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Canuckle unlimited with daily answer 29 September 2022

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Canuckle or Canuckle unlimited game is a Canadian version of ‘Wordle unlimited‘ word game which was developed by Er. Josh Wardle, a South Wales native.

The Canuckle word unblocked game is dedicated to Josh Wardle’s (developer’s) wife. Initially, it was not available in the public domain but later the Canuckle was made public to allow internet users to play and practice the game.

How to play Canuckle word game?

Since Canuckle unlimited is a Canadian version of the Wordle unlimited unblocked game, hence the method of playing the game is similar to that of one.

Nothing is different in both games, To learn more about Playing Canuckle unblocked unlimited, please visit this page as we have already covered this topic under the article.

Where to play the unblocked game

To play this game online on your PC, you can use the button below –

If you are new to the game and want to win it easily, please make sure that you have read our Pro tips at least once. Read our Pro tips to win Canuckle unblocked game now

Canuckle word unlimited unblocked answers September 2022

Answer DatesCanuckle answersWordle answers
Today 29- September – 2022PROUDSCALD
28- September – 2022PUCKSUSURP
16- September – 2022 RADIOPARER
12- September – 2022HOUSEBOOZE
9- September – 2022 SHIEFTHEME
8- September – 2022SCREWCLASS
3- September – 2022 FIELDGULLY
2- September – 2022 TREES CHARM
7- August – 2022STORMSMEAR
25- July – 2022 PIZZA HINTS
15- July – 2022 BAGELWEDGE
14- July – 2022HOUSELIVER
12- July -2022 PEAKSNIGHT
9- July – 2022 DONUTSTEAD
8- July – 2022 PAGER VOICE
7- July – 2022 CHIPSAGAPE
6- July – 2022 PRIMEFLUFF
5- July – 2022 PROUDFIELD
4- July – 2022TREESSEVER
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Why should you play this game?

The word game does not only serve entertainment purposes but also fulfills academic purposes too. Playing this game can improve your vocabs which can be later used in your study.

The game is an entirely memory-based game, practice more and more to strengthen your remembering capacity.

Pro tips

Are you unable to win Canuckle word game? Don’t worry you are not alone on this list. Try our Pro tips which have helped millions of players win Wordle unlimited game this year.

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