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io games unblocked are a new genre of online multiplayer games that have taken the internet by storm.

These games are incredibly simple, yet addictively fun and challenging. Play these games here.

Vex 4 Game

Vex 4 Game

Vex 4 is side-scrolling platformer game developed and published by Amazing Adom on August 14, 2020. It’s the fourth installment in the Vex series of games, which are known for their challenging gameplay and stick-figure characters. Developer Amazing Adom Release 14 August 2020 Rating 4.2 Ages 5+ Mode Single-player Genre Action platform, Skill and Reflexes […]

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Krunker Game


Krunker is an online multiplayer first-person shooter game developed by Sidney de Vries and published by Sidney de Vries and Yendis Entertainment. Set in a cartoonish world, players engage in various deathmatch battles. Wiki Table Developer Sidney de Vries, Yendis Entertainment Release 20 May 2018 Mode Multiplayer Genres First-person shooter Platform Web browser, iOS, Android,

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Falling Ball Game

Falling Ball

Slope Falling Ball is a high-speed online game that provides players with a 3D gaming experience. The game features a ball that rolls along a track/bridge over the city. Name Slope Falling Ball Developer (s) Rob Kay, Retro Afternoons, and Y8 Games Genre 3D Endless running game Rating 4.4 Official release March 2017 Platforms Web-browser and

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1v1 lol Fullscreen

Calling all battle royale fans! If you’re craving the quick thrills of Fortnite but don’t have time for lengthy squad matches, 1v1.LOL is your new champion. Release Date December 2019 Developer Lior Alterman Platforms Web browser, Android, iOS Download (Android) Play Store Official Website 1v1 LOL This free-to-play mobile and browser game brings the core

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Stickman Hook Game Play online free [Unblocked] on Infrexa

Stickman Hook

Stickman Hook is an engaging arcade adventure game developed by Voodoo, released on October 3, 2018. In this game, players use a grappling hook to swing from one point to another, avoiding obstacles and aiming to reach the finish line as quickly as possible. Developer  Voodoo Release 3 October 2018 Mode Single-player Genre Arcade, Adventure

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