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Octordle: How to play octordle game online | Top online Games


Octordle is a word puzzle game developed by Kenneth Crawford. It was officially released on February 15, 2022. The game asks players to guess a total of 8 words in 13 tries, unlike Wordle where the players have to solve a single word in six maximum tries. Official Name Octordle Developer (s) Kenneth Crawford Genre …

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Wordle UK

Wordle UK

Millions of people around the world still enjoy the simple but frustrating daily word puzzle game Wordle. Original Wordle was created by Josh Wardle, a Welsh-American software engineer, as a way to pass the time during a pandemic. But when Josh released the word-guessing game for free on his website in October 2021, Wardle went …

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Airportdle Word Game


Airportdle, basically known as ‘Wordle Airport IATA Codes Game’, is a new version of the Wordle Word game that requires players to Guess the airport IATA code in 6 tries. Airportle works on a similar mechanism to Wordle, in which correct letters turn green, while letters that are correct but are in the wrong spot …

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