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Weddle is a free web-based word puzzle game where players have eight attempts to guess the correct NFL player name. This game is created by the “Weddle Team” which releases new NFL Player puzzles to solve every day.

DeveloperEric Weddle
Game Theme nameNFL players
Game modesNormal and hard

The game is named for Eric Weddle, who came out of retirement last season to help the Los Angeles Rams win Super Bowl LVI.

This is the second time when he has retired shortly after winning the Super Bowl, but it is now up to Waddel to keep him busy.

If you have a few hours to spare, it is here to test your NFL knowledge. The only difference between it and Wordle is that you have to guess the name of an NFL player.

How to play Weddle Game?

  • Guess an NFL player in as few attempts as possible
  • The tiles change color after each guess depending on how close your guess was to the player
  • Green represents a match in any column
  • Yellow in the column represents the correct tradition but not the correct department
  • The height, age, and weight columns in yellow indicate that the correct number is within 2 (inches, years, numbers) of the athlete.

Normal mode

  • The solution player will be the current fantasy player, so only WR, RB, QB, and TE
  • Guess the solution player in eight or fewer guesses

Hard mode

  • The yellow in the position column represents the right side of the ball, Defence/Offence/Special Teams
  • The solution player will be the current player in any position
  • Guess the solution player in ten or fewer guesses
  • Yellow indicates that the letter is in the word but in the wrong position, while green indicates that the letter is in the correct position.

Who is Weddle?

Eric Steven Weddle was an American football safety who spent 14 seasons in the National Football League (NFL). He was a unanimous All-American at the University of Utah and was drafted by the San Diego Chargers in the second round of the 2007 NFL Draft.

In nine seasons with the Chargers, It earned three Pro Bowl selections and two first-team All-Pro awards.

Why was it invented?

Two staunch fans of Eric searched the game to pay tribute to their idol Eric, everything he did for the Los Angeles Rams, and didn’t take his retirement from the NFL.

How does the Weddle game work?

In Wordle, players are given six attempts to guess the mysterious five-letter word of the day. If the letter is shaded yellow, it means that the letter is in the word but at a different position. Green shows that the letter is in the right place.

The game works the same way. According to ESPN, players have eight attempts to guess the mystery NFL player through clues about the team, division, position, height, age, and jersey number. Players are restricted to go-backs.

Infrexa Games with Daily Answers

A yellow box below one of those squares means the player is getting closer to the correct answer while a green box indicates the correct guess.

For example, the yellow in the Division column represents the correct convention but not the correct division, while the yellow below the Height, Age, and Weight columns indicates that the correct number of players is within 2 inches, year, or number, of the game.

Where to play?

Go on your device browser and search You do not need an account or login to play this word game. This game can be played for free in the browser on mobile or PC.


Play the game to see the answers for today. If you fail, the answer will show on your computer screen automatically.


Weddle Solver Tips and Tricks

  • The first tip I would recommend is to try the normal NFL players.
  • You have 8 chances to guess the players’ names so keep trying to update yourself on NFL players.
  • Now try to think about the players or you can also take help from the hints that we give daily on this page.
  • By following the above steps, there is a high chance that you will find the right word. If not then you can check the answer given on the same page.
  • If you are failing every day, I suggest you read daily newspaper/online news.


Q.1 What is NFL Wordle?

Ans: It is a user puzzle game. If you have a few hours to spare, Weddel is here to test your NFL knowledge.

Q.3 The game is named after whom?

Ans: The game is named for free safety Eric, who came out of retirement last season to help the Los Angeles Rams win Super Bowl LVI.

Q.4 How to play the NFL game?

Ans: You have to guess the NFL player’s name with the least effort. For the latter, only wide receivers, running backs, quarterbacks, and tight ends will be considered.

Q.5 Where can I get Weddle NFL World Official Link?

Ans: You can get its official link above in this article.

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