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Test your NFL knowledge with Weddle, a free, web-based word puzzle game! Each day, guess the name of a mystery NFL player within eight attempts.

Created by dedicated fans, this game offers a daily challenge inspired by Eric Weddle’s legendary career.

DeveloperEric Weddle
Game Theme nameNFL players
Game modesNormal and hard

About Eric Weddle

Weddle is named for Eric Weddle, the renowned safety who played 14 NFL seasons. Known for his leadership and tenacity, he played a crucial role in helping the Los Angeles Rams win Super Bowl LVI. This game pays homage to his remarkable career.

How Does Weddle Work?

Similar to Wordle, Weddle challenges you to guess the name of an NFL player. However, instead of letters, you’ll use clues about their team, division, position, height, age, and jersey number. Here’s how the clues work:

  • Green: Correct guess for that attribute.
  • Yellow (Division): Correct division, wrong team.
  • Yellow (Position): Player plays a similar position (e.g., both offensive linemen)
  • Yellow (Height/Age/Number): You’re within 2 of the correct value.

How to Play Weddle

  1. Go to the official website or above to this page
  2. Start Guessing. Enter the first two characters of the name of any active NFL player and then select the name from the dropdown menu.
  3. Analyze the colored tiles for hints.
  4. Normal Mode: Guess a current offensive skill player (QB, RB, WR, TE) in eight attempts or less.
  5. Hard Mode: Guess any current NFL player in ten attempts. Position clues indicate offense, defense, or special teams.

Where to Play

Enjoy Weddle for free directly in your web browser, with no account needed. Play on your computer or mobile device!

Weddle answer today

Keep guessing until you solve the puzzle! If you’re stumped, the answer will be revealed automatically. Or See the answer for today below:

April 5, 2024Derrick Henry



Q: What is NFL Wordle?

A: Weddle is commonly referred to as “NFL Wordle” due to the similar gameplay.

Q: Who is the game named after?

A: Weddle honors the career of Eric Weddle, the Super Bowl-winning safety.

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