie Run: Kingdom. He’s a common type of cookie that you can get right from the start. He’s really good at using magic and stands in the middle when fighting.

You get him for free when you first start playing the Cookie Run: Kingdom game, just like GingerBrave and the other friends.

In the story, he’s a big part of the adventures in different worlds. You’ll see him a lot in the World Exploration Story. He also shows up as a tough opponent alongside Strawberry Cookie in Grandberry Market Stage 11-23.

Wizard Cookie
Wizard Cookie

Chili Pepper Cookie’s cookie dough had way too much chili pepper in it, more than what’s allowed by the rules. That might be why she doesn’t really follow the rules herself! She’s famous for being a treasure hunter, but not the good kind.

Chili Pepper Cookie
Chili Pepper Cookie

She’ll grab anything valuable she can find, and she doesn’t care if it causes trouble and messes things up. The other Cookies know better than to get in her way, and you should too!

Custard Cookie III is an important character in Cookie Run: Kingdom. He’s a special type of cookie that you can get right from the beginning. He’s really good at healing others and he stands at the back when fighting.

Even when he was really small and before the custard on his head formed, Custard Cookie III had big dreams of becoming a great king.

Custard Cookie III
Custard Cookie III

He likes to call himself “Custard Cookie III”. Even though he’s not a king yet, it seems like it’s just a matter of time before he gets to sit on a real throne.


Moonlight Cookie is a special cookie made by very old wizards. She learned a lot of secrets from the City of Wizards. But now, all the wizards are gone, and she’s the only one left to take care of the city and keep it safe.

Moonlight Cookie
Moonlight Cookie

She’s super strong when she’s dreaming. That’s when she can protect the city best. At night, she falls asleep in the sky, and in her dream, stars fall down on the bad guys, hurting them and making them weaker. Then, a bright moonlight shines and hurts the enemies, making them fall asleep. If some enemies don’t fall asleep, they get very tired and will eventually fall asleep too.

When Moonlight Cookie wakes up, she’ll make herself feel better. And if she gets put to sleep by the enemies, when she wakes up, she’ll also make herself feel better. So, she’s really good at staying strong and protecting her city!

Sea Fairy Cookie has a sad story. A long time ago, she got frozen because of a curse, and her soul was stuck in ice, even beyond magic’s help. Luckily, because of the kindness of other Cookies, she didn’t have to stay frozen forever. You can see a spark in her eyes that shows she’s ready to fight against her fate.

Sea Fairy Cookie | Cookie Run Kingdom | NCERT Infrexa
Sea Fairy Cookie

Sea Fairy Cookie is a very special and rare cookie. She’s actually the first Legendary Cookie ever released. She came out at the same time as Mango Cookie in the Tropical Soda Islands update. Sea Fairy Cookie is really good at making big explosions, and she stands in the middle when it’s time to fight.

She’s like a queen of the oceans and seas. She has power over the water and everything that lives in it. People even think of her as the sea itself. She’s been waiting forever to meet Moonlight Cookie, and she’s given up her job as a guardian just so she can keep looking at the moon.

Fire Spirit Cookie is a special legendary Cookie who grew up in a place called Dragon’s Valley, where there are lots of fiery flames. This Cookie is really used to it, like it’s a normal thing for him.

Fire Spirit Cookie
Fire Spirit Cookie

He has a special Red Dragon’s Bead, which shows that he’s either become friends with a powerful red dragon or he got it through some clever tricks or trades. This makes him a very special and legendary Cookie!

Wind Archer Cookie used to be the wind, drifting through the forests, carrying with it the fresh and sweet scents of nature. When the forest was in great danger, a mysterious being gave this wind a special gift: the power to clear away darkness.

Wind Archer Cookie | Cookie Run Kingdom | NCERT Infrexa
Wind Archer Cookie

This magical transformation turned the wind into Wind Archer Cookie, the guardian and protector of the forest. Now, Wind Archer Cookie stands strong, defending the woodland and all its creatures.

The Millennial Tree Cookie is a very special and ancient cookie character. It was found deep in a secret grove, where it stood tall and majestic. This tree’s roots stretched far and wide, reaching all corners of the world.

Millennial Tree Cookie | Cookie Run Kingdom | NCERT Infrexa
Millennial Tree Cookie

Once, when a powerful curse threatened the grove, the tree used its magic to put itself into a deep sleep, guarding against the dark sorcery. It stayed in this enchanted slumber for a very long time.

But thanks to the help of the Cookies, the Millennial Tree Cookie’s long silence was finally broken. It woke up from its ancient sleep and joined the adventures with its newfound friends. With its ancient wisdom and unique abilities, the Millennial Tree Cookie became a vital member of the team, ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead.

In a world where cookies come to life, brought to existence by skilled witches using a special mix of cookie batter and Life Powder, five ancient cookies reigned supreme. Pure Vanilla, White Lily, Hollyberry, Dark Cacao, and Golden Cheese each ruled their own sweet kingdoms, powered by mysterious Soul Jams that granted them incredible abilities and everlasting life.

But one fateful day, White Lily Cookie embarked on a quest for truth, a journey to uncover the secrets of cookie creation. What she discovered shook her to the core. Cookies, it seemed, were intended to be devoured! This revelation plunged her into a transformative plunge, emerging as the formidable Dark Enchantress Cookie, armed with a plan to reshape the world using formidable Cake Monsters.

In the ensuing struggle, Pure Vanilla Cookie had no choice but to imprison Dark Enchantress, sending shockwaves through their cookie realms. The once-mighty kingdoms fell into disarray, their rulers forced into hiding.

Centuries later, a plucky little cookie named GingerBrave emerged, freshly baked by a daring witch. He soon learned of two fellow escapees, Wizard Cookie and Strawberry Cookie, forming an intrepid trio. United with the resourceful Sugar Gnomes, they embarked on a mission to reclaim an ancient, forgotten kingdom and explore the vast expanse of Earthbread, the cookie world.

With a dash of bravery, a sprinkle of magic, and a dollop of teamwork, they faced down Dark Enchantress Cookie, joined by allies like Chili Pepper and Custard III. Together, they restored order and sought out their lost compatriots – Pure Vanilla, Hollyberry, and Dark Cacao. The quest to recruit the final member, Golden Cheese Cookie, is underway, while the enigmatic White Lily Cookie remains mysteriously absent from the current tale.

And so, the saga of these remarkable cookies continues, filled with adventure, friendship, and a dash of sugary magic!

Cookie Run: Kingdom is available for both iOS and Android devices. You can download it from the App Store for iOS devices and from the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Google Play Store Badge
App Store Badge

Use the above buttons to download the game based on your operating system.

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You can play this game on your Android and iOS phones by downloading it from the App Store or Play Store. However, if you want to play Cookie Run Kingdom on your computer on a big screen then search Cookie Run Kingdom on Google Search and visit the website.

Below is the step-by-step guide:

Unfortunately! you can not play Cookie Run Kingdom online on your browser on website, but you can play it on your computer by downloading the BlueStacks App on it.

Bluestacks is an Android Emulator and by downloading it you can not only play the Cookie Run Kingdom but many other games also.

  1. Visit official website
  2. Download the BlueStacks App on your computer
  3. After Successful Installation Start the App and Search Cookie Run Kingdom
  4. Download the game data
  5. Now you can play Cookie Run Kingdom on your Desktop.

If the BlueStacks’ network is blocked at your place you can unblock BlueStacks by Changing Proxy IP Settings in BlueStacks.

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